Responsive website

Hi guys

I'm running in to a problem with my new website. On my own mobile device (iphone) my current website is responsive. On other devices it apparrently is not always the case.

Could some of you, if you have the time, check out the website on your own device and let me know if it is responsive with the device you are using.

The website is:

Appreciate all the help!

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¿Por que el responsive de esta web no funciona bien en iPad y teléfono?

estoy desarrollando una web en mi ordenador cuya url es: las imágenes en mi navegador se ven bien y si miro el responsive de móvil y iPad en mi ordenador ya,bien se ven bien, sin embargo si las veo en los dispositivos físicos iPad y móvil las imágenes se deforman y se ven mal. ¿Alguien sabe por que puede ser?

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Problema responsive css

Me gustaria saber porque cuando estoy en 1280px se queda con las reglas de 1440px.

@media (max-width: 1440px) .fondo_slide {     top: 65px;     width: 285px;     left: 143px; }  @media (max-width: 1280px) .fondo_slide {     top: 35px;     width: 265px;     left: 122px; } @media (max-width: 1024px) .fondo_slide {     top: 37px;     width: 187px;     left: 93px; } 

Me gustaria saber cual es el fallo en el css

How to simulate screen resolution realistically when testing responsive Web UI?

I have tried to test our Web page in different resolutions with two different approaches:

  • changing resolution on Web browser with Resolution Test extension for Chrome
  • simulating mobile devices with Device Mode in Chrome.

The page is rendered differently, depending on my approach. For instance, in device mode a page is zoomed out, e.g., font size seems to be adapted to the device resolution.

  1. Why does it happen? Based on what information (headers, etc.) Web application decides to render layout differently?

  2. Which approach is more realistic to evaluate layout for different resolutions on both mobile devices and standard laptop/desktop monitors?

Responsive Web Design: showing collections

I have been tasked with a responsive web design solution and a client had made an unusual and challenging request.

My client is asking me to display a collection of related items. I proposed a couple of solutions, but the client is requesting what I believe to be a conceptually questionable approach albeit doable.

I want to know if I’m wrong.

In terms of responsive web design, which one of the following three illustrations, would you deem is not an ideal solution to present a collection of items.

(Please note, pizza is there for dramatic effect. My project has nothing to do with pizzas, pretend the pizza is a grid if it bothers you.)

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here