SER sometimes requires “two clicks” to bring window to front

Hi @sven, a bug I’ve noticed since have been using SER a lot lately. In Windows 7 (possibly Windows 10 as well), SER requires “two clicks” when you have a project running and navigate away from the SER window.

To re-create the bug:

– Open SER
– Start a project (make active)
– Click to another taskbar program, for example, Excel
– Wait a while, don’t click on SER immediately after
– Click on SER icon in the taskbar
– SER doesn’t recognize the click, the window does not open
– Click SER taskbar icon again and it will show properly

This is a small but really annoying issue as when a program is clicked you would expect it to appear accordingly. It could be a Windows problem, but I’ve never encountered this with any other program besides SER.

Update: I actually just had this issue without an active project. Does SER have some sort of “sleep mode” that requires 2 clicks to re-open the window after you haven’t clicked it in the while or something?

Is there a key exchange protocol that requires only one message?

Say I want to exchange a secret with someone, but I only get to send one message to the other person, and then we encrypt with that secret. Diffie-Hellman and ECDH require multiple messages to be sent back and forth to get a shared secret.
Is there a key exchange that requires just one message to be sent from one party securely? (I know that sending the key over plaintext works, but that isn’t secure.)
(Define message as a packet over the internet or one SMS for example)

Videos requires to install plugins to play media files of the following type: application/zip decoder

I have already tried installing ubuntu restricted extras, which didn’t work. It is also not playing in vlc.

Required plugin could not be found
Videos requires to install plugins to play media files of the following type: application/zip decoder

enter image description here

How can I call an API that requires TLS 1.2 when my http client can only support TLS 1.0?

We have an application written in PLC Structured Text using the B&R Automation Studio. This application needs to send HTTP requests to an external API server that only supports TLS 1.2. According to B&R support… “Currently, Automation Runtime does not support any versions of TLS besides 1.0.”

Is there some proxy component I can set up on the PCL site and have the PLC code call it to translate the TLS 1.0 request into a TLS 1.2 request to forward on to the API server and then reverse the process for the response?

Perfect Probabilistic Encryption still requires key length about as long as message

Let $ (E,D)$ be a probabilistic encryption scheme with $ n$ -length keys (given a key $ k$ , we denote the corresponding encryption function by $ E_k$ ) and $ n+10$ -length messages. Then, show that there exist two messages $ x_0, x_1 \in \{0,1\}^{n+10}$ and a function $ A$ such that

$ Pr_{b \in \{0,1\}, k \in \{0,1\}^n}[A(E_k(x_b)) = b ] \geq 9/10$

(This is problem 9.4 from Arora/Barak Computational Complexity)

My gut intuition says that the same idea from the proof in the deterministic case should carry over. WLOG let $ x_0 = 0^{n+10}$ , and denote by $ S$ the support of $ E_{U_n}(0^{n+10})$ . We will take $ A$ to output $ 0$ if the input is in $ S$ . Then, assuming the condition stated in the problem fails to hold for all $ x \in \{0,1\}^{n+10}$ , we conclude that $ Pr[E_{U_n}(x) \in S] \geq 2/10$ for all $ x$ . This implies that there exists some key so that $ E_k$ maps at least $ 2/10$ of the $ x$ into $ S$ (the analogue of this statement in the deterministic case suffices to derive a contradiction), but now I don’t really see how to continue. Is my choice of $ A$ here correct, or should I be using a different approach?

Ubuntu 19.04 with External Monitors Closes All Applications after Sleep or Suspend and Requires 2 Logins

System: Ubuntu 19.04 – all updated are performed

MSI laptop has two external monitors; after sleep/suspend, system requires two logins. First login appears to be linux core; the second login has the newer modern UI.

After login, all applications are closed!

I have updated my NVIDIA drivers and attempted several fixes but the issue continues to exist.

Please help!

Attempted Solution: updated linux-generic (uname -r –> 5.0.0-25-generic)

Thank you :o)

Open VPN in Ubuntu18.04 with restriction which requires a keep-alive window in browser that sends requests every 100 seconds to local address

My institute has a system which requires a keep-alive window that sends requests every 100 seconds to local address “192.xx.xx.xx”. If a request is not sent, the internet access on that room IP is revoked. When VPN is connected, all intranet addresses are inaccessible and so even when you connect to a VPN successfully, the connection will break after around a 100 seconds. Any solutions ?