How does recovering with injuries or trauma work?

In our game (I’m a player) a character has trauma. This led to a confusion of the part of the rules that says

Once injured or traumatized, the character can no longer recover

Our initial interpretation of it was that injury/trauma means that the harm/shock can’t be cured, but now we’re not sure.

Does “recover” refer only to the trauma or does it include the shock?

Recovering data from an Encrypted iTunes Backup that’s missing the Manifest.db

Is there a method to recover from an encrypted iTunes backup if it’s missing its manifest.db file?

I have the backup password and everything. There’s a couple of third party tools that can read an encrypted iTunes Backup, but they fail if the backup is missing its manifest.db file. (iMazing, iPhone Backup Extractor)

Recovering a 6 drive RAID 5 array using two disks – unknown filesystem type ‘linux_raid_member’ with mdadm

Hello askubuntu forums,

I’m trying to recover data from a 6 drive NAS set up. I’ve tried using mdadm to examine, configure, and mount some drives from this array, but nothing is working. I’ve got two of the drives plugged into an USB drive mount.

I can see what partition has data using fdisk. Anytime I’ve tried to mount anything though it will either tell me “Unknown filesystem type ‘linux_raid_member'” or tell me that the drive is already active. Been trying to do this all day and I’m hoping someone here can help me out. Thanks in advance.

root@jake-ThinkPad-W541:/home/test# mdadm --query /dev/sdc8 /dev/sdc8: is not an md array /dev/sdc8: device 1 in 6 device undetected raid5 /dev/md/8.  Use mdadm --examine for more detail. root@jake-ThinkPad-W541:/home/test# mdadm --examine /dev/sdc8 /dev/sdc8:           Magic : a92b4efc         Version : 1.0     Feature Map : 0x0      Array UUID : 647bf344:1fa055b2:250192e1:f58cf57e            Name : vg:8   Creation Time : Wed Apr  1 22:54:11 2015      Raid Level : raid5    Raid Devices : 6   Avail Dev Size : 9749841648 (4649.09 GiB 4991.92 GB)      Array Size : 24374602240 (23245.43 GiB 24959.59 GB)   Used Dev Size : 9749840896 (4649.09 GiB 4991.92 GB)    Super Offset : 9749841904 sectors    Unused Space : before=0 sectors, after=1008 sectors           State : clean     Device UUID : 1f16d5b6:b82ce930:c52f61f7:df644373      Update Time : Tue Jun  4 00:52:09 2019        Checksum : c6070a4 - correct          Events : 201           Layout : left-symmetric      Chunk Size : 512K     Device Role : Active device 1    Array State : AAAAAA ('A' == active, '.' == missing, 'R' == replacing) 
  • John

Recovering Files from Broken Screen Nexus 5x

I have a Nexus 5x that has an unresponsive and broken display (screen displays colored lines and doesn’t respond to any touches) that I am trying to get files off of. I can’t seem to get my computer to recognize it, presumably because you need the phone to be unlocked, but i cant get through the lock screen without touching the display. Is there any way to unlock my screen through recovery mode or something without wiping it? Thanks!

Recovering “$n$” from $M_n(\mathbb{C})$

Is there an example of an infinit dimensional $ C^*$ algebra $ A$ which admits the following structure:

The $ C^*$ algebra $ A$ admits a faithful trace $ tr$ such that the multiplication $ m: A\otimes A \to A$ would be a bounded operator between pre Hilbert spaces (with respect to the inner product $ tr(ab^*)$ on $ A$ and its natural extension to the algebraic tensor product $ A\otimes A$ ) such that $ mm^*=\lambda Id$ for some $ \lambda \in \mathbb{C}$ , where $ m^*$ is the adjoint of $ m$ after completion of the above pre Hilbert space? Is there an example of this situation for which $ \lambda$ is not necessarilly an integer number?

