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100% Automated Hotel, Flight & Rental Car Site – Easy to Operate – Profitable Niche- Newbie Friendly

Maximize rental income given a set of date intervals

Suppose you have 1 room that you want to rent out. (AirBnb style) You want to maximize profits that you will get by renting it out.

For example: Given intervals: [[1, 10], [2, 5], [7, 20], [23, 30]] – you could rent it out [2, 5], [7, 20] and [23, 30]

Another example: ([[1, 2], [1, 11], [5, 8], [4, 33], [18, 72]]) = 66

Note: Start and end times of the interval are inclusive

I implemented a brute force solution to this problem. First I sort by start time, then I create all possible subsets and take the longest possible value. This works. But I want to do this using Dynamic programming.

This problem screams DP, but I am not able to figure out if this has an optimal substructure.

My recurrence relation: f(i, j) = f(i + 1, j) or f(i + nums[i], j) if nums[i].start > f[i].end

Can someone help me figure out the thought behind the dp solution for the sub-problem?

Note: this problem is slightly different from job scheduling.

Vacation Rental Property Management Software

VRPMS Love the features you use every day like 3rd Party integrations, accounting management, booking management, contact management and see what needs to get done. After years of studying the specific needs of Vacation Rental Property Management Software offers the owners, we designed a property management software to help increase-conversions and cut down on manual tasks.

Legal or financial barriers to driving a rental car from El Salvador to Honduras?

Since I (apparently) can’t fly from SAL to Choluteca, I was planning to drive.  But then I had to think some more: Will I be required at the Honduran border or at the rental counter to show an international driving permit (IDP) or pay an extra fee for leaving the country with it?  Or buy/show insurance beyond what I normally get from Allianz?

Design a Car Rental System?

How to design a database schema for a car rental system So that doing new reservation checking existing reservations is efficient.

APIs to expose: based on desired time duration find all available vehicles and reserve the selected available vehicle for the desired duration.

I have tried two approaches.

1) Storing reservation start_time and end_time 2) Creating slots for days and set them as reserved when a reservation is made.

One Year Rental SMM Reseller Panel for $100

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How to get rid of from overbooking car rental website

I have a car rent site where people can book a car for their needs,but problem is my vehicles are limited so after booking a car i want to show an alert for the next 1 hour as it is overbooked immediately to my customers as no one can book it again within next 1 hour. Here is my approach-

  • fetching only today’s booking info
  • checking every vehicle is it booked or not
  • if it is booked then count the booking time and current time and compare them is it equal to or less then 1 hour.
  • if it returns true then show the alert

now problem is how can I remove this MSG after 1 hour?

any code example would be highly appreciated. Thanks

Design vehicle rental service and how would inventory be tracked

Design and code a new vehicle rental service. In this service, we will rent different kinds of vehicles such as cars, bikes and trucks. You can book a vehicle for different slots in day. Each day has 4 slots viz. MORNING, AFTERNOON, EVENING, NIGHT

We have limited Inventory for each type of vehicle. Also, every vehicle has some rent price associated with it depending on the day slot when it is rented.

User comes to our platform, and asks for vehicle having different parameters for his query. User queries looks like:

  • Available vehicles for the given slot
  • Filter the results based on the vehicle type
  • Sort the results based on price
  • Any combination of the above queries

Post querying user can request the following:

  • Book vehicles for a time slot

How to design this. I have been scratching my head over how the classes should like and how to keep track of inventory. Any help appreciated.

This is question that was asked in a test. This is suppossed to be a normal program, not web service, so we were not expected to write APIs.