Telnet connection refused

I have a server on Ubuntu 14.04 listening on port 8443.

curl GET https://localhost:8443 --insecure works fine, same for wget with --no-check-certificate.

However if I try to connect to the server from any other machine, it won’t work.

Running telnet server_name 8443 from another Ubuntu machine which is in the same LAN gets me:

telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused.

How can I fix this?

What’s need to be done in order to open the port?

Site Refused to connect while PDF document reading in Embed Tag an other website

I am using SharePoint 2013 and I am facing the issue to display the PDF Document in embed tag.

Error Showing:

  1. SharePoint Site Refused Connect in Embed.

  2. Refused to display ‘http://SITE/HR/EmployeeDoc/Passport.pdf’ in a frame because it set multiple ‘X-Frame-Options’ headers with conflicting values (‘SAMEORIGIN, Allow-From’). Falling back to ‘deny’. IN Console Log.

Note :

it was continuously working from last 3 year perfectly and i am getting this Error only from 3 Days.

I did not change anything from last 5 months inside the process, inside the SharePoint Master Page OR any permission.

Only PDF Document not displaying, Images showing perfectly. and if i am accessing the PDF URL Direct in address bar than there is no issue at all.

can any buddy suggest me why it’s refusing and please provide the solution.

Kindly Please help me to solve this issue.

Thank You.

vncserver connection refused without ssh, ufw is inactive

I have vncserver on ubuntu 14.04, with two ports working – I can establish connection through vncviewer with no problems at all.

I configured the file in ~/.vnc/ to add another port, and when running:

netstat -tulpn | grep LISTEN 

It does listen on the new port.

further more, when creating an SSH tunnel, I can connect through the vnc viewer with the new port (which I know is the best practice). BUT, I want to connect to the server without SSH tunneling, as for the two other ports. I want to understand what’s the difference.

the firewall doesn’t seem to block the connection as I ran:

sudo ufw status 

and got:


been googling a lot and didn’t find any answer…

Docker mysql Erro: connection refused

Oi !

Estou criando meu ambiente de desenvolvimento em docker. Mas estou com alguns problemas:

Eu consigo me conectar no container mysql por um SGBD, porém eu não consigo me conectar através do php-fpm, gera um erro :

SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused.  

Segue minha configuração:


version: "3" services:   nginx:     image: "nginx:1.17.2"     container_name: "nginx-php-general"     volumes:        - "./nginx/www:/usr/share/nginx/html/"       - "./nginx/config/1-web.conf:/etc/nginx/conf.d/1-web.conf"       - "./nginx/logs/web.access.log:/var/log/nginx/web.access.log"       - "./nginx/logs/web.error.log:/var/log/nginx/web.error.log"     ports:       - "80:80"     networks:       - "networks-php-general"     depends_on:        - "php-fpm"   php-fpm:     build:        "./php"     container_name: "php-fpm-php-general"     volumes:        - "./nginx/www:/usr/share/nginx/html/"     networks:       - "networks-php-general"   mysql:      image: "mysql:8.0.17"     container_name: "mysql-php-general"     environment:       MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: ""       MYSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD: "yes"       MYSQL_DATABASE: "default-base"       MYSQL_USER: "guest"       MYSQL_PASSWORD: ""     ports:       - "3360:3360"     networks:       - "networks-php-general"  networks:   networks-php-general:     driver: "bridge" 


<?php try {     $  dbh = new PDO('mysql:host=mysql-php-general;port=3360;dbname=default-base', 'guest', ''); } catch (PDOException $  e) {     print "Error!: " . $  e->getMessage() . "<br/>";     die(); }  

Fora a conexão entre container mysql e php-fpm as demais partes estão funcionando certinho.

Quem puder me ajudar ficar muito grato, estou quebrando a cabeça para saber o que está acontecendo.


