SharePoint : Unable to resize image as it is getting Selected on clicking it

In SharePoint 2013, when I am trying to resize image in page (Not image web-part).

When I click on the image, it gets selected so I am unable to resize it using dragging the end points(dots on border of image).

Image renditions option is used in this page. Is this is a reason? If this feature is enabled, can’t we do manual resizing?

Can anyone help me, why this is happening?

I am a beginner to SharePoint.

Note: I am able to resize from Image tab in ribbon.

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is it possible to resize the icon grid on the desktop in Xubuntu 18.04 LTS?

my Xubuntu Desktop (18.04 LTS) only allows me to place icons in a 7 by 4 icons grid. The space around that on the right (where i could fit 3 more rows) and on the bottom (where i could also fit 3 more icon-rows), is not beeing used. Placing icons there will result in them beeing moved from there into the 7 by 4 icons grid above or on the left. I am using a lower than maximum resolution for the desktop (1024×768) – this is because i have this pc hooked up on the tv, and the fonts are otherwise to small to conveniently read them with high readingspeed.

Is it possible anyway to use the entire desktop for placing my icons ?

Mount NTFS partition after resize

I tried to shrink my main NTFS partition from 999GB down to 150GB using ntfsresize and parted.

Now I can’t mount my partition again.

root@ubuntu:/home/ubuntu# mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/windows Failed to read last sector (289062495): Invalid argument HINTS: Either the volume is a RAID/LDM but it wasn't setup yet,    or it was not setup correctly (e.g. by not using mdadm --build ...),    or a wrong device is tried to be mounted,    or the partition table is corrupt (partition is smaller than NTFS),    or the NTFS boot sector is corrupt (NTFS size is not valid). Failed to mount '/dev/sda3': Invalid argument The device '/dev/sda3' doesn't seem to have a valid NTFS. Maybe the wrong device is used? Or the whole disk instead of a partition (e.g. /dev/sda, not /dev/sda1)? Or the other way around? 

After running a search with TestDisk I get a different start/end compared to parted which is quite curious:

Testdisk (after search): start 239616, end 289302112 Parted: start 239616s, end 289062515s

So that suggests the problem is the partition MFT has been wiped or there is a problem with the boot sector? Source

In the Testdisk output before search the error I received:

Error: size boot_sector 289062497 > partition 288822900

Here Testdisk gives size boot_sector 289062497 > partition 288822900

TestDisk output after search:

TestDisk 7.0, Data Recovery Utility, April 2015 Christophe GRENIER <>  Disk /dev/sda - 1000 GB / 931 GiB - CHS 121601 255 63      Partition               Start        End    Size in sectors >P MS Data                     2048     206847     204800 [ESP]  P MS Data                   239616  289302112  289062497  D MS Data               1949329409 1951426560    2097152  D MS Data               1951426560 1953523711    2097152 

Testdisk output before search:

TestDisk 7.0, Data Recovery Utility, April 2015 Christophe GRENIER <>  Disk /dev/sda - 1000 GB / 931 GiB - CHS 121601 255 63 Current partition structure:      Partition                  Start        End    Size in sectors   1 P EFI System                  2048     206847     204800 [EFI system partition] No FAT, NTFS, ext2, JFS, Reiser, cramfs or XFS marker  2 P MS Reserved               206848     239615      32768 [Microsoft reserved partition]  2 P MS Reserved               206848     239615      32768 [Microsoft reserved partition] Error: size boot_sector 289062497 > partition 288822900 No FAT, NTFS, ext2, JFS, Reiser, cramfs or XFS marker  3 P MS Data                   239616  289062515  288822900 [Basic data partition]  3 P MS Data                   239616  289062515  288822900 [Basic data partition]  4 P Unknown               1951426560 1953523711    2097152 [Basic data partition] 

Parted output:

(parted) p                                                                 Model: ATA ST1000LM035-1RK1 (scsi) Disk /dev/sda: 1953525168s Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B Partition Table: gpt Disk Flags:   Number  Start        End          Size        File system  Name                          Flags  1      2048s        206847s      204800s     fat32        EFI system partition          boot, esp  2      206848s      239615s      32768s                   Microsoft reserved partition  msftres  3      239616s      289062515s   288822900s  ntfs         Basic data partition          msftdata  4      1951426560s  1953523711s  2097152s    ntfs         Basic data partition          diag 

I have a vbox extension virtual machine instead of vdi. How should I resize storage of vbox?

I’m trying to install Ubuntu on the virtual box using USB. My primary OS is also Ubuntu. When I’m booting, it’s giving me this problem: screenshot

So, I’m trying to find a way to resize the storage. I came across this command: VBoxManage modifyhd YOUR_HARD_DISK.vdi --resize SIZE_IN_MB , but this only works if the image extension is vdi.

In my system, under Virtual box image folder, it’s shows Ubuntu.vbox instead of Ubuntu.vdi.

How to extend Magento Catalog Image Resize Console command?

In Magento 2.2, there is one command for product image to resize in different sizes.

php bin/magento catalog:image:resize 

This command will read all image dimensions defined in the theme XML(view.xml) and re-generates the images in their respective cache folders(/pub/media/catalog/product/cache directory) to serve them from the cache on storefront.

I want to extend this command by passing argument of product id or sku.

php bin/magento catalog:image:resize --10 

i.e. where 10 would be product id or sku

Have gone through file but not able to set product id or sku in following object.

$  this->productImage 

Reading arguments via this link – Read Console Arguments

I came to know same command going to remove from future releases and Magento has introduced observer for the same.