Is there an advantage in removing an element both from CSS and JS?

I have a website built with MediaWiki CMS.

This website contains a ContactPage contact form in which the subject field is hardcoded to the form wrapper via PHP;
This is odd, because all other fields aren’t hardcoded like this and are actually optional and injected into the wrapper from the form’s default template pasted in the main customization file of the CMS (LocalSettings.php);
By the way, All of these optional fields are HTMLForm template-engine fields.

If someone wants to remove the subject field from whatever reason, it would be a logistical pain, because, for example, after every automatic upgrade, it will have to be removed again, probably manually, from ContactPage extension relevant PHP source code (unlike all other fields which are optional from the steady file LocalSettings.php).

My problem

I want to remove the aforementioned subject field and the only steady ways I have with the current architecture of MediaWiki, are CSS and JS;
But this is problematic because a user can easily turn off both (most users won’t do that, but still).

For now, I have removed the subject field with CSS only but I contemplate to add an “insurance” removal with JS as well to prevent end users that turned off CSS but forgot to turn off JS from whatever reason (say, random cognitive bias) from using that subject field.

My question

Considering IS literature, is it a plausible move to have such “JS insurance” for CSS removals and if not, what will be a better way?

[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open Question : Is my landlord allowed to charge me for removing bloodstained bedding that isn’t mine?

Hi guys, I recently moved into a shared accommodation, and I asked the staff showing me around if they could remove the bed as I would rather bring my own. She said no, as that would mean the room would be left ‘part furnished’ instead of fully furnished. After moving in, I noticed the bedbase (not mattress) is covered in urine and bloodstains. I contacted the lettings to ask if they would at least let me swap the bed for another unoccupied room within the household. The landlord agreed under the condition that I dismantle and reassemble both beds. I agreed.  I swapped, but I was unable to fully dismantle the bloodstained bedbase, and another tenant also offered his help, it turns out we need specific screws to remove the wheels which was the part causing problems moving the bed, there wasn’t enough space to work with. I also found a syringe within the base as it’s torn. Point being, without being able to dismantle this very old fashioned and wrecked bedbase, I could only push it into the opposite and closest unoccupied room (but not the room I swapped the bed with). Fast forward, the landlord is now sending contractors out to put this biohazardous bed into the room it now belongs in the floor below. But he is charging me to move the bed to the floor below. Is he allowed to charge me for this? I asked them to remove the bed before I moved in. I did not cause the stains. The bedbase could put me at risk, and future tenants. Can I get some advice please. (UK tenant).

Removing vertices from a labelled graph

Let $ G$ be an undirected graph with each vertex labeled with an integer. Is there an algorithm to remove a subset of vertices such that in the resulting graph with deleted vertices no vertices with different integer labels are connected with an edge, but also among all groups of vertices labeled with the same integer, the size of the smallest group (i.e., the number of vertices) is maximum possible?

Removing multiple values using if else statements?

I have a program that downloads raw data from a sensor. Due to to some specifications made in the SQL code, there are values that are duplicated which needs to be deleted to maintain data integrity.

Below is a snapshot of the dataset: enter image description here

Do note that is is just a snapshot of july 10th. I have 33 other devices all of them have data dates from july 10th all the way through october.

Is there a way for me to traverse the whole dataset and find a way to set conditional statements. For example, if there are 2 values that share the same timing, take the row that has the “1” value.

At the same time, i would like to point out that this dataset is data that is collected 24/7.

SQL Database ‘Project_Content’ on SQL Server instance ‘XXX’ not found – after removing project server

I keep getting this error in event viewer. I reckon project server was installed before on the farm and it has been removed but it seems its still looking for the content database see error below

SQL Database 'Project_Content' on SQL Server instance 'XXX' not found.  Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.  Cannot open database "Project_Content" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user XXX\'. 

How can i stop this and where can i inform the SP farm that it doesn’t exist anymore. Thanks in Advance

Removing / Editing Desktop Right Click Actions 16.04

I would like to remove the ‘Organize Desktop by Name’ action, or at least edit the desktop right click menu to put an indent between ‘paste’ and ‘Organize Desktop by Name’, so I don’t keep mucking up my desktop icon layout when I missclick and hit the latter when intending to hit the former.

Nautilus actions helps define and add new actions, but I’ve been unable to use it to remove already existing actions.

Any help is much appreciated.

Why does installing wine (for example) require removing 2GB of good packages?

I have a situation where:

sudo apt-get install winetricks 

Results in:

 The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:      aglfn apturl apturl-common asymptote-doc biber ca-certificates-java catdoc cdparanoia cdrskin cmake-data context      ...  Use 'sudo apt autoremove' to remove them.  The following additional packages will be installed:      fonts-wine libwine-development wine-development wine64-development  Suggested packages:      ttf-mscorefonts-installer winbind playonlinux wine-binfmt dosbox libwine-gecko-2.47 wine64-development-preloader aria2 tor  Recommended packages:      libcapi20-3 libodbc1 libosmesa6 wine32-development  The following packages will be REMOVED      appmenu-qt asymptote cdrdao chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra clang clang-6.0 cmake cmake-qt-gui compiz compiz-gnome dvd+rw-tools      eog evince firefox g++-5 g++-5-multilib g++-9 gcc-5 gcc-5-multilib gcc-9 gcj-5-jre-lib gfortran-5 gnome-sudoku      ...  After this operation, 2,032 MB disk space will be freed.  Do you want to continue? [Y/n] 

Why? I don’t understand why installing winetricks would possibly cause g++-9 and spotify-client (and 2GB of utterly essential applications) to be deleted. Can I not use these packages simultaneously?

EDIT: It has even deleted my ubuntu-desktop and nautilus

I gained access to wine via

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/pp 

I am on 18.04