Resizing CTA button & keep it responsive


I want to resize the CTA button on a single product page to fit the container.
I used this CSS code to do so:

.single_add_to_cart_button.button.alt {
height: 47.35px;
width: 552px;
font-size: 25px;
text-align: center;

and it works fine on desktop screen.
I added this CSS code to make a button responsive & adaptative.

@media only screen and (max-width: 480px){
max-width:600px !important;

Resizing CTA button & keep it responsive

twentysixteen child theme – responsive menu – ham icon button not working – Cannot read property ‘classList’ of null

I am trying to convert this site into twentysixteen child theme. It appears that /js/menu.js in my child theme is not working as nothing happens when the ham icon button is clicked (pls.see my site link above to check correct behavior). On inspecting via Google Chrome Inspect I am getting the following errors:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘classList’ of null at mediaqueryresponse (menu.js?ver=5.3.2:19) at menu.js?ver=5.3.2:10 at menu.js?ver=5.3.2:31 mediaqueryresponse @ menu.js?ver=5.3.2:19 (anonymous) @ menu.js?ver=5.3.2:10 (anonymous) @ menu.js?ver=5.3.2:31

Any advice is appreciated

header.php in child theme

<header class="header" id='myTopnav'>  <?php  wp_nav_menu(              array(                   'theme_location'=> 'topnav',                   'container' => 'nav',                   'menu_class' => 'topnav',                   'menu_id'    => 'myTopnav',                   )  );?>  <button class="ham-icon"><span class="fa fa-bars fa-2x"></span></button>  </header> 

/js/menu.js in child theme

(function () {   var mql = window.matchMedia("screen and (max-width: 960px)");   //detect media query    var navTop = document.querySelector(".header");   //return first element within the document that matches .header    var toggle = document.querySelector(".ham-icon");    mediaqueryresponse(mql);   //ensures that addListener function is executed when the page loads, by default addListener only fires when state of the window changes   mql.addListener(mediaqueryresponse);    function mediaqueryresponse(mql) {     if (mql.matches) {       toggle.addEventListener("click", clickMenu);       //if media query matches, execute click or clickMenu event     } else {       navTop.classList.remove("responsive");       //otherwise remove .responsive       toggle.removeEventListener("click", clickMenu);       //and remove EventListener     }    }    function clickMenu() {     navTop.classList.toggle("responsive");   }  })(); 

wordpress quiz creator responsive problem

I am using a wordpress theme integrated quiz creator. in this creator, i add answers to the questions but in desktop apperance ,as below picture

And I want it on the mobile appereance to look the same as the computer yet in the mobile answers is Sorting by 1 column. How do I sorting the answers in a row?

problem is

Looking for a fully customisable WP responsive theme to develop a small scale fiverr type site for voice artists [closed]

I’m new here, not totally wet behind the ears but in reality, a beginner. I am looking for a free, fully customisable WP theme to develop a fiverr type site for voice artists but on a much smaller scale. I’m thinking of limiting membership to 3000 to begin, including buyers and talent – if interest is shown.

I will need a lot of help as this is quite a bit to chew off but I’m determined. I just need a good starting point – a theme (I think), unless anyone has any other suggestions. It would need to be able to handle lots of uploading of mp4, mp3, jpeg, png, buying and selling with Paypal, Escrow etc.

Security is of utmost importance.

Anyone have any solid advice on which theme I could use that is user friendly? I am using XAMP.

Thank youin advance for any feedback!

All the best!

What is the best way to allow users select items from a very long list in a responsive web app?


I’m designing a web app where the user adds predefined items from List A to a custom List B.
List A is over 100 items sorted alphabetically.
List B can be customized according to user needs.

I designed a drag-and-drop solution for the web app. The user can jump to List A items alphabetically by clicking a letter.

drag and drop feature


This drag-and-drop feature doesn’t work on tablets very well and is impossible for smartphones. So I designed a select form for mobile devices: When the user taps on a list item in List B, a picker/flipper populated with List A items is triggered.

mobile view select


Is there a way to implement alphabetical filtering in a web app’s mobile interface?

How can the mobile interface for this feature solve the following requirements?

  1. Allow user filter List A
  2. Add items from List A to List B

Responsive Tables : Adjusting row count to fit the available real estate

I’m designing a screen with tabular data, and trying to explain to the developers what is required. First off, I want to make sure that my design is feasible.

My goal is to…

  1. Have tabular data on the screen, including filters and pagination.
  2. The filters should be across the top and near the header row
  3. The header row should always be visible
  4. The pagination control should always be visible near the bottom displayed row
  5. Row height is fixed at 36px

So for responsiveness, this leaves only the displayed number of rows as a variable. If there is room for only three rows to be displayed while keeping all of the mandatory controls visible, then only display three rows. If the same is rendered on a larger screen and there is room for 25 rows, then display 25. The user should always be able to expect the mandatory controls to be roughly in the same spot, regardless of real estate size.

So do you folks have some examples of this I can send to the dev team?


WordPress child theme not responsive on mobile screen using Bootstrap 4x

I’ve created a child theme and also enqueued Bootstrap 4.3 in it. The site works fine on desktop screen however when I reduce the screen size, the list-group and cols are not stacking up, instead, they show up as follows

enter image description here

Following is the footer code

enter image description here

Following is the function’s code

enter image description here

Can someone kindly help me out with making it responsive in small screens?

Responsive website

Hi guys

I'm running in to a problem with my new website. On my own mobile device (iphone) my current website is responsive. On other devices it apparrently is not always the case.

Could some of you, if you have the time, check out the website on your own device and let me know if it is responsive with the device you are using.

The website is:

Appreciate all the help!

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