Macports: A port is requesting an older version of clang – will a newer one work?

I’m attempting to install neovim. When I run sudo port install neovim, it proceeds to install clang-3.7. However, port rdeps neovim doesn’t show clang-3.7 as a dependency. So none of neovim’s recursive dependencies require clang-3.7, correct? What’s causing the install of clang-3.7?

I have clang-4.0 and clang-5.0 installed. Will these work?

What is the purpose of a requesting a non existent resource the site for Natwest Online Banking (a UK based bank) makes two requests to non existent resources. For example:

enter image description here

What is the purpose of this? Is it some kind of webapp security hardening? It seems the port numbers and image numbers change but the ip addresses (external and loopback) do not.

Is it possible to verify the requesting user for a REST transaction secured by JWT at a later date?

I have a React (Javascript) single-page application that authenticates users via username/password/MFA to Keycloak, receives a signed JWT upon successful authentication, and then uses that JWT to call stateless/session-less REST services.

With this setup, or with additional “moving parts” to be added to the overall system, is there a way to at a later date to assert that a certain user identity was responsible for a transaction? Assume that we are able to store any/all data that is in-context (i.e., is part of the REST call for the transaction) at the time the transaction is requested.

Thanks to @alnbhclyn for their thoughts below. I think I need to clarify — the key gap above seems to be the link between a JWT and the specific contents of a transaction. Is there a means of “signing” the transaction with the JWT or some part thereof such that a positive link between the two can be made at any point in the future?

Requesting from HTTP Server to HTTP Client’s IP

I have two pieces of HTTP-based network software: 1. Delphi 7 app which periodically reads some data from serial port and sending it to a Web Server using HTTP. 2. Web Application which is primarily saves data from the Delphi app to a database and visualizing some reports using this data.

The issue is to request data from a user using the Web interface asking the Delphi app. My idea is to use HTTP Server at the Delphi side and to send request to it from the Web App. The hardest question for me is how the Web App would know Delphi App’s IP? If both are in the same sub-network then no problem at all. But if the Delphi App under a router with a static or dynamic address then the only way to find out its IP is to get it from initial HTTP Request (Delphi App => Web App).

Is it possible to send HTTP request from the HTTP Server to HTTP Client IP’s Server?

Thanks in advance.

What IP Address do I get from Requesting a Public IP Address?

I’ve been running the command curl to get my public IP address, and it gives the same address bot for my server downstairs and my personal computer upstairs.

I’m guessing that I’m getting my router’s IP address instead.

Assuming that I set my router to a static IP address from the WAN, and have sufficient port forwarding, would this be sufficient for off-site access?

Am I scamed? FA exchange trading company is fraud? They are requesting taxes

Are those thieves? I have created a balance of BTC with them and they now request to pay taxes in order to be able to withdraw my profit so I am worried about and wonder why they do no keep the taxes from my earnings?

Additionally to report that they do not allow any withdrawal until they receive the taxes however I have found out that they are included at “bad list” I do not have a bitcoin wallet; but FA exchange never advised me to open one. Should I create one and request from them to transfer the bitcoins there? What about the taxes in this case, should be deducted?

Any kind of advice on how to continue further on to cash/ redeem my Bitcoin would be usable.

Sent Bitcoin to my electrum wallet address without hitting request first now it says its confirmed and i have no money after requesting it

Sent Bitcoin to my electrum wallet address without hitting request first now it says its confirmed and i have no money after requesting it after Isent it. Can I still receive my coin

Israeli requesting US B2 visa after denial, now living abroad

I had a visitor visa on my Israeli passport but about a year ago I was denied entrance to the US to go see my girlfriend based on not having enough ties to my home. They allowed me to willfully withdraw my application to enter. My visa was canceled and I can reapply.

Now I am living in Belgium. I want to get a new visa to go see my girlfriend. Should I apply in the Belgian US consulate? I have a job and can show rental contract too.

Clearly I do not have real ties to Israel since I do not live there though and I am afraid they might refuse my visa.