If you have dis/advantage on a roll, do you have dis/advantage on a reroll?

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To be clear this has nothing to do with Halfling Luck trait. Or similar abilities that allow the reroll of a die that rolls a natural 1. (I was apparently incorrect though.)

This has to do with a situation such as the Path of the Zealot barbarian’s Fanatical Focus feature (Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, p. 11), which lets you reroll a save that you fail:

Starting at 6th level, the divine power that fuels your rage can protect you. If you fail a saving throw while you’re raging, you can reroll it, and you must use the new roll. You can use this ability only once per rage.

Situation: Barbarian fails his save and is afflicted with bestow curse. Now he has disadvantage on Constitution checks and saves. He is targeted with disintegrate and fails his save. Using Fanatical Focus, he chooses to reroll that save. He would obviously have disadvantage again since the curse is ongoing. I think we could all agree to that.

However, what if the disadvantage or advantage was only imposed for that effect? Such as a Sorcerer using the Heightened Spell metamagic option:

When you cast a spell that forces a creature to make a saving throw to resist its effects, you can spend 3 sorcery points to give one target of the spell disadvantage on its first saving throw made against the spell.

The ability says you “reroll that save”, therefore I argue that you would have disadvantage again as it would still be the first saving throw against the spell albeit a meta-game solutioning of that resolution.

I was unable to find anything on Sageadvice.eu although it is getting harder to sift that data. And I did not find anything in the errata or the Sage Advice Compendium (2017).

Is there anything to support this ruling in the rules that I missed?

This seems intuitive and intended however I see nothing that alludes to it.

What abilities allow me to reroll or replace die rolls?

I am building a “lucky wizard” for my newest campaign.

The concept is to use abilities and features that allow me to reroll (or replace rolls) attacks, abilities, and/or saving throws (such as the Lucky feat). I’m not interested in abilities that allow rerolls on allies’ or enemies’ rolls.

My search so far has yielded a few options, but I am unsure if I’ve missed any.

  • Portent (Divination Wizard)
  • The Lucky feat
  • Lucky (Halfling racial trait)

Are there others?

What happens if you reroll and the new highest die is lower than the original?

I was reading the Cthulhu Dark rules again, and I noticed something that wasn’t specified.

The section on rerolling says, in part:

If you included your Insanity die in the roll and you’re not happy with the result, you may reroll (all the dice). If you didn’t include your Insanity die before, you may add it now and reroll.

Afterwards, look at the new result. As before, the highest die shows how well you do.

It does not say anything about what happens if the highest die after rerolling is lower than the highest die before the reroll. Do you still use the new roll if the highest die is lower than the higher die before rerolling?

Rarity for an item that allows a reroll once per day

I had an idea for a homebrew magic item – at least, I think it’s homebrew as I can’t find anything similar online; but I was sure the Critical Role crew have something similar…

Stone of Luck

Once per day, you may activate this stone targeting one creature you can touch. For the next hour, that creature may reroll one Ability Check, Attack Roll or Saving Throw of their choice (they must use the new roll).

What rarity would you assign to this? I think (I’m hoping) it feels Uncommon, but I’m really not sure.

How can I calculate the distribution of “Roll 3D6, reroll any dice once, treat all 1’s as a 2” in AnyDice?

I’m wondering how to use Anydice to calculate the following:
Roll 3d6, treating all 1’s as 2’s, you may reroll each die once, so we do this if the roll is below the average.

So 3d6, can reroll each dice once, and we’ll reroll on 2 and 3 because its below average.

I’ve given it a go, but I’m not sure if I got it right

Here is my anydice attempt

Which damage dice exactly does the Great Weapon Fighting fighting style allow you to reroll?

This has been a point of some controversy within our local AL community, with different DMs giving different rulings. From what I could see, this site has only touched on the Maneuver/Smite issue, with, according to some of my DMs, an out of date answer.

This also leaves the problem of extra dice on magical weapons such as an Ild rune or Hazirawn, maneuver damage dice given by another player through Commander’s Strike, damage dice given by a College of Valor bard, Sneak Attack dice, and likely others which currently escape my mind.

Which damage dice exactly does the Great Weapon Fighting fighting style allow you to reroll?

When casting Inflict Wounds through a familiar, can I reroll the attack roll using the Elven Accuracy feat if I have advantage?

If I have a familiar, I can cast Inflict Wounds through it, as per the description of Find Familiar:

Your familiar can deliver the spell as if it had cast the spell.

Inflict Wounds includes a melee spell attack. The rules for spell attacks state (PHB p. 206) that:

Your attack bonus with a spell attack equals your spellcasting ability modifier + your proficiency bonus.

The Elven Accuracy feat (XGtE, p. 74) states that

Whenever you have advantage on an attack roll using Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma, you can reroll one of the dice once.

The second person pronoun is used in both of these last two wordings. So if the caster’s, rather than the familiar’s, spellcasting ability modifier and proficiency bonus are used for this melee spell attack, it seems to follow that, given advantage on the attack, a reroll would be available via Elven Accuracy (if the caster has that feat). Is this the case?