Remove “Default” from Gutenberg typography settings

I’ve added my own font sizes to the theme I’m working on, but the value "Default" persists in the dropdown. With the name scheme needed for this particular site I cannot just reformat "Default" to fit with my baseline typography. Can "Default" be removed somehow?

enter image description here


add_theme_support( 'editor-font-sizes', array(     array(         'name' => esc_attr__( 'Book 16px', 'wav' ),         'size' => 16,         'slug' => 'book16px'     ),     array(         'name' => esc_attr__( 'Book 20px', 'wav' ),         'size' => 20,         'slug' => 'book20px'     ),     array(         'name' => esc_attr__( 'Book 24px', 'wav' ),         'size' => 24,         'slug' => 'book24px'     ),     array(         'name' => esc_attr__( 'Book 32px', 'wav' ),         'size' => 32,         'slug' => 'book32px'     ),     array(         'name' => esc_attr__( 'Book 36px', 'wav' ),         'size' => 36,         'slug' => 'book36px'     ),     array(         'name' => esc_attr__( 'Book 48px', 'wav' ),         'size' => 48,         'slug' => 'book48px'     ),     array(         'name' => esc_attr__( 'Book 64px', 'wav' ),         'size' => 64,         'slug' => 'book64px'     ),     array(         'name' => esc_attr__( 'Book 96px', 'wav' ),         'size' => 96,         'slug' => 'book96px'     ),     array(         'name' => esc_attr__( 'Book 144px', 'wav' ),         'size' => 144,         'slug' => 'book144px'     ), )); 

Using CSS, how can I remove a Woocommerce grid from a specific page that has ::before & ::after inserted in it [closed]

Everything between the before and after needs to go

The specific page ID is 6329

I have tried different variations of the CSS below, but still can’t get it to work!

CSS used:

.page-id-6329 .products.columns-3 {       display: none !important; } 

and other variations on the same lines with no success. I think it has to do with the ::before and ::after, but have no idea how to write the CSS.

I am setting up a website that caters for retail and wholesale. The retail will show the normal category grid to the user, while the wholesale will have a special page where a list of products shown in a table. The wholesale page, as it is now, shows the category grid AND the table underneath. I just need to get the grid to disappear for that particular page.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Can Lay on Hands be used to both heal hit points and remove diseases/poisons with the same action?

The Paladin’s Lay on Hands feature says:

As an action, you can touch a creature and […] restore a number of hit points to that creature.

It also goes on to say:

Alternatively, you can expend 5 hit points from your pool of healing to cure the target of one disease or neutralize one poison affecting it. You can cure multiple diseases and neutralize multiple poisons with a single use of Lay on Hands […]

Could I opt to do both at the same time? Perhaps an ally was struck by a crossbow bolt with drow poison, and I needed to both heal them as well as remove the poison in one go; is that permissible?

As written, it seems vague. The first paragraph specifies the use of an action to heal hit points, but the second simply indicates an alternative way for the hit point pool to be expended, but doesn’t seem to indicate that the use is exclusive from the first.

Which Part Adsense Code To Remove

I am using a custom Blogger template and the Layout widgets are not working. I need to remove a Adsense Link ad.

I tried removing the code, but the whole site disappeared. Could someone tell me which part of the code should I delete.

The HTML code is:

<b:widget id='HTML3' locked='false' title='' type='HTML' version='1'>
<b:widget-setting name='content'>&lt;center&gt;&lt;script async…

Which Part Adsense Code To Remove

remove metabox is not working for wp 5.7

Hi I am using wordpress 5.7 and Vidio theme, Here the theme have some plugins with it. Those plugins create a metabox with id haru_video_attached_directors. I want to remove this metabox from custom post type haru_video for that I used wp function remove_meta_box(put in child-theme functions.php) but not getting success. I have already followed the similar questions and added almost every hook but still not getting the desired output.

function remove_metaboxes() {    remove_meta_box( 'haru_video_attached_directors' , 'haru_video' , 'normal' );    remove_meta_box( 'haru_video_attached_directors' , 'post' , 'normal' ); } add_action( 'admin_head' , 'remove_metaboxes' ); add_action( 'admin_menu' , 'remove_metaboxes' ); add_action( 'admin_init' , 'remove_metaboxes' ); add_action( 'wp_dashboard_setup', 'remove_metaboxes', 20 ); 

Code present in Plugin

$  video_submit->add_field( array(         'default_cb' => 'haru_maybe_set_default_from_posted_values',         'name'    => esc_html__( 'Attached Directors', 'haru-vidi' ),         'desc'    => '',         'id'      => 'haru_video_attached_directors',         'type'    => 'custom_attached_posts',         'column'  => true, // Output in the admin post-listing as a custom column.         'options' => array(             'show_thumbnails' => true, // Show thumbnails on the left             'filter_boxes'    => true, // Show a text box for filtering the results             'query_args'      => array(                 'posts_per_page' => 10,                 'post_type'      => 'haru_director',             ), // override the get_posts args         ),     ) ); 

How to remove doubled y-scrolling without content hidden?

In laravel 5.8 / bootstrap 4.1. app I have pages with doubled y scrolling :
and I try to remove scrolling of the page(internal scrolling)

In app/views/layout/member.blade.php I have :

<body> @include('elements.member_header') @yield('content') @include('elements.member_footer') <script> public(); </script> @yield('scripts') </body>

and in page.blade.php :

@extends('') @section('title', $  title) @section('description',...

How to remove doubled y-scrolling without content hidden?

When does google remove an entire domain from search results?

What I need to know is that, what does a certain website have to violate in order to get its domain removed completely from Google Search?

I am asking because I’ve seen websites infringing on DMCA protected content (Books, Movies, etc) having their domain removed from google, so they purchase another one and redirect the old domain to the new one.

But at the other hand, there are many websites of such type never got their entire domain removed from Search Results (Only infringing URLs got removed) although they’ve been running their sites for years, have a lot of popularity and there are tons of DMCA reports filed against them monthly.

So can you please explain how does Google behave in matters of domain removals?