Skyrim Mods: Making sense of the REFR Change Form

I’m trying to parse a Skyrim SE save file, in order to determine where specific items, say Alchemy or Smithing ressources, are located in my containers in the world.

I have been able to parse REFR Changed Form most of the times: ChangedForm.formId = 00002A68

ChangedForm.changeFlags = 134217760

ChangedForm.DataLengthSize = uint8

ChangedForm.TypeOfForm = REFR

ChangedForm.version = 78

ChangedForm.length1 = 85

ChangedForm.length2 = 0 = System.Byte[]

Inventory.Inventory Count = 5

InventoryItem.Inventory Item = 1 00006E1C

InventoryItem.Inventory Item = 1 00006E18

InventoryItem.Inventory Item = 4 00065C9F

InventoryItem.Inventory Item = 2 000EBA03

InventoryItem.Inventory Item = 3 00034CDF

What I don’t know is how to determine what container this inventory is for, and where it is.

Example: Chest in Breezehome

Can someone help me find the correct path to the information I need?