DNS Server on Ubuntu can’t find REFUSED

Good day,

I have been trying out this webhosting tutorial from udemy. I am still pretty new to it so I have been trying to follow the tutorial and understand it. I followed the tutorial word for word and when it comes to this part when we needed to do a nslookup for the server we set up earlier, the tutorial is able to return results. However, mine showed me **server can’t find REFUSED.

As this tutorial was a few years back, I tried downloading the earlier version of ubuntu(14.04, previous was 18.xx) and redid everything again. However, the same thing pops up.

I tried disabling my firewall to run the program as I read from somewhere else that it might be due to that, but even that didn’t helped. Please see below for my zone/reverse zone files.


; ; BIND data file for local loopback interface ; $  TTL    604800 @       IN      SOA (                               3         ; Serial                          604800         ; Refresh                           86400         ; Retry                         2419200         ; Expire                          604800 )       ; Negative Cache TTL ;         IN      NS ns1     IN      A www     IN      A 


   ;     ; BIND reverse data file for local loopback interface     ;     $  TTL    604800     @       IN      SOA (                                  2          ; Serial                              604800         ; Refresh                               86400         ; Retry                             2419200         ; Expire                              604800 )       ; Negative Cache TTL     ;   IN      NS   IN      PTR 


options {         directory "/var/cache/bind";         recursion yes;         allow-recursion {trusted;};         listen-on{;};         allow-transfer{none;};           forwarders {       ;       ;           };          dnssec-validation auto;          auth-nxdomain no;         listen-on-v6 { any; }; };  acl "trusted" {; }; 


GNU nano 2.2.6           File: /etc/default/bind9                               # run resolvconf? RESOLVCONF=no  # startup options for the server OPTIONS="-u bind -4" 

maas-dhcpd is not on because bind9 connection refused

Do anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Service 'maas-dhcpd' is not on, it will be started. Service 'bind9' failed to start. Its current state is 'dead' and 'Result: exit-code'. Reloading BIND failed (is it running?): Command `rndc -c /etc/bind/maas/rndc.conf.maas reload` returned non-zero exit status 1:#012rndc: connect failed: connection refused 

I have 2 subnets, one bridge and one local network with 3 interfaces eth0, eth1, br1 my network interfaces:

source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*  # The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback dns-nameservers x.x.1.1 dns-search maas  # The primary network interface auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address x.x.1.2 netmask gateway x.x.1.1 dns-nameservers x.x.1.1 mtu 1500  auto eth1 iface eth1 inet manual mtu 1500  auto br1 iface br1 inet static address x.x.30.1 netmask    bridge_ports eth1    bridge_stp off    bridge_fd 0    bridge_maxwait 0 

Maas subnet configuration from UI: Managed allocation is disabled for below:

Name x.x.1.0/24 CIDR x.x.1.0/24 Gateway IP x.x.1.2 DNS 

Managed allocation is enabled for below:

Name x.x.30.0/24 CIDR x.x.30.0/24 Gateway IP x.x.30.1 DNS x.x.1.1 

Running sudo rndc -c /etc/bind/maas/rndc.conf.maas reload ends up with:

rndc: connect failed: connection refused 

I’m not sure what am I missing, this MaaS version is 2.5

Additional note: for while i’m investigating, I noticed that there are duplicated entries in named.conf.maas, if I fix the duplicate manually, it will be autogenerated again and back to the same issue.

/etc/bind/maas/named.conf.maas:92: zone '': already exists previous definition: /etc/bind/maas/named.conf.maas:56 

The above issue is related to

Does getting refused through Esta to the USA and being denied entry affect Working Visa to Canada or an Eta application?

Im an Irish citizen and I was refused on my Esta application and made inadmissible to the US and told I would have to go through the Visa process instead. I don’t really care if I ever go to the US again but I plan on going to Canada/Australia to work in the future and am wondering if this will ever affect anything. I have no convictions whatsoever and have never ever even had single fine. I hope somebody here can give me an good answer or some advice. Thanks