Remove last 10 seconds from all videos inside folder useing ffmpeg

hello guys i have been googling this but still didn’t get any thing i need one click batch code which can cut last 10 secs from all videos inside folder and output video file as original name with suffix added like 01 or 001

i have tested these they didn’t work if someone can look at these and tweak little bit thanks Cut last 30 seconds off ends of videos using ffmpeg in a batch file in Windows Remove x seconds of a video from the end without knowing the total duration of the video

Write to / remove from default .htaccess file from plugin?

I’m working on a WordPress plugin, and I have a checkbox option to add cache control headers. I’d like to write to the htaccess file if the option is set to 1, else remove the new content.

I’ve been trying to achieve this using insert_with_markers() but to no avail. These are the functions I’ve been using:

function write_cache_control(){     $  htaccess = get_home_path().".htaccess";     echo $  htaccess;     $  lines = array();     $  lines[] = '<FilesMatch "\.(js|css|jpg|jpeg|gif|png|pdf|swf|svg|svgz|ico|ttf|ttc|otf|eot|woff|woff2|webp)$  ">';     $  lines[] = '<IfModule mod_headers.c>';     $  lines[] = 'ExpiresActive On';     $  lines[] = 'ExpiresDefault  "access plus 1 month"';     $  lines[] = 'Header set Cache-Control "public, immutable, max-age=2628000, s-maxage=2628000"';     $  lines[] = 'Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*';     $  lines[] = '</IfModule>';     $  lines[] = '</FilesMatch>';     insert_with_markers($  htaccess, "Cache Control", $  lines); } 


function clear_cache_control(){     $  htaccess = get_home_path().".htaccess";     insert_with_markers($  htaccess, "Cache Control", ''); } 

I’ve tried hooking them into wp, init & wp_init but nothing seems to work. Is there something I’m missing? Should I be using WordPress’ wp_rewrite or PHP’s fread & fwrite or something along those lines?

remove the ‘x’ in people picker (in chrome and firefox)

I have a test form on a SharePoint site provided with some JavaScript code which shows how to disable and grey out sections in a form. I am trying to remove the ‘x’ in the people picker section using the following code:

    //hide x image     $  (".sp-peoplepicker-delImage").hide(); 

Currently this code works perfectly fine in Internet Explorer/Edge as can be seen in the following screenshot:

Code works in IE

It does not remove it in chrome though, as can be seen below:

Code does not work in chrome/firefox

Is there a fix for this?

How do miners know how to remove recently confirmed transactions?

A miner is in the process of creating and mining a block of 1400 transactions. Suddenly they receive a broadcast that a new block was confirmed with 200 of the transactions currently in that miner’s block. How does a miner proceed in this scenario – dropping the 200 and adding 200 others from the mempool and trying to mine a block?

In a second scenario, two blocks are created almost at the same time and they each have some of the same and some different transactions. I’m assuming (a) that there is then a race to consensus for each and the first to 51% wins a confirmation. If so, then similar to above (b) the block with losing transactions has all the dissimilar transactions dumped back in the mempool. But what if a second chain surfaces with two blocks? Now all the confirmations in (a) that aren’t confirmed in this second block get dumped back into the mempool and hopefully finally mined into the blockchain?

The takeway for me >>> Obviously this system does work since its very popular! But it seems that transactions can take a very long time and no way to really guarantee that they will occur unless a payor decides to pay a high fee to almost confirm that miners will pay attention to his transactions first and most will include that transaction into the miner’s next block to add to the chain.

Remove Background Of Your Images for $1

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Remove Phh’s superuser?

I have TCL Alcatel Pixi 4 (5) 5010D phone that i bought and decided to root it. I was kinda new to this kind of rooting (a bit complex) because i used kingroot before and it worked just fine till i got this phone and no app for rooting helped me which lead me to rooting using my computer.

I’ve searched on google and found one thread on XDA by kirito9, showing his tutorial on rooting Alcatel pixi phones and i’ve found mine there. Multiple choices occured and i couldn’t decide which one is easier for me. So i went on to try phh’s superuser method. Everything went fine, i’ve got TWRP installed on my phone and flashed phh’s superuser onto my phone, rebooted and… well it booted fine. Installed the required superuser and Titanium Backup. Superuser worked fine and so did Titanium Backup.

Later i decided to uninstall some system apps that i didn’t need and were wasting space so i downloaded system app remover and allowed root access.. as soon as i tried to uninstall the app, my device rebooted. I thought that was a normal process but i saw that the app did not uninstall. Tried again, same thing. After doing some research, found out that i don’t have access to rewriting /system and files in it at all. I tried downloading an app again to make /system rewritable, but no access. Then tried it through ADB but didn’t work as well.

So not sure but i think that’s half root which i don’t want, i wanted full root but i didn’t get it. Now i wish to remove this phh’s superuser and trying to get root another way if i can without bricking my device and of course, making /system rewritable so i can uninstall useless apps. Can’t even install busybox because of this. Would appreciate help on both uninstalling phh’s superuser and getting another method of safely rooting my phone.

How do I remove the VLAN ID from my NIC (Netadapter)

So I am running a Windows 2019 datacenter server core running hyper-v which has a Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet BCM5720 NIC with 2 access ports. The Server is patched into a VLAN.

So earlier on I assigned a VLAN ID to the netadapter using powershell:

set-netadapter -name nic1 -vlanid 240 

Later on I figured it would be a good idea to enable Switch Embbedded Teaming for the virtual switch:

Switch Embedded Teaming

Reading on the documention I read that if you use a virtual switch with teaming you should not put a vlanID on the NIC: “2) Anytime you have NIC Teaming enabled, you must not set VLAN filters on the NICs using the NICs advanced properties settings. Let the teaming software or the Hyper-V switch (if present) do the filtering.”

So finally my question. I am trying to remove the VLAN ID is set on the NIC, but I can’t seem to find an easy way to this. The set-netadapter cmdlet doesn’t seem to do it.

Anybody any idea how to deal with this?

How do I remove unwanted hreflang links from page

I have a content page in English with Japanese and Chinese translations. Even when I unpublished the translation nodes, the page source code will display the hreflang attributes to the unpublished languages in header.

<link rel="alternate" hreflang="en" href="" /> <link rel="alternate" hreflang="ja" href="" /> <link rel="alternate" hreflang="zh-hans" href="" /> 

This seems to be generated automatically. And when I run a test for SEO these language links throws 404 error because they are unpublished. How do I remove the unpublished links from the hreflang. (And it should be automatically added when I publish the translations)