How to reply user according to different result?

i am working on a chat-bot for answering questions related me, like what are my 10th,diploma,BE scores? Hobbies? Work Experience? and other things. i am working on dialog-flow. So what i am trying to do is?

User says Hi Bot says Greetings,how can i assist you? User says How much you scored in 10th? Bot says 93% User says In diploma? Bot says 9.4 C.G.P.A. User says What are your hobbies? Bot says Reading,writing are my hobbies. now if user asks things without context then what should i do,like User says Can i know your score? Bot says Which one? 10th? Diploma? BE? User says 10th Bot says 93% User says Diploma Bot says 9.4 C.G.P.A.

please assist me with this 🙂

i have tried the S.S.C. one but it is not working if i immediate ask about the diploma scores after it.

failed with 2Captcha: timeout, waiting for captcha result. last reply: CAPCHA_NOT_READY

Hi there, I need to show this error to the GSA Community –>
I am using 2Captcha and I have added 2capcha API in GSA SER. But I do not know why am I getting this error?
Can someone help me to understand the issue I am facing with this 2Captha?

Below, I am going to copy paste that full error in the text:

SerEngines: failed with 2Captcha: timeout, waiting for captcha result. last reply: CAPCHA_NOT_READY –

Should i be using any other captcha bracker? or this is a temprarly issue which will be auto solved by 2capctha (Just guessing). Looking forward to hear back from the comunity.

Can I use source MAC of Ethernet packet for UDP reply instead of ARP lookup?

I’m working on an embedded platform with very limited resources where I need to build my own Ethernet frames.

If I need to answer a UDP request with a UDP reply, is it ever not OK to just send the reply back to the Ethernet source MAC address of the request packet instead of doing a full ARP lookup of the source IP address?

If so, a list of concrete examples where a reply would need to be sent to a different MAC address than the request came from would be very useful.

Clearly, if the request originator changed their own MAC address right after sending the request, that would be a trivial example, but let’s ignore that case.

Outlook Reply o Replay All desde C#

Tengo una app donde ya puedo envia un correo mediante SMTP.
Ahora cuando me responder ese correo obtengo la ID de la conversacion (ConversationID) y lo guardu en la base de datos.

Que es lo que intento…Quisiera hacer Replay o Replay All desde mi app a ese correo usando el ID de la conversacion y es aqui donde estoy atorado.
Como puedo responder usando el ID que guarde del correo?

No tengo nada de codigo de esa parte, solamente de como le envio.


DNS reply to redirect client to another DNS server

I have a client which uses a DNS server (ServerA), and ServerA works fine for all domains

For a specific domain though, I need to use a DNS Server (ServerB) which ServerA cannot access, but the client can.

The Windows client is unable to use domain based selection criteria for DNS servers AFAIK, so I would like to get ServerA to respond to the client with a message that says “for this domain and all subdomains, use ServerB”.

Is this possible?

Prevent ‘reply all’ in Facebook group message

I’m the admin for a Facebook group of approximately 50 members, and I want to send a single message to everyone in the group. I need to use a message because most members of the group do not receive notifications for posts on the group page.

The last time I sent a message to the whole group, a few members started replying in a casual chatty way that spammed all of the other members and led to some of them leaving the group.

Is it possible to send a message to a group that does not allow anyone to “reply all”?

How to make a server hosted behind a VPN reply on the same interface as the incoming connection

I have a server used as a Web and SSH server under Arch Linux. In it runs a VPN client, with OpenVPN. If I have properly understood, the VPN changes the routing tables, leading to forwarding all the traffic through the VPN.

Then, when I try to request my Web site hosted on the server, it has become unavailable. I have a very primary knowledge in networking, but what I can assume (feel you free to correct me if I am wrong) is that the request is correctly received by the server through the usual interface, let’s name it eth0, but given that the route has changed and passes now through the VPN, the response should be sent on the VPN’s interface, which is obviously impossible for security sake.

I looked up the following threads:

Reply on the same interface as incoming with DNATed IP

but unfortunately, they have been unhelpful.

Let’s call the VPN’s interface tun0. What I would like to do, is to reply to requests on eth0 on the same interface, namely eth0 itself, instead of tun0 as the VPN runs. Another precision, my server is behind a gateway which is different from it (two different IP addresses).

1) Is it possible to do so?

2) What are the different ways to do that?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

How to exclude replies from muted Twitter accounts in reply counts shown in TweetDeck?

On Twitter, I prefer to get rid of unpleasant replies by muting rather than blocking, as muted accounts don’t know they’re muted and also aren’t shown a “you are blocked” page to either complain or gloat about. However, on my end, the issue is that when a muted account replies to your tweet, it’s added to the reply count. For reasons of being somewhat neurotic, I don’t want to see any visual indication that muted accounts have replied to me, so I’d want their replies excluded from the reply count altogether – into the void they go.

Is there a way to subtract or otherwise exclude replies from muted accounts from your tweets’ reply counts?

I’m looking for a solution that specifically works with TweetDeck in Firefox. I know you can do some nifty things through coding in Tampermonkey and the likes, but I’m not a coder so I don’t know how to approach this, if it’s even possible.

My apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I wasn’t sure where else to do so.