How to recover the exchange server Database Fast and effortlessly

Whatever be the cause, Exchange database corruptions can lead to panic as they house all your organization’s information. This situation can become worse, if the Exchange server Database is not efficiently recovered sooner.
There can be many more situations which can make Exchange Database corrupted. Also there can be accidental deletion of mailboxes.

In any case, it is worth using EdbMails EDB to PST converter tool for recovering Exchange Database. It has many salient features….

How to recover the exchange server Database Fast and effortlessly

Recover media from Android backup files

first time I ask a question here so I’ll try to explain myself at my best. English is not my native language, so please bear with me.

In 2017 I had an Asus Zenfone 2 that got bricked plus it doesn’t charge anymore, pc doesn’t even detect it, usb port is broken I think, nor enters in recovery mode. Lucky me, when it started having problems 2 years ago, I entered recovery mode and did a backup on an sd card from the RM menu. Now I found the backup files and I thought it would be nice to recover my old pictures. Shame is that I don’t have the slightest idea on how to use these files.

These are the backup files. In the folder “abba” there are four more folders containing several 1KB files. Does anyone know if I can still recover something and how to do it? I thought maybe by using an Android Virtual Machine but I wouldn’t know how to do it…

At the time I think my Asus mounted Nougat, don’t know if it can be a useful information. Thank you in advance!

Which is the best software to recover or remove PDF file passwords?

If you are looking for a tool that unlocks PDF files, download PDF Unlock Tool to unlock PDF Passwords and Remove restrictions from PDF documents This tool removes PDF Copy, edit, print restrictions and allow you to copy, edit and print PDF documents. You can also remove PDF passwords and reset a new password on PDF documents. For more information;

Help – recover data on SSD

unfortunately my 2012 MacBook Air came off second best with a cup of coffee .. everything toasted except the SSD! As luck would have it, I have access to a 2011 MacBook Air (El Capitan) which I am now using.. the only issue is I would like to get the data of the old one…

I have removed the SSD, purchased a SATA converter which I plug the SSD into, and then a SATA -> USB cable to plug this into the 2011 MacBook Air.

When I plug this in, the disk does not mount. From inside the OS I can 1) See the SSD in disk utility however it won’t let me mount (button disabled) 2) Run first-aid, which runs successfully with no issues

From single-user mode, I have tried the following – fsck /dev/disk2s2 – this says ‘unknown volume signature : 0’ and then gives a series of hex readouts – sudo fdisk /dev/disk2s2 – this results in 4 rows, all of which have zeroes in every column entry

Would LOVE some help from the seasoned Mac users in this forum… highly appreciated!


Is it posible recover file from an encrypted home directory with a forensic tool?

Lately I have done forensic analysis on my computer(with photorec) to see how many deleted files I can recover. During the analysis I recover some photos and videos of my different partitions: Windows, Linux (user with not encrypted home directory), but I didn’t recover any file of my user with encrypted home directory. I probably did not do the analysis well? or probably the files were overwritten. But my main theory is that I can not recover those files because they are encrypted, that’s why I’m making this question, it’s posible recover files from and encrypted home directory.

I encrypted my home directory with ecryptfs

Can i recover data from a Nandroid Backup without the original device?

I’d like to start making scheduled backups to my rooted OnePlus 3T (Oxygen OS 5.0.1) in order to prevent the loss of data from any reason that could occur.

I want to save everything: the entire content of /sdcard and the apps+data. I know doing a Nandroid Backup with TWRP is the best way to make a complete backup of an Android device quickly, but i have a question:

Is it possible to recover data without the original device? If i had a totally new device, would it be possible to extract some specific data from the backup? (For example, read and extract the /sdcard/download directory from the backup, or also extract the data from a given app)