Indian with UAE resident visa expiring in 2 months while applying for Schengen Visa

Me and my family are planning for a week long trip to Austria, Hungary & Czech Republic(max. no of stay).

We will be returning from there on October 28th, 2019 and my wife’s UAE Resident Visa is expiring on January 1 2020(2 month validity as per the Checklist I have seen). But rest of the family got their visa till mid year of 2020.

Will this be a problem in the visa application?

Does A Non-US Resident Need A visa for an International Connection Through USA

I have purchased a ticket a friend to come and visit me in Australia.

She is a Venezuelan passport holder, but lives in Panama. We already sorted her Australian tourist visa.

However, there are concerns raised that she needs a DS160 to make that connecting flight through the USA.

The flight:

  • Panama -> IAH (George Bush Intercontinental Airport)
  • IAH -> Sydney

I called United, and they said their system doesn’t show any requirements are needed.

I also tried calling immigration numbers, airport numbers, just automated voice message hell.

However, the internet says any flight that goes THROUGH the USA, is counted as a visit there, and therefore you need a visa.

Does she need some visa for this or not?

Can a resident of Netherlands sponsor a French Schengen visa application?

My girlfriend (Thailand) is planning to come to Europe for a short holiday. She is a student. I myself live in the Netherlands and have sufficient funds to be her sponsor in all expenses. The main destination/time spent of our trip will be in France, so we have to apply for the visa there. Except on the application they keep asking about the France resident that will act as sponsor. And it got me really confused whether I can still be her sponsor from abroad (even though I am still in a Schengen country). I would contact them myself but unfortunately it is Sunday. Anyone with the same experience?

Would another solution be to send her sufficient funds for her own bank statements? I can imagine they will want to see a stable income over the past few statements rather than 1 big amount right before the application.

Regular weekend away breaks in Europe for non-British Spouse (UK Resident) of a British National

I am a British National and my wife is Indian and UK Resident. We holiday in europe a lot (always together) and apply for Schengen Visa for her every time we plan a holiday – but this process is time-consuming and we have to book flights, hotel, etc, well in-advance.

We went to a VFS Global office recently, for a visa for our italian adventure and the chap there advised that there is a process whereby I can apply once and every time my wife travels with me, she won’t need to apply for a schengen visa for that visit (as long as we are travelling together).

Does anyone know of this or a slightly easier long-term visa, etc, whereby me and my wife can go on last-minute weekend breaks together to europe hassle-free? Much appreciated.

Can an Indian citizen holding resident visa in UAE with sales designation travel with visit visa to kuwait?

I have a valid two years resident card in United Arab Emirates, however i have seen that to enter into Kuwait with even visit visa i should have my designation specific(Like Engineer, Doctor etc..). But, in my resident visa of United Arab Emirates my designation is “Sales”. Now, if i apply for Visit Visa to Kuwait can i be able to enter into Kuwait if i apply for visa in online and not going to Kuwait embassy.