Character is too dumb to understand god or religion

I am playing a character with 5 intelligence in a selfmade campaign. In this campaign 2 spezific gods are fighting for supremacy and influence people to gain advantage. The other gods, planes etc. still exist, but don’t take direct action.

My questions are: Is my character able too understand the concept of gods/religions? (She should be too dumb for it)

Where in the dnd planes would she end up after she dies? (She has no religion or god and therefore can be called an atheist)

I couldn’t find an answer to this anywhere else. Hope someone can help me.

Best regards

I want to create a holy book app on my religion but problem with large amount of texts

am trying to create holy book app in android studio, but this requires large amount of texts. the thing is when i paste those text in string.xml it showing the error like “TF8 representation for string is too long for the constant pool”. My question is is there any way to do that as many apps already done it but i don’t know how. i want to show that text in my main activity as my app would have single activity.