How to remove the SIM Toolkit from my phone? (Without root or flashing any ROM)

This application is sending a lot of spam to my phone recently, two or three times a day. I deactivated broadcast messages, tried converting USSD pop-ups into notifications to avoid being interrupted (didn’t work). Basically, everything I tried didn’t work, so now I want to remove it from my phone. Is it possible to do it without root, with ADB or something? I’m not a power user but I have used ADB to give permissions to some apps before.

Is it unethical to remove another plugin’s meta keys?

In doing some site optimization work for a client, I ran into a plugin that does replaces WP’s built-in featured image functionality with a separate meta box allowing you to specify an image URL rather than importing the image into your own Media Library.

Recent updates to this plugin broke my client’s site, where the posts that had external featured images would not display them. And examining the plugin code itself (poor documentation, direct SQL queries on the database) lends me to believe he doesn’t quite know what he’s doing.

For my client, I whipped together a custom plugin to loop through posts with that plugin’s meta keys, import the image into the media library, and attach it to the post. Finally, it deletes the other plugin’s meta key.

Now I have no qualms running the fix on my client’s site, but I’m thinking of putting the plugin on the WordPress Plugins Directory as well. And maybe even a “premium” version with monetization.

I scanned through the WP plugins code of conduct, but didn’t see anything listed about modifying another plugin’s meta entries. Is there anything unethical about this?

Split screen divider stuck on Desktop, not actually dividing any windows, distracting – how to remove?

How can the split screen divider be removed, please?

When not using a Desktop workspace/area, I can see the vertical divider over the Desktop, but this isn’t serving any purpose and is therefore distracting.

See screenshot:


MacBook Air 11″ 2015, 1366 x 768 screen, 8Gb RAM, 2.2 Ghz i7, 500Gb SSD, macOS mojave 10.14.2

Thanks for your time reading, any help appreciated.

Remove Background Or Do Photoshop Editing for $30

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Photoshop Remove Background Of 20 Images for $40

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How do I remove Outlook mail from Spotlight?

I primarily use for my Exchange mail account. But I need to keep Outlook around for those rare cases I need it (for instance editing distribution lists on the server).

But this makes Spotlight searches really convoluted. Every mail shows up twice. Is there any way I can disable the content from individual apps from being part of the Spotlight index? Or an obscure setting (I’ve looked) inside Outlook that disables Spotlight indexing?

SSH: remove key authentication to setup a new one

I have a VM with an OpenSSH server running on it. I messed up my SSH server public key authentication setting (installed everything in my SSH session on the VM and not from an external terminal on my computer). I can SSH from my Debian session on the VM with the public key but this makes no sense.

I need to remove entirely my SSH key athentication so I can setup a new one correctly and be able to SSH from my OSX terminal to the server running on the VM.

What can I do to start all over clean?

Sorry for being such a noob.

How do I remove the ‘0’ from a field with an equation?

I have a Google Spreadsheet that I enter in new values everyday and want to have the equation run down the entire column so I don’t have to drag the previous day’s box down to copy the info.

It would work fine to drag the box all the way to the bottom of the sheet, but then the cells get filled with a 0.

How can I put the equation in the cells without having them give me a value right away? i.e. only have them show a value when the rest of that row has info in it.

Remove grey background and turn it transparent

ImageMagick does not replace ‘#c0c0c0’ with a transparent background

I have tried magick convert img.png -fuzz 50% -transparent '#c0c0c0' 0.png
and a convert option without “magick” running version windows 10 x64 v7.0.8-14Q16 .
A problem for later: using a bash script to convert 200 of these and it seems imagemagick also doesn’t overwrite if output name is the same

here is the image:

No change…