Well ordered directions to Restore KetoBliss New Zealand

KetoBliss New Zealand
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Well ordered directions to Restore KetoBliss New Zealand

Deja Dup Restore Failed: Trying to restore specific files with Duplicity

I backed up my laptop using Deja-Dup. The backup behaved the same as every previous effort, creating files like this:

… duplicity-full.20190713T002854Z.vol9675.difftar.gz etc…

Now, with a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04, I can’t restore the computer. Deja Dup restores about 1/5th of the files normally, then it gets to this one file and just hangs. There are no errors. It just stays on this one file forever.

I haven’t found any ways to even try to fix this. Deja Dup seems like it either works or fails and there is nothing I can do at this point.

I’ve found several tutorials on how to restore specific file paths with Duplicity, but I haven’t gotten it to work. Say I want to get my music back:

devin@usagi3:~$   duplicity --no-encryption --file-to-restore /home/devin/Music file:///media/devin/Backup/backitup RestoredMusic Local and Remote metadata are synchronized, no sync needed. Last full backup date: Fri Jul 12 18:28:54 2019 home/devin/Music not found in archive - no files restored. 

I can’t tell if I’m doing some command wrong, or if that isn’t working because Deja Dup failed to backup my music.

I’ve tried using list-current-files, and maybe that works. It seems like it would take a really long time and I would have no way of knowing if it had even started until it was done.

restore the default checkout in magento 2.3

I have a disaster in the template of a checkout, it is really bad!. I never used Magento but now i need to restore the default checkout layout/html/template of a web.

I no have backups of changes and really i don’t know where to start modifiying files. I search in “module-checkout” but i really don’t know how to do it.

I have in other server a fresh instalation of Magento 2.3 so i can copy-paste files but i dont know what files i need to copy-paste.

All the other things in the web are Okay, only the visual of Checkout are broken.


MS Office Sharepoint 2007 FARM Backup Can’t Restore

I would like to ask for your help regarding on the restoration of our sharepoint site. Currently, our server just died and our Operating System has been corrupted. Now, we have to install a new OS.

My problem is, I cannot restore my Sharepoint 2007 site. My last backup was through Central Administration.

Can anyone help me with the issue? Also, I couldn’t find any MOSS2007 installer in the internet.

Is there any way I could restore it on a new version of Sharepoint?

Thanks a lot.

List in recyle bin wont restore – possibly too large a list?

I am using Sharepoint Foundation 2010 and its been great for a number of years.

However i have a list that is in the recycle bin 10424.4 MB in size so its a pretty large list.

Im trying to recover it but when i tick it and click restore selection it seems to act like its restoring but say 20-30 seconds later the page just seems to crash and i just get a blank white page. Then when i go back to the recycle bin the List is still there and hasnt been restored. Ive tried this many time, restarting everything and so on but nothing has changed.

I have other lists and created a single item in those lists, deleted, restored and those havent been a problem (so i assume its something due to the actual size of the list maybe? maybe its timing out when its attempting to restore?)

Any ideas as to what i could do to restore it as im totally lost right now. Youd be saving my life literally, thank you all

Restore lib folder conten in var

being new on ubuntu, I accidentally deleted my lib folder contained in var (var / lib *). Now, impossible to install a packages, I tried to do a “sudo apt-get reinstall kubuntu-desktop” and “sudo apt-get build-dep kubuntu-desktop” to reinitialize the system and all dependencies, but I get an error like this:

sudo apt-get build-dep kubuntu-desktop

E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend – open (2: No such file or directory) E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), are you root?

How can i fix this problem ?

how to restore removed resolvconf

В ответе на заданный вопрос “How to restore/recreate etc/resolv.conf files” связанный с удалением resolvconf resolv.conf и невозможностью их восстановления так как не подключается интернет предложено отправить эхо-запрос us.archive.ubuntu.com на другой компьютер. Отсюда вопрос: как отправить эхо запрос и какой комп подразумевается под “другим компютером”. хотелось бы получить более подробное описание процесса восстанорвления resolvconf resolv.conf с указанного мной выше момента.

Outlook 365 – cannot search mailbox after restore

I’m a business user of Office 365, including Outlook. I recently had to replace the main SSD drive in my Mac Pro; I was unable to do a normal Time Machine restore (bombed out halfway through the restore), so instead I did a full reinstall of Mojava (10.14.5) and used the Migration Assistant to restore my entire system.

This seemed to work pretty well, except that I can no longer search for messages in Outlook – every search returns “No Results” almost straight away. I’ve tried the usual advice – rebooted, rebuilt Spotlight index etc, but nothing appears to fix it, and it’s becoming increasingly frustrating. Everything else, including Spotlight search for other things, seems to be working fine.

Before I try deleting and recreating my profile from scratch – which I really don’t want to do – is there anything else I can try to get searching working again?

Sharepoint site still down even after restore the content databse to new web app

We’ve a major issue in our main intranet portal. It’s down with a lot of errors that were not fixed by investigating on event viewer and ULS logs.

However, I’ve restored the content database to a date before the incident, but still the same issue was happening. So I created a new web app in the same farm and attached the main content database to it, but still I’m getting some errors as shown below:


  • The central admin is working fine, but the web app is down, and they are on the same server.

  • The original web app name (which is down) is: http://sp-l1

  • The new web app that I created and attached the db to it is: http://sp-l1:8080

Here is the error I’m getting when open the site:

Sorry, something went wrong

Unknown server tag ‘dev:datetimelabel’.

Correlation ID: cef1ea9e-da03-0010-814b-70100b22910d

When I search for the ID in the ULS logs, I get the below: