Resource overlap between Synapse databases

I have an Azure Synapse dedicated pool with a single database. It is scaled to DW500c which the documentation says means it has a single compute node.

If I add a second database how does work against it affect the first DB’s resources? Will the second DB reside on the same node as the first, or will the second have its own dedicated memory & compute?

Having tried it and queried sys.pdw_nodes_pdw_physical_databases from each DB I see different values for pdw_node_id between the results. This makes me think they are separate hardware (VMs, k8s containers, whatever) but I cannot find documentation to confirm or deny my hunch.

Looking for kingdom building resource that includes attracting a populous

My GM gave my character land for a barony. However, there is currently not much there and they did not give me any rules for building it up. One thing they tasked my character with was attracting the population that will live in my barony.

I’m looking for sourcebooks or rules sets for ruling and constructing a kingdom. Particularly I’m looking for some that that: Give rules for small scale holdings (a barony within a kingdom not necessarily the whole kingdom) Anything on immigration or population transfer. Anything on attracting cohorts to your kingdom/holdings.

I’m playing pathfinder 1e. The setting is Mystara. But I’m fine with rules from whatever system since I’m just looking for inspiration to suggest some things to the GM. I am aware of the pathfinder kingdom building rules and they are not what I’m looking for in this instance.

Queueing MySQL record inserts to avoid over-subscription of a related resource … table locking?

Given a simplified hypothetical of seats in a lifeboat, if I have the following setup with a lifeboats table and a seats table where each record is one occupied seat in the given lifeboat:

CREATE TABLE lifeboats (   id INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL,   total_seats TINYINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL,   PRIMARY KEY (id));  INSERT INTO lifeboats (id, total_seats) VALUES (1, 3); INSERT INTO lifeboats (id, total_seats) VALUES (2, 5);  CREATE TABLE seats (   lifeboat_id INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL);  INSERT INTO seats (lifeboat_id) VALUES (1); INSERT INTO seats (lifeboat_id) VALUES (1); INSERT INTO seats (lifeboat_id) VALUES (1); INSERT INTO seats (lifeboat_id) VALUES (2); 

I can find lifeboats with available seats by querying:

SELECT, l.total_seats, COUNT(s.lifeboat_id) AS seats_taken FROM     lifeboats AS l         LEFT JOIN     seats AS s ON s.lifeboat_id = GROUP BY HAVING COUNT(s.lifeboat_id) < l.total_seats 

What is the best way to ensure 2 clients do not grab the last seat in a lifeboat without implementing some coordinating process queue?

My only idea (assuming I’m trying to grab seat in lifeboat 2) is going LOCK TABLE rambo like:

LOCK TABLE seats WRITE, lifeboats AS l READ, seats AS s READ;  INSERT INTO seats (lifeboat_id) SELECT      id FROM     (SELECT, l.total_seats, COUNT(s.lifeboat_id) AS seats_taken     FROM         lifeboats AS l     LEFT JOIN seats AS s ON s.lifeboat_id =     WHERE = 2     GROUP BY     HAVING COUNT(s.lifeboat_id) < l.total_seats) AS still_available;  UNLOCK TABLES; 

but this is not very elegant, needless to say.

(My environment is MySQL8/InnoDB)

Is there a resource anywhere that lists every spell and the classes that can use them?

There are now a number of resources that provide lists of spells, the PHB, Tashas Cauldron, XGTE etc. As well as spells that are included in specific adventure or campaign books.

There are also new classes that come with new spell rules, artificer is one.

Is there a single resource anywhere that lists all the spells currently published for 5th edition, the classes they can be used by and the level? I am not looking for the spell rules just an updated list as per the PHB that includes every published spell by class.

Or a list that lists out every spell and the classes that can use them.

Why custom resource records in Google DNS panel is not working?

I bought a domain from

Then I went into my panel, connected it to Google Sites, and then I went on to create custom DNS resource records for my subdomains.

Google Sites works perfectly. But my subdomains are not resolving.

enter image description here

For example, I have added these records. But when I use nslookup to query them, or when I enter them in browser, I get non-existent error. I have waited for more than 72 hours now.

enter image description here

What should I do?

Resource Recommendations for Mathematica in Theoretical Physics

I know there are a lot of resources available out there for learning Wolfram Language. However, I would like to create a specific query here (which might lead to a useful thread in the future). I would be soon starting a PhD in Sting Theory and would like to learn Mathematica to make my life easy. Hence, I am looking for resources that I can use to learn Mathematica that I would be used in string theory research. As of what I know right now, there are three broad classifications of the tasks that a Theoretical physicist would be undertaking,

  1. Complicated algebraic tasks, which may involve vectors, tensors etc and their manipulations. This may also involve tasks like using differential operators, differntial forms and all sorts of algebras like lie algebra, super symmertic algebra etc.

  2. The numerical solution to eigenvalue problems, differential equations etc, which may involve use of several data structures like lists and tables.

  3. Simulation and/or data analysis and visulatization (plots etc).

I know no single book would teach all the three sorts. But can someone recommend books, resources, courses etc for each type or something? Please feel free to add to the list if I have missed a particular classification.

Which 3rd party D&D nested random encounter resource includes combat/social/treasure/mystery encounters for each type of environment?

I had once found a nested random encounter resource, as in there was a master table to determine the whether the party discovered interesting terrain, combat, mysteries, etc and one could then find associated tables for those encounter types for various environments: arctic, trade road, forest, grassland, underwater…

This book was very similar to Necromancer Games 2003 Mother of All Encounter Tables except as I had stated previously unlike MOAET the book I am looking for includes many different types of possible discoveries to come across whereas MOAET simply lists possible monsters one might find and fight in a particular biome.

I do not remember many of the encounters from this book but one that had stuck out in my mind is one from the arctic table where the party comes across a metallic device generating heat in the snow, as if to imply alien or future technology.

Does anyone know the name of this resource or where to find it?

How to reproduce “resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified or timeout expired ” error on local machine in oracle

I am running oracle database and I am getting error as "resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified or timeout expired " and because of this error i am getting some other exceptions. on my local machine I am not getting this "resource busy …" error. basically I want to reproduce this error on my local machine . is there any way to reproduce this error manually on my local machine?

Resource Hosting Subsystem was terminated which caused Availability group to fail

The following error was occurred in cluster events and the availability group was failed which resulted the databases in non-synchronizing state.

A component on the server did not respond in a timely fashion. This caused the cluster resource ‘AG’ (resource type ‘SQL Server Availability Group’, DLL ‘hadrres.dll’) to exceed its time-out threshold. As part of cluster health detection, recovery actions will be taken. The cluster will try to automatically recover by terminating and restarting the Resource Hosting Subsystem (RHS) process that is running this resource.

Please help me to find the root cause (A component on the server did not respond in a timely fashion).