how to recover lost USB capacity?

I used dd to write the image to my flash drive (64M image). Real capacity of USB is 2G Works great. But when I tried to write Xubuntu img on it. There is no free space. I already tried fdisk, parted and others, but there is no result.

Please, help me. What may I do to recover USB capacity?

ps I can use only cli

Recover audio corrupt file

I have a m4a audio file that I cannot play. Probably, while it was being saved by the phone, the phone ran out of battery. I have seen using an hex editor that after some moment, all the hex values are 0. I guess that I cannot play it because the player looks for the end of the file and it doesn’t find anything. Still, if I remove all these 0, the file goes from 23 MB to 9MB so I understand I still have some audio stored. Does anybody how to recover this? I tried untrunc but it’s not working. Maybe I should “close” the audio file? Should I write some hex values at the end of the file?

I removed x permission from everything, can I recover my error?

So I made a stupid error in a command and ran chmod -x -R / I can not run any commands that I can tell.

Is there a way to recover? workaround to get system functioning again?

I have backups but did not make one since some changes were made in the past week. Yes, dumb mistake. I am currently SSH into the remote server. I do not want to disconnect unless I have to. I am using aws services.

How do I recover deleted rows from one table while having Recovery SIMPLE Model? I am using Microsoft SQL Server 2014

How do I recover deleted rows from a table while having Recovery SIMPLE Model? Database is in Microsoft SQL Server 2014. I have managed to find them in fn_dblog table before data is overwritten with a new one. Can I do anything with it?


I also find out the specific time at which rows were deleted.

USE Databasename GO SELECT [Current LSN],  Operation, [Transaction ID], [Begin Time], [Transaction Name], [Transaction SID] FROM fn_dblog(NULL, NULL) WHERE [Transaction ID] = ‘000:000001f3' AND [Operation] = 'LOP_BEGIN_XACT' 

I’ve read SIMPLE Recovery doesn’t support transaction log backup. But is there really no way to restore that data?