WordPress plugins always deactivates by itself after “Database is required” loop

After updating the latest update in wordpress, this “Database is required” loop keeps going and it deactivates the plugins. I already tried the solution that the other sites/forums gave which is to have the same db_version in my version.php and wp-options. Up until now, it doesn’t work. Any available solutions?

minimum number of bits required for R-type, I Type and J type instructions

I am new to Computer architecture and studying for a midterm and am stuck on this question, it will be much appreciated if someone could provide an easy to understand solution and briefly explain the approach

For a computer using a MIPS-like instruction set, 64 instructions are reserved for R-type instructions and 63 more instructions are reserved for I-type and J-type instructions in total.

Also, there are 128 registers in the system and the size of one register is 64 bits.

(a) According to the given configurations, what would be the minimum number of bits required for an instruction? Note that,

  • In MIPS, opcode of the all R-type instructions will be 0 (zero). The arithmetic operation is selected according to the function code (funct).
  • MIPS is a RISC instruction set, therefore its instruction length is fixed
  • (Editor’s note: presumably we’re meant to assume 3-operand op dst, src1, src2 instructions so we need 3 register fields in R-type instructions.)

(b) What would be the maximum size of the memory for this computer? Note that;

  • In MIPS ISA, there is only register addressing mode for memory accesses, which means the address of the memory location is stored in a register.
    (editor’s note: actually register + 16-bit sign-extended immediate offset, like
    lw $ t0, 1234($ t1). But that’s not really relevant; address calculation happens with wrapping to register width.)
  • In the given ISA, memory is byte addressable.

Show option is both required and previously selected in dropdown list

I realize this is probably not the best way to handle the problem, but I need to shoehorn in a solution to a previously existing design.

In this situation there are a number of fields the user needs to add from a dropdown list. Some are required, some are not… each can be used only once.

The request is to indicate which items in the drowdown are required and indicate if they have been previously added.

What is the best option for this?

My first thought is to use a red asterisk next to required item and change it to a checkmark when previously added as such:

-------------- | dropdown ▼ | |------------| | * option 1 | | * option 2 | | ✓ option 3 | |   option 4 | | ✓ option 5 | | * option 6 | --------------