After installing Ubuntu 18 alongside Windows 10, all Windows GRUB options result in Windows starting recovery mode

thank you for your time. I have installed ubuntu on my hard drive while Windows lives on my SSD. After installing Ubuntu (which works flawlessly), using one of the (many) windows options in GRUB results in Windows starting recovery mode or failing an automatic repair. I tried using the BootRepair tool from within ubuntu with the recommended settings but that didn’t help. Its output is in (although my Windows version is definietly 10, not 8). Reading the output, choosing /dev/sda3 at boot should result in Windows starting, but it doesn’t. I am new to personal linux (have worked on servers before) and am not sure what to try next. Thank you again for your help

Professional Data Recovery in London

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this question so my apologies in advance.

The problem: SSD Seagate beeps and it seems that heads are stuck on the platter. I have 500GB of data on it quite important stuff so I would like recover as much as possible. Can someone recommend professional data recovery company in London, UK?

The fault occurred yesterday and I have been searching net already but there seems to be quite a lot of scammers…

Ubuntu 18.04 only boots in Recovery mode

VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RV610/M74 [Mobility Radeon HD 2400 XT]

Kernel: 4.15.0-54-generic

It’s an iMac, but it’s been running ubuntu for maybe 5 years without serious issue. Not my computer, so I don’t know how this problem started. Where do I even look for clues? Is it definitely a graphics driver? Can I just tell it to use the fallback driver that works in recovery mode?

How to boot from download mode into recovery mode

Two days ago when I was going to use my Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5100 tablet I noticed it was off, but minutes before it was on and working, so I tried pressing the power button and nothing happened, plugged the charger in, nothing, no signs, it seemed bricked, so I tried to power through download mode and it worked, after that I pressed volume down to cancel it to start normally, the first samsung logo showed up (that one that says the model and stuff), but it was there for really long, i left it running and after 5 mins or so it changed to the pulsing blue samsung logo, left it there and about 30 mins later it was back to the 1st samsung logo again. I also tried a soft reset and booting to safe mode, didn’t work either.

This tablet has no custom rom installed (I think it is on stock 4.4.2), the only thing different I installed is TWRP and root, years ago, but I cant boot to TWRP through the vol up+home+power, it doesnt work, tbh it never worked since back then, just like this, the only way I found to boot to twrp was thru “adb reboot recovery” using adb, which didnt work in download mode, I want to be able to backup some data before flashing it with Odin, so here are my questions:

1- Is there any other command I could try to force it to boot to recovery? 2- Is there any way to backup data via download mode on this device?

Thank you for your attention

Recovery mode error

Error Screenshotstrong text

I can’t log on to ubuntu. normal boot gives me a blank purple screen. normally dpkg from recovery mode does the job. but now recovery mode is showing like this. i am not able to do anything. please guide me.

Adjusting power of Animate Dead in custom DarkSun campaign with slower recovery mechanics (24hr/1wk for short/long rests)

tl;dr Because of slower recovery mechanics, my Wizard cannot raise or sustain as many undead as a RAW 5E Wizard. What would be a fair alteration to the spell to bring it back inline with the intended effectiveness.

Background: I’m a player in a custom DarkSun campaign converted to 5E where we have a bit more focus on some of the grittier mechanics and realism (resource mgmt and player vs. environment). One of the changes is that the recovery mechanics were changed to 24 hours for a short rest and 1 week for a long rest. We’re not doing back-to-back dungeons so it fits our play-style fine.

My character is a Lvl 5 Wizard, wannabe necromancer. It’s become apparent that RAW, my character may not be able to fully leverage the Animate Dead spell. At lvl 5 the character has two lvl 3 spell slots but can only recover one lvl 3 spell per day/short rest (gets weird since Arcane Recovery is once per day/once per short rest but they’re the same now.. anyhow).

The Problem: My contention is that a normal 5E Wizard could potentially summon and maintain up to 4 undead. It’d take a few short/long rests to get to the max but once there it’d be easy to sustain and even make the occasional replacement. However, with our modified rest mechanics, it’s not possible for me to get above 2, and even then that assumes the DM is generous on the timing (casting time is 10 min each plus 10 for the recast, but do I need precisely 24 hour or is 23.5hr good enough?). I’m not concerned about splitting hairs on that last point, but it helps illustrate the squishy situation.

My DM tends to agree that it seems like my character is slightly powered down by this mechanic but he’s unclear on what kind of modification would be appropriate. Do you have any suggestions?

My thoughts:

  • Animate Duration – Since our long rest is 21 times longer than RAW and a RAW animated dead would last 3x the length of a long rest, why not let my animations last longer? Downside is that keeping a zombie around for a month isn’t useful in a darksun campaign, or any campaign where you spend healthy amounts of time in civilization (not that DarkSun is all that civilized but pet undead still aren’t welcome)
  • Casting time – The 1 minute casting time makes it impractical to use the spell reactively. However, we also don’t tend to have back to back fights in a dungeon crawl either. Perhaps leave everything else the same but allow the spell to be used as an instant cast.
  • Ritual – Because of the slower recovery mechanics, I love my rituals. What if this spell was reframed as a ritual cast?

Last thought, in my head I’ve been trying to balance the impact/power of this spell compared to others that impacted less by our rest mechanics. For instance, for the price of two lvl 3 slots I could instead have 16d6 worth of fireball damage across multiple enemies (if it was 3 each that, that’d be 48d6!). But in our last fight my zombie got focused pretty hard (saving us from a healthy chunk of damage) but only successfully delivered three or four blows (so ~4d6 of single target damage). Given the obvious crowd control benefit, a couple zombies/skeletons obviously shouldn’t match the damage potential of a fireball but surely they deserve to do more than this?

Anyhow, thanks!

How to fix phone always booting into recovery even when system exists

I installed CM 14.1 on a Nexus 6 and the first update booted into TWRP automatically to install but failed.

I manually installed the zip from the cmupdater folder and rebooted.

Now every time I try to reboot my phone or power it on from powered off it goes straight into TWRP.

Currently I have to boot into the bootloader and choose the Start option to get into my system.

Tried clearing dalvik/cache & internal storage in case something was cached somewhere. No dice.