on ubuntu 18.04 and 19.04 cannot add required dependency : pbutils of gstreamer

I have the following :

meson.build:49:0: ERROR:  Dependency "gstreamer-pbutils-1.0" not found 

I want to meet needed dependencies. the previous one was :

meson.build:48:0: ERROR:  Dependency "gstreamer-1.0" not found 

but that was fixed with gstreamer’s own webpage and instructions : https://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/documentation/installing/on-linux.html?gi-language=c#install-gstreamer-on-ubuntu-or-debian

however I cannot find any way to install gstreamer-pbutils-1.0.

this page is not very helpful : https://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/documentation/gst-plugins-base-pbutils-1.0/gstpbutils.html?gi-language=c#pbutils-page

It seems they assume pbutils utils would ship with the instructions they gave.

I am on ubuntu 19.04

REST API – Standard for also creating required parent entities?

We’re creating a new API to add new Jobs into a legacy system. The question deals with how to handle creating a Job’s required parent entities when you don’t know the IDs of those parent entities to assign to. The structure of when a Job is created is as such:

  • A Job must be assigned to a Project.
  • A Project must be assigned to a CustomerAccount.
  • There is no knowledge of what the ID is of the Project it should be assigned to. This goes by the Project Name instead.
  • Additionally, two CustomerAccounts could have the same Project Name. For that reason, we also need to pass over the Name of the CustomerAccount.

To summarize, we need to create a new Job while also passing over the Project Name and CustomerAccount Name since we don’t have access to the IDs to use. If the Project is not found, one is automatically created then assigned to the Job about to be created.

With this established, the question is: What is the best practice for implementing a REST endpoint that will also create required parent entities?

Our current solution is: POST /jobs/account/{accountName}/project/{projectName} (with the Body containing the JobDTO).

In this scenario, what are some alternative solutions or better ideas to the naming of this endpoint? Thanks in advance.

What should be the Visa Category and required documents for my parents?

My home country is India. I will be traveling to the US for my Ph.D. with an F1 visa. I have already applied for the interview which is yet to take place. My parents wish to travel with me, both for visiting the US as tourists and helping me to get set up there. For such purpose what should my parent’s visa category be (B2??). Also, should they state that they will be going for tourist purpose or is it better is they say that they will be accompanying me? Also what documents are generally enough to demonstrate this purpose sufficiently?

Examples required of essentially sub-linear functions

A dimension function is an increasing, continuous function $ % f:R_{+}\rightarrow R_{+}$ such that $ f(r)\rightarrow 0$ as $ r\rightarrow 0$ .

Say that a dimension function $ f$ is essentially sub-linear if there exists $ B>1$ such that $ \underset{x\rightarrow 0}{\lim \sup }\frac{f\left( Bx\right) }{f\left(x\right) }<B.$

(These functions arise in the f-dimensional Hausdorff measure of sets considered in Diophantine approximation).

The above condition does not hold for $ f\left( x\right) =x$ or $ f\left( x\right) =x\log \left( 1/x\right)$ . However it is clearly satisfied for the dimension functions $ f\left( x\right) =x^{s}$ when $ 0\leq s<1$ .

I am seeking other elementary function examples or just examples.

Thank you for any interest and assistance.

Make Content Type required in the Upload Dialog Box

When I upload a file , the dialog box opens and default content type is already selected. Is there a way that the content type is blank and the user has to choose the appropriate content type before upload.

I want to do this because when there is a pre-filled default content type users tend to not check and use the right content type.

thank you

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Am I required by law to log the IP address of users in my website with user-generated content?

Given a website that allows any user to create content with text messages and media, is the administrator required by law to log the IP address of users? I would assume it is required, to comply with legal requests for information in the case of illegal content posted by a user or threats such as shooting threats. Is this the case?

Cleanest way of making templated friend function with required template parameters visible to ADL

Given the following example:

template<typename T> struct foo {     template<typename O>     friend foo<O> cast(foo const &) { return {}; }     friend foo bar(foo const &) { return {}; } };  int main(int, char**) {     foo<int> a;     auto b = bar(a);     auto c = cast<double>(a);     return 0; } 

cast is not visible for argument dependent lookup (ADL), while bar is. This is due to the fact that cast is a templated friend function with a required template parameter. What is the cleanest way of making cast visible to ADL?

The shortest is probably

template<typename O> void cast(); 

which can be enhanced by adding delete to make it clear that it cannot be called at compile time instead of at link time:

template<typename O> void cast() = delete; 

Furthermore an arbitrary argument could be added as well, to make the expected number of parameters visible, such as

template<typename O> void cast(void *) = delete; 

However the type here does not match the actual final type. In this simple case, I could use

template<typename O, typename T> void cast(foo<T> const &) = delete; 

But if I later add another class, e.g., qux, which also provides a friend cast this might actually be more misleading. A template-template parameter, while possible seems overly complex.

Which version would you prefer, and why, or do you have better suggestions?

The actual code has a specialized cast function (with a longer, more descriptive name).