Is there a way to recover my system while rebooting

I want to make a recover mechanism for my Ubuntu, meaning that no matter how I change my system while working, if I reboot, the system will always be reset to the original state. For example, I created and remove some files, but after rebooting, the created files should have been removed and the removed files should have been back.

Is there such a tool?

how to access “recover item folder” of archive mailbox?

May I know from the user perspective, is it possible for them to access “recover item folder” of their archive mailbox?

I enable the archive mailbox for users, there is a “Recoverable Items 14 days Move to Archive” retention tag assigned to them. So how can they access the “recover item folder” of their archive mailbox themselves?

Thanks a lot!

Wiped System Partition… No OS.. How can I recover it back?

I successfully installed TWRP yesterday on my phone and then wanted to root it, but before doing that, I wanted to do a Full-Wipe of my phone, just leaving the phone with the OS, but for some reason, I left the System Partition Wipe option enabled and Wiped it. Now, I’m stuck in a bootloop without an OS, and I can only access TWRP and Download Mode.

How can I recover the system/install the OS again?

Phone Specs:


Previous O.S: Nougat 7.0

Region: México TCE

Can I recover a character destroyed by the May, 2019 umoria update?

I just did the full version upgrade. It included a version upgrade of umoria. I was running a very buff character before the upgrade, and it has disappeared, along with the high scores list, when I run the new version. Is there hope for the dead, or have all the inodes that made him up been untraceably returned to the available pool?

How to recover Mac Startup Security Utility?

Startup Security Utility Image

To boot up with external disk, I launched into a startup security utility. The standard startup security utility shows the menus like above.

But my startup security utility only shows the Firmware password protection menu without any options about Secure boot and External Boot. How to recover startup security utility?

OS version: 10.14.5 Mojave
Device version: 2017 MacBook Pro
The way to startup security utility: Press cmd + R on boot

How to recover Outlook files online?

A few days ago, I faced an error in my Outlook file as I was not able to access that so I tried various ways to fix that but none works. Someone suggest me to use an OST to PST Converter by Recovee.
I download its demo mode which is free for me, it works for me but still, recovery is too slow with that version but finally, something works.

Found this remarkable software from here: