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Convert Photoshop or image or pdf to HTML5 and CSS3 – Responsive for $5

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Responsive Design – Vast Number of Screen

I’m currently working on a very complex web project. The site is vast, over 300 screens. We are redeveloping an existing product so customer familiarity is a consideration.

The navigation of the old site is so hard there is a screen search facility to bypass the site navigation. To my mind that just feels like admission that their navigation is completely broken.

The pages vary from very big forms, pages, wizards, wizards with complex forms data-vis and large tables of data and no doubt stuff I haven’t even seen yet.

The idea was that this redevelopment would be mobile first. The problem is the team have been designing for desktop and have pretty much replicated the old navigation.

The question is, is it even feasible for a site of such complexity to ever be mobile first? Are there any guidelines for such complex navigation?

The site is hard enough to use on desktop as to only be scraping by as desktop friendly, let alone mobile friendly or first. I know I personally wouldn’t even try it on a mobile device.

At some point I have to provide some advice on the mobile strategy and I’m already seeing a suite of at least 3 apps. Even building this natively in a single app would be challenge I wouldn’t want to take on.

Absolute position (component on component) – how to make it responsive? Bootstrap 4

I would like to make my page responsive, on a smaller screen.

I haven’t used bootsrtap for this, here is how it is now. Probably I should but not sure if I can : Is it possible to use bootstrap for this absolute positioning?

Thanks a lot, I hope it s clear enough with the drawings

<div class="container-map">         <div class="top-container">             <div class="map-background">              </div>             <div class="map-filter">              </div>         </div>          <div class="map-search-results">          </div>     </div> 

and the css

.top-container{    height:100%;    position:relative; }  .map-background {   z-index: 10;   width: 100%;   height: 100%; } .map-filter {   z-index: 1000;   top:5%;   left:7%;   min-height:50px;   min-width:200px;   position: absolute; } .map-search-results{     width: 100%; } 

enter image description here

And here is what I would like:

enter image description here

Responsive Landing Page Using Elementor Pro for $5

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Any alternatives for a responsive process flow diagram suitable for mobile

Hi I am looking for alternatives for this process diagram. You should be able to click on each of the sections (interactive), which results in the box opening up with further explanation

I will be using this on the website. Initial thought was to use the circle process ( image below) but found that its not suitable for mobile. Please advise enter image description here

How to make all these columns/elements responsive?

I have this cringy website (ignore the political theme its just one of the tutorial lectures from other course) and my question how would you make such a site responsive with all these complex elements, boxes, images etc?

It’s ok to rearrange things, but i’m not even sure how to start it or how would it look like a responsive version of this! Any help? Thanks! : )

I managed to make the top area responsive already only need help with the rest.

I Will Convert Psd,Xd,To Html Responsive, Bootstrap for $5

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