How should UX review the completed web application and prepare a report about it?

How Should a UX guy review the completed app? What are the main credentials and How do you report If something is not working like expected? Do you have some check-list during your review or a template to write a report about the issues with the app? I’m looking for a path/suggestion to follow. Is there any source that can help me to review the app?

Diagnostics Report vs Form Validation when results are already known?

I’m working on a software where the user can add specific external devices by using their IP and various other settings. These settings need to be entered correctly using a form and if something is entered incorrectly, the device will not work in our software.

For an example how this form looks like, see this mock-up:

Example Mock-up Config form

Now, the form never really had any feedback or validation and a very common question we get from users is: “The device doesn’t work and I don’t know why!“. This results us going through a checklist with the user to check:

  • Can the IP be pinged?
  • Did you enter the correct credentials?
  • Does the device support the selected protocol?
  • Did you set the correct Channel?
  • etc. etc.

To tackle this issue, I simply designed a “Device Diagnostics” button that will open a dialog and go through this checklist automatically.

Diagnostics Dialog:


Now here is where I get into conflict with one of the developers. He stated: “We already know all this information before the user clicks the button, so why don’t we just show it as field validation?.

Field validation with tooltip?

And I don’t really have an answer to this.

Personally, I lean more towards the dialog, even if we have to delay the results of the checklist a bit. I believe the dialog is a better user experience. It also teaches the user to think more for itself and learn to do the checklist himself before using the diagnostics button every time there’s something wrong.

The form validation, although useful for quicker results, makes me think it clutters the interface a lot more.

Google Analytics: Exit page report differs from conversions

I have an issue determining my checkout pages exit percentage.

Looking at the site’s database event information for a single day I am given the following information:

  1. Entered checkout – 306
  2. Completed Checkout – 249
  3. 81% completed (completed / entered checkout)
  4. 19% exited (remainder)

When I look at my reporting in Google analytics I am given the following information:

  1. Entered checkout – 304
  2. Completed checkout – 247
  3. Exits – 26
  4. Exit % – 0.09% (exits / entered checkout)

So what reason would there be for my Exit % to be different than the math between the difference of entered and completed checkout?

Thanks in advance!

SQL Server Agent – Report Failure but continue When intermediate step fails

I have a SQL Server Agent job that has three steps with the following control flow:

  • Step 1 – on success – Go to next Step. on fail – job fails
  • Step 2 – on success – Go to next Step. on fail – Go to next Step
  • Step 3 – on success – report success, on fail – report fail

However, What I want to happen is, if step 2 fails, run step 3 but report that the job has failed (regardless of whether step 3 is successful or not)

The only way I can think to do this is as per the screenshot below which duplicates the final step but the duplicate step reports failure if it succeeds

enter image description here

Is there a better way of doing this?

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Can I report on site classifications without having access to each site?

We’re implementing a classification solution for modern sites (i.e. To be useful, we need to be able to report on this – i.e. to show the classification of every site in our tenancy. Is it possible to do this without first granting myself access to every site?

For example, we can retrieve a site classification like this:

Connect-PnPOnline "[Site URL]" -UseWebLogin $  site = Get-PnPSite $  classificationValue = Get-PnPProperty -ClientObject $  site -Property Classification 

But unless my tenant admin account specifically has access to that site, it will return a 403 Forbidden.

can we report internet stalker content about us? To remove from google search

well i am working on my client site and i want to rank my client site on top of google,

one issue i am facing is scam or fruad or you can better say is "internet stalker" one of the former employ trying to put faslse claims about my client in blog and un fortunately it appearing in top of google.

my question is there any way we can report such pages to google to stop appearing in search results , as they are posting our pictures without our permision and posting fake news and content on…

can we report internet stalker content about us? To remove from google search