How “Serious” is the Core Web Vitals update? All my competitors have the same results

I know that Google algo (publicly released) updates are just recommendations but how "seriously" are you taking Core Web Vitals update May 1st?

This is a rolling-update spread over a month, but my question is this: all our competitors (we are in mass/large-scale eCommerce) hover at the same bad results, basically all performing "badly" in the results (GMetrix and Google PageSpeed)….

Now, I know that there is a difference between "Lab" and "Field" data but still – how seriously should we be taking this?

We rank for half a million keywords and I can’t imagine us being knocked down the rankings because we score low on a lab-testing machine?

What are your thoughts?

Users (erroneously) type a short URL in the Google search box instead of the address bar. How to make it navigate instead of showing search results?

I’m using a URL shortener to publish pronounceable URLs for my pages so I can tell people something like, "Visit to solve that problem." If people go to the address bar of their browser and enter URL there, then the shortened URL works, and it redirects them to the intended destination page. But if a non-technical user goes to the Google search page and enters into the search box there, apparently, Google apparently isn’t smart enough to recognize that they typed in a URL. It tries instead to search for the URL as keywords and comes back with a list of search results.

When I click "New Tab" in my browser, I know the difference between the address bar and the search box, but many non-technical users don’t, and Google gives the same instructions in both places. Both locations claim to accept both search terms and URLs, but apparently they have different logic for determining which is which. For them to behave differently and not follow the URL when it’s typed into the search box instead of the browser address bar seems to be a fatal flaw in the entire concept of shortened URLs – unless there’s something else I can do to make them work regardless of which field someone types them into. Certainly I can’t be the only one facing this.

What can I do to teach Google that my shortened URL is indeed a URL and when someone types it in the search box, it should go to the place where that URL redirects to?

When does google remove an entire domain from search results?

What I need to know is that, what does a certain website have to violate in order to get its domain removed completely from Google Search?

I am asking because I’ve seen websites infringing on DMCA protected content (Books, Movies, etc) having their domain removed from google, so they purchase another one and redirect the old domain to the new one.

But at the other hand, there are many websites of such type never got their entire domain removed from Search Results (Only infringing URLs got removed) although they’ve been running their sites for years, have a lot of popularity and there are tons of DMCA reports filed against them monthly.

So can you please explain how does Google behave in matters of domain removals?

Combination of Block and With – Unexpected results

I’m trying to use Block to prevent a function from executing. In this example, the function I’m trying to block will simply be Plus. My code has an inner With clause inside the Block. The With clause performs some operations itself, and also receives an expression passed-in as a function parameter. In the below example, I emulate that with an outer With clause.

Unexpectedly, for a simple two-operand Plus, Block is only blocking Plus for the expression passed-in to the inner With clause, not the Plus operation hard-coded into the With clause. For a three-operand Plus, it blocks everything.

A canonical code sample which produces this behavior is shown below. Any ideas? I may switch to using Inactivate for my real problem, though I have to think it through a bit more. Thanks!

With[{a := 1 + 2},  Block[   {Plus},   SetAttributes[{Plus}, HoldAllComplete];   With[{x := a + 3 + 4, y := a + 3 + (4 + 5)},    Hold[#] &@{x, Unevaluated@x, Hold[#] &@x, y, Unevaluated@y,       Hold[#] &@y}    ]]] 


Hold[7+(1+2)] Hold[Unevaluated[(1+2)+3+4]] Hold[Hold[7+(1+2)]] Hold[3+(1+2)+(4+5)] Hold[Unevaluated[(1+2)+3+(4+5)]] Hold[Hold[3+(1+2)+(4+5)]] 

Is it possible to stop Google from abbreviating words in search results?

I think that google is abbreviating the word ‘Company’ to ‘Co.’ in search results. If you search for ‘Pop Trading Company’, one of the sitelinks it produces under the main result is for the webshop, and it uses the title ‘Pop Trading Co.’.

Unless I have missed something, no where on the main website ( or webshop ( is Company shortened to Co.

I have tried Screaming Frog to crawl the site, and explored Search Console for an answer, but have so far been unable. Is there a way to get a handle on this?

Scraping Manta Results

Hello everyone, first post here.

I’m relatively new to SB and am having trouble with Manta results. It seems like I cannot extract any data from Manta.

I have tried changing the user agent and adding/disabling private proxies.

Has anyone had success scraping manta in 2021 with SB?