Best algorithm for switching between bullets before reloading the current one

I’m wondering about how most 2d games deal with switching between player bullets when the current one isn’t / is being reloaded.

Currently, I have these configurations in my brain:

  1. Let the player switch to another bullet but he will have to reload the current one completely even if it was 100ms left to be fully reloaded, when he switches back to it.

  2. Let the player switch between bullets and when he switches back to the current one (the one he was left not reloaded), he will just need to wait the remaining time for it to be reloaded and not the entire reload time.

  3. The player would be able to switch between bullets but after some delay and when he gets back to the one that was left not reloaded, he will find it ready for use.

These are the ideas that came to my mind, but I’ll be glad if you present better ones for me.

So which one is better ? Which improvements do they need ?

How to stop iFrame form from reloading on mobile?

I am loading a form via an iFrame. On a desktop it works and submits correctly. However on a mobile device once the user’s keyboard pops up then the iFrame refreshes, clearing the form and the keyboard disappears again. This makes it impossible to enter details into the form. Is there a way to stop WordPress from refreshing an iFrame? It is the first form on the main page and needs to be able to work correctly on mobile.

How does the Reloading Weapon Artificer Infusion affect Matt Mercer’s Gunslinger firearms?

I am creating an artificer/fighter with the gunslinger multi-class and a question has been raised. If I infuse a gun with the Repeating Weapon artificer infusion, how does that affect the reloading property of the gun?

Repeating Shot

Item: A simple or martial weapon with the ammunition property (requires attunement)

This magic weapon grants a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it when it’s used to make a ranged attack, and it ignores the loading property if it has it.

The weapon requires no ammunition; it magically produces one piece of ammunition each time you make a ranged attack with it, unless you manually load it. The ammunition produced by the weapon vanishes the instant after the it hits or misses a target.

And firearms do have the ammunition property.


The weapon can be fired a number of times equal to its Reload score before you must spend 1 attack or 1 action to reload. You must have one free hand to reload a firearm.

I am unsure of the how the rules should be interpreted, but wouldn’t the repeating weapon cause the gun to never need to reload?

How to resolve the issues of IPhone Safari keep reloading old taps when open them again?

I have multiple question with regard “Loading & Reloading of Pages” on IPhone’s Safari.

So basically, when you are browsing while using Safari, sometimes you opened a tap with Page A, then suddenly decided to open another tap to load and view PAGE B

The tap with Page A then was left untouched and being kept open in your browser.

Then, here’s the issue. After closing tap with PAGE B. I wanted to view again the same content of the tap for PAGE A

From the thumbnail of the tap, it page looked if it was still the same as I previously viewed. However, when I click that thumbnail and get that tap enlarge and open properly. That Page A suddenly got a “Reload” or “Refresh” without my consent!

This is annoying because I am very strict on limiting my internet traffic!

I want to understand all these opened tabs when they have already previously loaded, do they only get the “reload” when you properly enlarge and open the tap?

I closed some of existing taps without reopening the thumbnail. Is it safe to say there was reloading or new traffic has been generated?

I looking forward to your answers.

Many thanks!

Also, When these tap were left in a thumbnail status, do they keep getting reloading at the back without you knowing?

How to update and retrieve a PHP variable without reloading webpage?

I am trying to create a trading bot in PHP, where the last price of the commodity is retrieved into a variable called $ last. Now, within the program, i want to set a condition such that, if $ last reaches a certain value, then a certain condition is executed, now here is the problem, I am locally running the PHP file on xampp, and $ last is updated only when page is reloaded, but i want it to be updated to value of $ last without me manually reloading page every time(because that`s what a bot is meant to do!). Is there any solution for this in PHP? Any help in this issue will be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Ajax Form “back to form” link not reloading form via ajax

This just started happening today. We have a site form that built with ‘Ajax’ turned on. The form submits, and ajax displays the ‘confirmation’ message with the ‘back to form’ link. When clicking ‘back to form’ the form is no longer loaded with ajax, but instead reloads the page.

Has anyone else had this issue? Am I missing a setting somewhere?