Browser: Drag and drop image from explorer replaces content instead of opening in new tab

Drag and drop image from explorer replaces content.

This behaviour can end up cause data loss. Consider this use case: you are filling in a long form and you have a box to upload an images at the end which supports drag and drop. When you dragged an image from the file browser, you accidentally drop the image outside the box in the website.

What should happen?

Browser opens the image I dropped in a new tab.

What happens?

Browser load the image in the page you dropped. Clicking back button will reload the page, making you lose all the data you typed.

Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Does False Focus replace costly focuses just as it replaces costly components?

The False Focus feat says:

By using a divine focus as part of casting, you can cast any spell with a material component costing the value of that divine focus (maximum 100 gp) or less without needing that component.

So, by the very literal reading spells that use focuses instead of material components turns out to be worse for character with his feat. On the other hand, regular Divine Focus replaces both Material and Focus on spells – and that got me wondering, maybe False Focus also replaces Focus? This is the situation I wish I’m wrong, so I prefer to ask in case I’m limiting my own options needlessly.

I’m interested in focuses generally, but costly ones have higher impact on the game balance, so these are my primary concern.