Motivation from finit dimensional case: For $ A=M_n(\mathbb{C})$ with the standard trace we have $ \lambda=n$ so this process recover $ n$ from $ M_n(\mathbb{C})$ that is $ mm^*=nId$ . Namely the matric multiplication is a rescaled “Partial Isometry”.

Recovering deleted Telegram chat

On my new Android phone I accidentally (yes…) deleted a complete chat I never exported before. Looking for ways to recover it I didn’t find the ultimate solution. While I could restore the chat pictures (they weren’t actually deleted) I couldn’t find a way to restore the messages which are far more important to me.

I still have my old Android phone that I used until a month ago that never connected to the Internet since I deleted the chat. So, if the messages are somehow stored locally, it still has the deleted chat (obviously but for the last month, but that would be better than losing everything). I didn’t dare to start the device since the chat loss as I want to understand the implications first.

  • Does Telegram store the chat messages locally or only on the server?
  • If storing them locally, how can I export them? I guess I need an internet-less solution as a synchronization would obviously delete the chat on my old phone as well. I could only find the Desktop-Telegram-based export, but no other suitable solution.

I’m afraid I guess I’ll get a “you’re screwed” answer but I want to give the community a last chance to help me before eventually giving up hope.

Recovering files from an iMac G3 hard drive (Mac OS 8.6)

I recently purchased an iMac G3 (M2452) running Mac OS 8.6 from eBay for a project I’m working on, and was hoping to recover system sound files (such as startup sound, error sounds, etc) to use in the project. The machine booted fine, but once it was running I was unable to open the hard drive in Finder, which was likely related to TechTools Pro claiming there was an issue with the volume structure. Attempting to open it would freeze the machine. I didn’t hear any disk activity, and let it sitting for at least an hour just to see if it would follow through, no results.

I kinda got ahead of myself and disassembled the machine to continue with my project, and now have the intact hard drive separated. Is there any way I can connect this to a modern computer, and if so, would I even be able to recover files? I can’t find anything but the startup sound after a bit of digging around online, and I’d love to have the original files anyway for authenticity’s sake.

Thanks in advance!

Recovering data on unallocated space from FAT16 USB drive

I’m actually trying to make my hand around forensic and information security as a whole. To do this, I’m trying to make a lot of CTFs. The last one I got to do is puzzling me, 1st because I have no experience with this and second, because I don’t know how to manage data recovery.

To make things short : I got a USB dump (FAT16) which at first it looks about 1 Gb in size. I was able to recover some files from it already using autopsy and FTK Imager.

When I read the data contained in the usb drive with these softwares, I can see that there is about 900 Mb of ”unallocated space” and when I try to look at it with the hex heditor, all bits are 0. I have 2 questions : 1st : is this normal that those bits are all 0 on unallocated space ? 2nd : is there anyway to recover the data that was there before it became unallocated ?

I think this space could contain the flag I Ineed, but I can’t seem to recover it. I’ve tried few things : Mount the drive on my computer with FTK and use tools to try to recover it, but none worked. I also tried to get a hint if there was lost data in all those 0’s but I still hadn’t had any luck.

From the recovered data in autopsy I have following files :

$ FAT1
$ FAT2
$ Unalloc — this is the space that is of interest to me

When I open $ unalloc, I have a file in it which have a size, but all bits are set to 0 in the hexedit.

Thanks to all!

need help recovering wallet when i had to format SSD

I am not exactly sure what I need to do and I do not want to accidentally overwrite my disk… I may have already done so.

After searching my web history I have found the BTC address that my BTC is on but obviously I cant access my wallet…before I formatted my hard drives I used easeus disk clone and I cloned it on 2 maybe 3 separate hard drives…but it didn’t seem to work properly….I have scanned those drives and found what I believe is the file that holds my wallet but whenever I copy/paste my wallet.dat file BTC CORE does not load up and I am not even sure if thats the right file anyways …I have a lot of money in that wallet and I really need to get it back..I will be more than happy to pay someone if they can walk me through the process..thank you and god bless