How to reset the other SuperMicro Server IPMI password?

I know the ipmitool can reset the own server’s ipmi password. but how can I reset the other server’s ipmi password when I in my server?

I mean, I have a IPMI controller which can access the other server’s IPMI address. now one of the servers’ IPMI password I have forgot, is it possible in the IPMI controller to reset the forgot password’s IPMI password?


I can not reboot the forgot IPMI password server, because I can not login to the Server’s management page and I am not in the DATA room to reboot it manually.

Arcore session reset

How do I reset the AR session? I found a solution to this in one of the issues, where the solution was to restart the activity, but that will not work for me because I am using the arfragment in one of the fragments in navigation view, so I tried resetting the fragment but the variables don’t reset, which I can take care of by resetting them manually(a solution I found on stackoverflow). I was wondering if there was a better solution to this where I can just reset the session, without restarting the activity or the fragment the ARFragment is in. By “resetting session” I mean, return the ArFragment to the way it was when the app starts, no planes, no anchors, no node, where it shows the handmotion.

Reset Partition Table for Nexus 7 2013 (Flo)

To cut a long story short I wanted to make the system partition larger on my tablet PC as it’s far too small to do anything practical on. I used ADB push to put Parted into the root directory and proceeded to resize some of the partitions, but it has failed terribly to the point I have bricked my tablet. I have luckily enough found some guides on the internet to after I got QHUSB_BULK in Windows Devivce Manager. At the moment I have managed to execute the command

fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-0-flo.img 

but this is temporarily running from RAM as I’m unable to flash any of the partitions as they are “missing”.

This is the my original partition table:-

From some reading on the internet Linux can only have 4 primary partitons. I’m no expert in Linux. I know some basics but partitions is out of my area of expertise. All I know is that I have 30 partitions that I need to re-create and I don’t know what partition type to set them to; primary, logical or extended.

I’ve played around with the three partition types but I get an error message saying “Too many primary partitions”.

Could someone shine some light here please?

Many thanks


Can I reboot or reset AirPort Extreme remotely over wifi using my Mac?

Internet connection at my home (provided by the housing company) — shared to wifi via Airport Extreme — nowadays quite often cuts off. When this happens, my MacBook is still connected to the wifi just fine, but access to internet is down.

The only reliable way I’ve found to fix this is to walk over to the Airport Extreme, disconnect its power cord & connect it again, causing it to reboot. Soon, after the wifi becomes available again, internet connection is back too.

My question: is there any remote or “software” way of resetting or rebooting Airport Extreme to get the internet connection back up? (For example using AirPort Utility or something on the command line on my Mac.)

If it matters: AirPort Extreme 802.11n (5th generation) running software version 7.6.9.

How does the 180 day Schengen rule reset?

I entered Sweden July 17 from the US. My 90 days were up on Oct. 14 however I applied for a tourist extension to extend 30 more days. I never got a response and the consulate told me I was okay to stay in the country until I got a response (even though I was there longer than 30 extra days). I ended up leaving Nov. 20. The 180 days from July 17 would be Jan.12 2019. I stayed 120+ days of the 180 legally. Does a new clock rest on Jan.12? I would like to re-enter Schengen country on Jan.13