Which best practices for expect the related items in web store using machine-learning

I am a beginner with machine-learning and I have a machine-learning project in Python To prepare items related to each item in a Ruby web store What are the best experiments in this regard and what are the best algorithms that can be used in machine-learning I have full access on db and cookies files I don’t know where to start.

What to do with an IP address that was related to a security breach?

I’m wonder what one can do if they have the IP addresses that were used by the attackers during a security breach?

The specific situation is this – recently two of our servers were hacked into and taken offline. After we regained control I looked at the /var/logs/secure file and noticed a ton of messages like the one below:

Jun 12 23:56:35 d3db01 sshd[31736]: reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for host31-65-211-80.serverdedicati.aruba.it [] failed – POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT!

that occurred right around the time of the attack. Can I do anything with this IP address? Am I looking in the right place for information about the attacker or is there somewhere else I should be looking?

Issue related to Parallel Space by LBE Tech

I am using Dual-WhatsApp with the help of Parallel Space App by LBE Tech.

Also I started to use WhatsDirect – Chat without saving number App.

I want to send WhatsApp messages from Parallel WhatsApp using the app WhatsDirect – Chat without saving number but it redirects to the main WhatsApp.

Like WhatsDirect – Chat without saving number App, there are many apps for sending direct whatsapp message without saving number. And I tried all apps. In all cases, it directs to Main WhatsApp.

I sent mail to LBE Tech support (lbedeveloper@gmail.com) multiple times but no reply received yet.

Pls let me know, how to send WhatsApp messages from Parallel WhatsApp using WhatsDirect – Chat without saving number?


How exception handling is related to object oriented programming? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Are exceptions an OOP concept? 8 answers

As a programmer, I have write lines of code everyday using object oriented programming concept where i used each and every concepts of OOPS and during which i also deal with exception handling in java. But some where i read that

Exception handling is feature of OOP. (True/False)

Is it really true that Exception handling is a part of oops ? I’am confused with this thing that how exception handling is related to oops ,can someone explain me how is it.

Related content in a view using entity reference

I’ve browsed through (and tested) every solution I could find here to this seemingly simple challenge.

I’ve got multiple content types (fx. News, Releases, Events, Videos etc.) that are referencing the content type “Artists” using an entity reference-field.

I want to have related content-blocks that shows the related news, releases etc. for the artists references in the node.

I’ve done this in D7 but it seems the approach have changed a bit since then (?).

What I thought I should do (with content type ‘release’ as example:

  • Create a related release-block in views
  • The a relationship ‘Content using field_artist’, require this relationship
  • Add contextual filter, select relationship, select ‘content id from URL’ as default value

But no results appear when doing this. If I remove the relationship I get 1 result, the node I’m already on…

What am I doing wrong?

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How to add additional related fields to a Search API Indexed View?

I’m using Drupal 8 and Search API module and am recreating a view of content but utilizing search api indexing. I cant seem to find a way to show the “Comment status (comment Count)” field.

There’s nothing under relationships that seems to unlock that field. How can I access those type of related fields when using a Search API index View?

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

How to proof the inequality related to Schwarz lemma?

$ f: D\to D$ $ (D = \{|z| < 1\})$ , is a holomorphic function. How to proof $ $ \left|\frac{f(z_1)-f(z_2)}{z_1-z_2}\right| < \frac1{1-r^2}, \quad\forall |z_1|,|z_2| \leq r $ $ I try using the Schwarz-Pick theorem which gives, $ $ \left|\frac{f(z_1)-f(z_2)}{1-\overline{f(z_1)}f(z_2)}\right| \leq \left|\frac{z_1-z_2}{1-\bar z_1 z_2}\right| $ $ then it gives, $ $ \left|\frac{f(z_1)-f(z_2)}{z_1-z_2}\right| < \frac2{1-r^2} $ $ Thanks a lot.

Graphql: change a related field without mutating the original one

I have this schema:

type Game {   id: ID! @id   status: Boolean @default(value: false)   time: DateTime!   location: String!   stadium: String!   teams: [Team!]! @relation(name: "BothTeams") } type Team {   id: ID! @id   name: String!   abbrName: String!   teamLogo: String!   score: Int @default(value: 0)   games: [Game!]! @relation(name: "BothTeams") } 

the Game type is gonna return typically two teams and each team is gonna have a score field.

so if i want to update a game later, specifically the score field,

i would have to change the score of every game with that changed team.

So, is there a way to change the score of a specific game, without mutating the original score.