Apache redirect .com.ar to .com

we have a website with 2 different domains:

www.example.com or example.com

and www.example.com.ar or example.com.ar

I want all requests redirected to www.example.com.

I know I have to create two virtual hosts in Apache and in the .htaccess file for .com.ar site put the rewrite rule (as explained here I have domain.com and domain.org to the same site, should I use redirects to avoid duplicate content)

My question is: we have a wildcard SSL certificate for .com domain. Is it possible to redirect HTTPS requests for www.example.com.ar and example.com.ar to the .com site? Or I should get another SSL certificate for .com.ar domain?

301 redirect problem

We have 2 domain names that are just 2 different ways of spelling our company name. I was using the standard forwarding that comes with 1and1.com to forward the one url to our main but then noticed google indexed the one I was forwarding which I assume is not a good thing and will end up being duplicate content in the long run. We do not have hosting threw 1and1 just the 2 domains. I point my main url to my ecommerce stores name servers. I contacted 1and1 and they say there is no way for me to create a 301 redirect. How would you suggest I go about this?

Have I finally gone insane, or does the “sign up” page of BitMitigate redirect to [closed]

I heard this mentioned today, so I looked it up: https://bitmitigate.com/

OK. Yet another ultra-confusing, nonsensical (to me) website with extremely unclear purpose. But once I clicked the big button saying "Get Started", which links to:


… my browser (Pale Moon) actually went to: 

What could possibly explain this? I also tried with uBlock Origin turned off. Same result.

Best practice in IIS of redirect (wildcard) from one domain to another?

We are moving domains and servers. I have newdomain.com set up on new server (SSL).

I want to shut off old domain. I will get old domain pointed to new server.

Is it better in IIS to add the olddomain.com bindings on new server under the same IIS Site? Or is it better to create a new IIS site for olddomain.com and redirect it to the newdomain.com from there?

Another dimension in here is we could have links in both http and https but sites both require https. So one of the things I am worried about is redirecting http://olddomain.com/xyz/index.html and that it needs to redirect correctly to https://newdomain.com/xyz/index.html

Redirect to Invoice page after checkout in woocommerce

I have a scenario where in I need to redirect to invoice page after checkout in woocommerce. Avoiding going to payment gatway. I have two type of shipping Flat Rate and Pick at Store. when I select pick at store option no need to make the payment online. Instead it should redirect to invoice page. How do I redirect to invoice page without payment gateway?

.htacces redirect for website and subdomain [closed]

I have a WordPress installation and a wildcard certificate.

Now I want to configure via .htaccess file the following:

Redirect http(s)://(www.)example.com to the URL https://www.example.com but links to http(s)://staticsub.example.com to the URL https://www.example.com/catecory/staticsub (if possible, that it shows in addressbar https://staticsub.example.com).

Is it possible? And if yes, how?

Redirect Ip Address (not dns) with Router [closed]

I have an IOT System that works the following way: The IOT bridge makes a TCP Handshake with a server in china with a static ip address 47.255… (bridge sends syn the china server sends syn ack and then bridge ack)

Then the bridge sends MQTT Connect Command to the chinese server (This includes a client id, user name, and a password) The server just sends an accept back.

After that I can use a smartphone app to control the bridge: The smartphone sends a MQTT packet to the china server and the server sends the exact same packet to the bridge (Only the source/destination ips and mac addresses get changed from server to bridge)

I want to remove the chinese server completely from this equation and want to simulate it with my own pc.

So my pc should get every packet that gets send to the chinese ip. The bridge is in wifi so I have to change this in the router.

Are there easy ways to redirect ip addresses with your router? Or is it possible to directly modify the packets with the router and change the ip address of the packet.

The Bridge doesn’t use dns to find the chinese ip address so I can’t use a pihole or similar dns spoofing tools.

And if this works I guess my pc has to spoof it’s source ip address in the packages to the chinese server or the tcp protocol won’t accept the connection with different destinations–>sources.

What happens when I redirect an attack with mounted combatant but I am outside the reach of their weapon on a grid?

The mounted combatant feat (PHB 168) allows someone to "force an attack targeted at your mount to target you instead."

Suppose I am playing on a grid. Let E be enemies without reach/ranged weapons. M be the spaces a large mount occupies. And R be the space I occupy while riding the mount.

$ \begin{array}{|l|l|r|} \hline \text{E} & \ \hline \text{E} & \text{M} & \text{R}\ \hline \text{E} & \text{M} & \text{M} \ \hline \end{array} $

What happens when I redirect an attack with mounted combatant but I am outside the reach of their weapon on a grid?

separate prerendered static page for open graph crawlers on netlify ( cant redirect by detecting bots ) [closed]

I want to create high browser cached shell app which is basically one cached file index.html which works like spa and it uses progressive enchantment to fill with content, but there is problem for open graph meta tags for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and of course with SEO also ( yes I know that these days google can parse JavaScript oriented applications but others can’t ), and we cant redirect on server side by bot detection because we are using static file hosting like netlify, so basic idea is this:

put canonical url for every page to redirect crawler to /seo/$ page, and on /seo subfolder we will be serving pre-rendered static pages which contains all open graph tags and also don’t contain all the css ans JavaScript, just content and html tags ( this is not necessary but idea ise to optimize unnecessary bandwidth )

Would this solution be considered good practice? Would this solution be considered cloaking? What are downsides of this solution? Is it considered bad practice to serve “striped down” pages to bots? ( with same content but not all functionality ) Do you maybe have any other proposition how to handle static pre-rendered pages that will be used for SEO and open graph tags and be served only to bots

and most important question is beacuse i suppose that links in google search will then be with additional parameter /seo/ which is not good, is there any solution to force google to use original links or to redirect to /og/ urls just for serving open graph tags for facebook and other social network regarding information that google actually can parse javascript today.

Would sitemap.xml or robots.txt somehow be helpful for redirecting just facebook parser?