Applied Pi calculus: Evaluation context that distinguishes replication with different restrictions

For an exercise, I need to find an evaluation context $ C[\_]$ s.t. the transition systems of $ C[X]$ and $ C[Y]$ are different (=they are not bisimulation equivalent), where $ X$ and $ Y$ are the following processes:

$ $ X = ( \nu z) (!\overline{c}\langle z \rangle.0)$ $ and $ $ Y= !((\nu z) \overline{c}\langle z \rangle.0)$ $

Intuitively, the difference seems to be that in process $ X$ , all replications of the process output the same $ z$ on channel $ c$ , while in process $ Y$ , all processes output a different $ z$ . Is this correct? And how could this be used to construct an evaluation context such that $ C[X] \neq C[Y]$ ?

“Job” scheduling with skill restrictions

I was given this real life problem and was asked if there would be a way to optimize this, I realize that this is akin to a job scheduling problem, but I can’t seem to grasp how to make it work with the restrictions:


A list of jobs J = { j1, j2, …, jn } 1 $ \le$ n where each job will have a list of operations O = { o1, o2, …, on } 1 $ \le$ n and each operation will have a skill requirement s, a time to complete t, and a list of required tools RT = { rt1, rt2, …, rtn } 1 $ \le$ n, RT $ \subset$ Tools = { t1, t2, …, tn }. A job is only considered completable if all operations are completable on the same day. An operation is completable if a worker with the correct skill, tools, and time available can be assigned to the operation.

A list of workers W = { w1, w2, …, wn } 1 $ \le$ n where each worker has a skill s, a list of owned tools OT = { ot1, ot2, …, otn } 1 $ \le$ n OT $ \subset$ Tools = { t1, t2, …, tn }, and a fixed 8 hours of time available.


A list of workers to assigned operations in a day ( a schedule ) with the minimum total time wasted ( defined as the total time not spent on an operation for all workers ).

I’ve tried this from a greedy standpoint so far, but every metric I’ve considered doesn’t seem to guarantee minimum time wasted.

Note: This was a problem I tried my best to translate into a more rigidly defined problem, please let me know if I can further clarify this.

What are the size restrictions of a Clone (from spell)?

Some other players of 5e D&D have suggested that the Clone spell only works with a Medium size body. Putting this into perspective (and putting aside obvious yet possibly reasonable discrimination against creatures such as gnomes, kobolds and halflings), what is the actual RAW on this?

Question: What living creatures can be cloned by the 8th level Clone spell – from what micro-minimum to what absolute maximum in size could this thing be?

Do other powers that mention “ground” have the same restrictions as Earth Meld (Protean)?

I see several powers in V20 Dark Ages that mention “ground” or “soil” in their description (though not always in the System portion of the description).

Protean 4 – Earth Meld (or Inferred in the Earth) requires a Kindred to touch the ground to activate the power (specifically not a stone or wood floor).

I’m thinking of powers like Koldunic Sorcery 2 – Rouse the Molten Rock which causes lava to “boil up through the ground”.

$O(k)$ Algorithm to find the first $k$ pairs of Magic numbers $a$ and $b$ such that $\sum_{i=1}^{a-1} i = \sum_{k=a+1}^b k $, with restrictions

Provide an $ O(k)$ algorithm to find $ k$ – magic pairs of positive integers a and b of type signed int where a magic pair is defined as $ \sum_{i=1}^{a-1} i = \sum_{k=a+1}^b k $ . You can’t use the summation formula $ \frac{N \cdot (N+1)}{2}$ as it would result in an overflow. Even you can’t run sums such as sum1 and sum2, it’s still going to overflow.

Example: (6,8) (35,49) (204,288) are the first three Magic Pairs.
P.C: This was our recent examination question, I am curious to know the algorithm.

How to Bypass Iran intranet Restrictions for google access and international internet access? [on hold]

The government restricted all the international internet connections for almost 70 Millions Iranian people for 7 days at November of 2019!!!

enter image description here

I have heard the cost of doing this is 1 billion US‌ Dollar for one year by help of DLP Italian communities LCC, SO i think The DLP Engineers must know what can we do now? can we have access to some of liberal similar DLP Company (Any Forum or … )?

How to bypass internet restriction in Iran to get access to to some simple sites like google.

Also if this is not possible how we could be in contact with each other when we don’t have international connection like these days or when the internet totally banned by government?

I found some apps like firechat, Is this possible to be done by block-chain technology?

Is this possible to create some app like torrent by converting every mobiles phone to one server for communication between each other ?

Also i asked this question here ( and @Rob said:

From [][5], Nov 23, 2019:

“… Current connectivity levels have risen to 64% after earlier flatlining at 5% for several days. Mobile internet remains generally unavailable. …”.

It looks like a hole was found on the 17th, which >was quickly plugged.

Internet shut off, except for a hole that was quickly patched.

So these spikes has been seen at the other country with internet restriction like Iraq ( as seen here:

enter image description here enter image description here

How this happened and could be done again?

I know asked too question here,you could bold the proper question for helping us.

Thanks for your attention.

restrictions on the bone knight special skeletal mount

Paladins becoming a Bone Knight lose the services of their paladin mount and gain a skeletal mount instead. The wording seems to restrict the type of mount, allowing only a skeletal warhorse or pony:

Summon Skeletal Steed (Sp): At 2nd level, you gain the services of a skeletal steed: a heavy warhorse with the skeleton template applied (or a war pony with the skeleton template applied for Small bone knights). You may call this steed in the same fashion as a paladin whose level equals your paladin level plus your bone knight level, and the steed gains the same special abilities as a paladin’s special mount at the same effective level. A skeletal steed cannot be turned while its bone knight master rides it.

But previous paladin levels are taken into account in almost every aspect and the wording seems not really extremely explicit about the restriction. So.. could this be interpreted as maybe the warhorse and pony being the default but also allowing different types of mounts (provided the skeletal template is applied), such as a skeletal Pegasus for example? and could allowing that, considering the strengths and weaknesses of the Bone Knight class, still be considered fair and balanced?

PS: personally, a skeletal warhorse or skeletal pony sound rather useless to me, especially for a paladin previously owning, say, a unicorn. more than anything the skeletal template only ruins whatever it is applied to (well, special abilities anyway).

What restrictions are there on the appearance of glamoured studded leather armor?

I was wondering about the glamoured aspect of glamoured studded leather armor. The description states that:

You can also use a bonus action to speak the armor’s command word and cause the armor to assume the appearance of a normal set of clothing or some other kind of armor. You decide what it looks like, including color, style, and accessories, but the armor retains its normal bulk and weight. The illusory appearance lasts until you use this property again or remove the armor.

What are the restrictions on the appearance it can take? For instance, can I make it look like full plate armor, helmet and everything? I know leather armor can include a leather cap, but a leather cap does not cover the face like a full helmet does in most cases.

Filename length restrictions for SharePoint Online?

I’m currently in the process of uploading (archiving) Remedy ticket attachments to SPO. When originally extracting attachments from the (Remedy) server, I ran into several instances where a file couldn’t be copied from one folder to another, due to filename length restrictions; I was using Server 2008 R2.

My question is, when uploading these files to SPO, will there be a chance of me getting warnings/errors due to filename lengths being too long? Should I go ahead and reformat all my file names to avoid this issue, or will I be okay without?