Looking for Food related 35+ DA good link for guest post


As the title says. I need some GOOD, REAL Food related blog for guest post. NO PBN, please.

We will provide the content 100% unique and minium 800 words with pictures and a link. All you have to do is post our content to your dofollow blog.

Please let me know the link and Price. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please do not send more than one link or your PBN links, I will not reply to those.


Issue on boot after Windows update. GPT related

So I have a DELL pc with preloaded Windows 10. I installed Ubuntu alongside with it and it ran with no issues for about 2 years. a few days ago windows updated and the next time I turned the pc on, GRUB wasn’t loading any more, the PC was loading directly to Windows.

I tried boot-repair and warned me that it found a GPT related issue. that I needed to create a boot load partition, unformated and 1MB< with bios_grub flag on (for that I had to reorganice partitions to create this new one)

When the boot-repair process was over I restarted my PC and now it does not recognize any boot.

this is my boot-repair report: paste.ubuntu.com

I really am out of ideas now, I appreciate any help I can get.

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Health & Vape related links


I am looking to purchase links on related sites, for a vaping company. Anything health related, vaping, CBD/Hemp or similar industries.

Preferably in-content, on an existing post or new article or sitewide links will be considered.

Please message me your URL, DA and offering.

Thank you

How to determine email address related an analytics tracking ID number?


I have a client who has analytics to his website but doesn't know how to access it. He doesn't know which email address is associated with his account. I can see the tracking ID and other code form the "view page source"

So is there a way to figure out what is the email associated with that tracking ID.

Thank you!