Do Google and others care how much CPU/GPU is used by the web browser to render a webpage?

Let’s say that I have a hypothetical webpage:

I have an absolutely positioned HTML5 <video> tag that is set to automatically play. It is sized to occupy the entire browser window and functionally be the page’s background image.

On top of said video I have an inline SVG whose child elements each have a CSS @keyframes animation which cause them to scale and translate forever in a loop.

On top of that SVG I have some divs and images and text all with their own transition css property set. Javascript then adds and removes classes on these elements causing them to scoot around at various intervals using things like margin, left, and padding

Suffice it to say this page uses a lot of CPU to make all of these layers render and paint and draw and the like. If a user on a typical computer goes to this site their CPU will get hot and their fans will spin and all manner of bad things.

Does google care about any of this though? Are they looking at the computational cost of the site when they make their determination about page rank? Or, presuming this site of mine has all its other SEO ducks in a row – loads resources fast, not too many requests, good code, keywords, etc, will it achieve good rank despite killing user’s computers?

User error when trying to render view using twig tweak

I have created a view in my Drupal 8 website. And I am trying to render the view with twig tweak module(, as shown below:

{{ drupal_view('latest_post', 'default') }} 

Doing so is displaying a blank page. Then I tried to debug as shown below:

{{ drupal_view_result('latest_post', 'default') }} 

And this shows me an error:

User error: “0” is an invalid render array key in Drupal\Core\Render\Element::children() (line 97 of core/lib/Drupal/Core/Render/Element.php).

I am not able to figure out how to resolve this error. And what this error means.

Any help is appreciated.

Magento 2 : Render Options HTML

I’ve Magento 1.x code. I would like to use in Magento2.x version.

What it would be ??

Code :

<?php $  _options = Mage::helper('core')->decorateArray($  this->getOptions()) ?>     <?php foreach($  _options as $  _option): ?>     <?php echo $  this->getOptionHtml($  _option) ?> <?php endforeach; ?> </dl> <?php else: echo dlkghflghf;?> 

I need to relevant code to Render HTML for options.

What I can use for <?php echo $ this->getOptionHtml($ _option) ?> In Magento 2 ?

Render “spherical” 2D World without duplicated visuals

I made a “Don’t Starve” like 2.5D tile based game. Everything consists of squared tiles and you are able to rotate your camera in 45°. The Textures are in 2D and will show the same face even after rotation. The world is twice as wide as high. When you move over the right border of the world, you enter the left side of and vice verse. So horizontally it’s like walking on a cylinder. For movements over borders on the vertical axis imagine you are folding a paper (representing the world) in the half so that it is no longer a rectangle but a square. When you walk now over the top border you will appear on the “back” of the world. So the Y-Pos is still near to the top, but the X-Pos depends on from where you came from.

Now to the rendering: If you are standing right to left world border, so that the end of the world would be visible on screen, the right part of the world will be drawn next to you. So the illusion on moving on horizontal axis is fine. Standing next to the top works a bit different: The whole top part of the world is copied, rotated by 180° and aligned to the top. This illusion works very well until you move close to the corner or the top center (also a corner if you think of the folded paper world). Then you will see yourself twice. This annomalie happens because you can move at these positions one tile up and one to the side and will end up in your starting tile. For the game mechanics itself this is not really a problem, but it looks really strange.

A solution to this would be to move into a more spherical shape like a cube. This fixes the problem, since the corners are somehow removed, but it leads to a visualization problem. When you look at the image in the link, how could you render the textures in such situation as on the corner? Rendering over the edges is trivial, you just have to roated the specific sides of the cube. But how could you render over a corner? It’s not possible to unfold it like on the edges, since only 3 squares would be drown which wouldn fill out the screen. There must be some projection/transformation that should not look to ugly.

Sorry if the solution is obvious, but my head is a bit confused of thinking about all these shape projections 😀

BTW: Applying the bahavior of moving on horizontal axis to moving on vertical one is not an option. This would solve the corner problem, but other game mechanics rely on this “spherical” shape.

Multiple choice lookup field does not render on edit form

I have, for the last few years, used a field called “Enabled” and a calculated field which returns the value of the Title field if Enabled is true. If Enabled is false, I return an empty string (“”). This is the formula: =IF([Enabled],[Title],””)

This allows the administrators of the site to temporarily enable/disable options from displaying in the new and edit form of a list which references those items in a multiple-choice lookup column with out-of-the-box functionality instead of using code. This has worked for many years, but all of a sudden, after the user-facing list (not the lookup list) has had thousands and thousands of items, this is causing issues.

On the display form, the disabled items in a lookup field used to not appear while the enabled items would still show. Now, the disabled items are displayed as numbers showing the corresponding lookup ID.

On the edit form, if a user had previously selected an item in a lookup and that item has now been disabled (blank), the item would fall off the list of selected results and not be available in the list of selections. Now, the entire selection candidate and results for the lookup field are not rendered. I inspected the HTML for the form, and there is literally nothing on that row other than the initial table cell with the field name.

This type of functionality (blanking out a field used in a lookup selection in order to hide it) still works on other lists and other sites. How can I narrow down what it suddenly causing this issue on this one list?