How to get rid of from overbooking car rental website

I have a car rent site where people can book a car for their needs,but problem is my vehicles are limited so after booking a car i want to show an alert for the next 1 hour as it is overbooked immediately to my customers as no one can book it again within next 1 hour. Here is my approach-

  • fetching only today’s booking info
  • checking every vehicle is it booked or not
  • if it is booked then count the booking time and current time and compare them is it equal to or less then 1 hour.
  • if it returns true then show the alert

now problem is how can I remove this MSG after 1 hour?

any code example would be highly appreciated. Thanks

Design vehicle rental service and how would inventory be tracked

Design and code a new vehicle rental service. In this service, we will rent different kinds of vehicles such as cars, bikes and trucks. You can book a vehicle for different slots in day. Each day has 4 slots viz. MORNING, AFTERNOON, EVENING, NIGHT

We have limited Inventory for each type of vehicle. Also, every vehicle has some rent price associated with it depending on the day slot when it is rented.

User comes to our platform, and asks for vehicle having different parameters for his query. User queries looks like:

  • Available vehicles for the given slot
  • Filter the results based on the vehicle type
  • Sort the results based on price
  • Any combination of the above queries

Post querying user can request the following:

  • Book vehicles for a time slot

How to design this. I have been scratching my head over how the classes should like and how to keep track of inventory. Any help appreciated.

This is question that was asked in a test. This is suppossed to be a normal program, not web service, so we were not expected to write APIs.

Amsterdam: parking a rental car downtown

I am visiting relatives in Amsterdam area in mid June and contemplating lodging in either downtown or near the airport. I will need a car or similar service to visit relatives. That being said, a Sixt auto rental is approximately $ 25 per day, however, it is unclear if I can park downtown or if the parking fee would be unreasonable.

In the past, parking the rental car was very practical, though we did not visit downtown.

If I take the train from AMS to downtown (Centraal) and rent the car from a Sixt downtown, what hassles and expensesshould I expect from a parking standpoint?

Is there a better option? Thank you

Cross-country car rental

I intend to rent a car at either Berlin or Prague, and drive across Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. I will return the car to the original country of hire. The rental period will be about 10 days.

Are there any first hand experienced travelers here who can give me their 2-cents? Is it allowed and if yes, how much will be the additional charges?

My preference is to rent from one of the bigger players (Avis / Europcar / Hertz / SixT). I have greater comfort with them and thanks to my credit card and airlines memberships I get benefits too.

Travel insurance for potential snowy weather when driving using a rental

I’m planning a holiday to the Queenstown area in New Zealand, in July.

The plan is to arrive in at Christchurch airport, pick up a rental car and drive to Queenstown and spend about a week driving around the area.

What I’m wondering about, is the quite plausible scenario that the weather is bad, and the roads are closed, and what the best way to mitigate scenario is, such that I’m not left out of pocket. ie. the worst case scenario is that I arrive in Christchurch, have hotels and activities booked in Queenstown, but can’t make it there because of a closed road.

I have a credit card with complimentary travel insurance, but its terms are quite vague:

you arranged travel is cancelled or delayed by the carrier because of unexpected:

  • weather conditions

Where ‘the carrier’ isn’t defined, but presumably that refers to an airline, or possibly a bus provider, but presumably not a rental car or a government authority closing the roads.

What is the best to mitigate this kind of problem?

  • Is there a particular kind of travel insurance that will cover this kind of scenario?
  • Just buy refundable accommodation?
  • What if I bought a bus ticket as well, making the trip eligible for the travel insurance?

I imagine that this is quite a common problem – so am wondering what the typical way people deal with it is.

Car rental prices different for foreigners

I am traveling to Florida from Europe in a few weeks and wanted to rent a car. I found the prices at Budget to be the best for what I want. But something seems off about the offer.

I select the dates, the pick and drop location, country of origin and i get a very good offer with LDW and Third-Party-Liability included at 0 cost. These options are already selected and can’t be unchecked.

If on the other hand I select that I live in the US, I get a slightly better deal but with huge LDW and third-party costs, more than doubling the cost of the rental.

Is there something I’m missing? Am i being scammed? Should I trust them? Below I will attach screenshots with what I am talking about.

Foreigner rental summary enter image description here

Foreigner rental details enter image description here

US rental summary enter image description here

US rental details enter image description here

Why do rental companies ask you to record the mileage at the end of your trip?

Whenever I drop off a rental car, the front desk asks me to state the latest mileage on the car. This would make sense if I rented a car with limited mileage but almost every car rented out by major rental companies has unlimited mileage, thus the final price you pay always remains the same.

So what’s the reason for asking this question even if they see you’ve had unlimited mileage? Is it so that rental company employees don’t take the car for a drive after you drop off the keys?

Best way to deal with a rental car in the Domincan Republic?

I’m spending a week in the DR, arriving at and departing from the airport in Santo Domingo. I’m traveling around the country and need to rent a car for the week.

Normally, I would think it best to rent and return the car at the airport. But I’m spending the first two nights of the trip in downtown Santo Domingo and I’m not sure I want to deal with a car there. Driving and especially parking in any old city can be challenging, and Santo Domingo seems especially known for difficult, scary, and outright dangerous driving.

So I’m wondering if I should get a ride to the city, spend my two nights, and then pick up a car. But then I’m picking up and returning in two different places, or else having to get back to the airport for pickup, which seems like a hassle.

Can anyone suggest the best way to work this situation?

Victim of a Vacation Rental Scam, how should I get the refund?

I booked a property via on 23rd for a stay in London UK from June 1 to June 7, 2019. I used my credit card. They pulled the full amount on 25th. After that on several occasion I updated my check-in request in but the request timed out due to no response from the property owner. I also tried to reach via phone and emails but little to no response from them.

Here are the reasons why I strongly believe that I am a victim of scam:

  1. The property I booked is no longer exist in But the property name is Westminster Gardens with address 24 Strutton Ground, Westminster Borough, London SW1P 2HR, United Kingdom. I checked this address and this is an address of a hair salon.
  2. They are using same pictures with different name and different location in New name: London Prime- homes in West End and Westminister with a new address: 104-105 Pall Mall, Westminister Borough, London, SW1Y 5EW, United Kingdom.
  3. They send me 2nd invoice saying that the amount is unpaid.
  4. They have used 3 different phone numbers in 3 different places and 2 different email address: In website has: +447553076066 . The invoice they sent on dec 25 has: +447523145097 and following email address: They again send a 2nd invoice on Jan 8 saying that the amount is unpaid even though they pulled the full amount on Dec 25. And the 2nd has phone number: +447923337233 and different email address:
  5. The first phn number +447553076066 is affiliated with an organization in UK:

Made a complaint to but it is been almost a month and they have not found any resolution.