Remove page title in product page using a function

I would like to ask how to remove < h1 class=”page-title”> in the product page?

h1 page title

Here’s my sample link:

It seems that two < h1> tags exist on product pages, the page title, and product title.

I’m using the Porto theme for my Woocommerce Site.

Google has more than 500k cached indexes of my ex website. How can I remove them?

My client’s ex website was full of copy-pasted news and the websites reputation was 0. Also he wanted to get rid of WordPress, so we re-developed his website and did not use old data.

But Google’s cache is full of old page indexes, more than 500k. More, new websites slugs are different that the old ones, so all the cached indexes redirects to 404 page.

I need to remove them but search console does not provide an option to handle this much indexes. What can I do?

Ask google to remove thousands of links in its index

I’ve had my website hacked. I have cleaned it and searched google and made a list of all the results. Removed the actual links that are ok and made a list of the ones in the format of I’ve submited these links to Google to remove and Google removed these links.

The problem here is that after my initial search, that resulted in 200 URLs which we’ve removed, other new links appeared out of nowhere. These links don’t actually work anymore and return a 404 page, but Google still has these in its results.

We’ve tried deleting our sitemap and re-submitting it. Google has crawled it, but again, it has not removed the dummy search results.

Looking in our google webmaster console, we saw that in the coverage tab the number of indexed links spiked from 230 (normal usage) to 10.900 links – I’m guessing these are all dummy links that were infected and now cleaned.

Any magic way of having Google remove dead links automatically? Or a way to force it to recrawl the entire website?

Thank you!

Is there a way to detect and remove xHelper Persistent Android dropper app

According to the described information it seems I was attacked by xHelper. I get ads that stop the regular operation of my android mobile phone. Is there a way to manually detect and assure if it is xHelper. If I detect it, is there is a way to get rid of it. In addition, is there a way to know who infected my mobile?

Permanently Remove Current Navigation Column SharePoint 2013

I’ve built a Policy Library for my company by using a Wiki Page Library on SharePoint 2013.

The user is directed between pages via hyperlinks.

I’ve added the following CSS to a Script Editor to remove the Current Navigation Column from each page (to create more of a website feel for the user):

<style type="text/css">    #sideNavBox{       display:none;    }   </style>   

Essentially, this has worked pretty well. Occasionally though the Navigation Column appears for a couple of seconds when the user navigates between the pages (i.e. appears unhidden). The page then reverts to the full screen view.

If someone could provide some code to ensure the Navigation is permanently hidden it would be much appreciated. I should mention that I’m a SharePoint novice and do not have access to SharePoint Designer.

How do I remove a blank checkbox option for a multiple choice column?

How do I remove a blank checkbox option for a multiple choice column type that allows multiple items to be selected? I am using SP Online. I created a list, with a multiple choice column type, with 3 options in a dropdown list. I also checked the box to allow Users to select multiple items in the dropdown list.

When editing the list, and clicking in that column, Users get my 3 options PLUS a BONUS (LOL) checkbox that is blank. How do I remove this blank check box option? I did not enter anything in the choices that would provide a blank check box.

I am seeing this issue in IE 11 and Chrome. Blank choice box showing up in a answer options for a multiple choice question type

How to order by modified (desc) and remove duplicate results in SPO List Datatable

Below is a working datatable for my SPO list called Companies. I am having 2 issues that I can’t seem to get right. I’ve implemented what I could learn from the DT website and board, but no luck. Below is a simple datatable with one calculated column (text) called calcCompanyRecent. Full script is below. Thanks in advance!

Request #1

I want the DT Order list items by most recently Modified (descending order). The Modified column is NOT included in this datatable. The list keeps defaulting to col1 (asc) for the sort order

Request #2

There are some duplicates in this list, but I want all of the duplicates removed. I have attempted the solutions on the DT site, but nothing seems to work.

<!—Data tables CSS -->           <link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>            <link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>            <link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>           <link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>   <!—Data tables JS -->             <script src=""></script>             <script src="../../SiteAssets/solutions/datatable-editor/"></script>             <script src=""></script>             <script src=""></script>             <script src=""></script>          <script type="text/javascript">          // Datatable Script          $  (document).ready(function() {               loadMyItems();           });            function loadMyItems() {               var siteUrl = _spPageContextInfo.siteAbsoluteUrl;               var oDataUrl = siteUrl + "/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('Companies')/items?$  select=calcCompanyRecent&$  orderby=Modified desc&$  top=20";               $  .ajax({                    url: oDataUrl,                   type: "GET",                   dataType: "json",                   headers: {                       "accept": "application/json;odata=verbose"                   },                   success: mySuccHandler,                   error: myErrHandler               });           }            function mySuccHandler(data) {               try {                   var dataTableExample = $  ('#table_id').DataTable();                   if (dataTableExample != 'undefined') {                       dataTableExample.destroy();                   }                   dataTableExample = $  ('#table_id').DataTable({                       scrollY: 200,                     responsive: true,                       "aaData": data.d.results,                           "iDisplayLength": 5,                     "aoColumns": [                     {                              "mData": "calcCompanyRecent"                       }]                   });               }          catch (e) {                   alert(e.message);               }           }            function myErrHandler(data, errCode, errMessage) {               alert("Error: " + errMessage);           }            // Invoke CompanyList NewForm Modal          function openCoListModal() {             SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog({                 width: 800,                 height: 500,                         url: "/Lists/companylist/AddNew.aspx"             });         }         </script>          <script type="text/javascript">                // Using the DialogOptions class               function OpenDialog(strPageURL) {                   var dialogOptions = SP.UI.$  create_DialogOptions();                   dialogOptions.url = strPageURL; // URL of the Page                   // Width of the Dialog                   dialogOptions.width = 800;                   // Height of the Dialog                   dialogOptions.height = 530;                   // Function to capture dialog closed event                   //dialogReturnValueCallback - A function pointer that specifies the return callback function. The function takes two parameters, a dialogResult of type SP.UI.DialogResult Enumeration and a returnValue of type object that contains any data returned by the dialog.                   dialogOptions.dialogReturnValueCallback = Function.createDelegate(null, CloseCallback);                   // Open the Dialog                   SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog(dialogOptions);                   return false;               }                // Dialog close event capture function               function CloseCallback(strReturnValue, target) {                   location.reload(true);               }           var columnDefs = [{             title: "Title"           }, {             title: "calcCompanyRecent"           }];              var myTable;           myTable = $  ('#table_id').DataTable({             sPaginationType: 'none',             data: 'data.d.results',                                          dom: 'Bfrtip',        // Needs button container                   select: 'single',                   responsive: 'true',                    altEditor: 'true',     // Enable altEditor                   buttons: [{                     text: 'Add',                     name: 'add'        // do not change name                   },                   {                     extend: 'selected', // Bind to Selected row                     text: 'Edit',                     name: 'edit'        // do not change name                   },                   {                     extend: 'selected', // Bind to Selected row                     text: 'Delete',                     name: 'delete'      // do not change name                  }]           });           });         </script>