Are abilities that “Treat the results as a bull rush attempt” modified by feats and abilities that modify your standard Bull Rush?

Specifically I’m looking at the power Wind Blast from the Wind subdomain of the Air domain. The ability reads as follows:

Wind Blast (Su): As a standard action, you can unleash a blast of air in a 30-foot line. Make a combat maneuver check against each creature in the line, using your caster level as your base attack bonus and your Wisdom modifier in place of your Strength modifier. Treat the results as a bull rush attempt. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

With this and similar abilities, do any bonuses or effects from class abilities, feats, or traits such as Greater Bull Rush apply to the roll or result?

Search Results Using Faceted Navigation

We sell specialized trucks and heavy equipment. Our website uses faceted navigation for users to narrow their search and find specific equipment. We are trying to get google to show search results of our equipment.

For example, if someone searched google for "2018 Acura MDX", the serp will show several related results including autotrader,, carfax, cargurus, etc… The user can click on any of these results and will be taken to a related page showing 2018 Acura MDX cars.

We have great content, headlines, alt tags and so on for all of our static pages. These pages rank well for google searches. Our on page SEO is doing well.

But, what should we do to our website so it is ready for users on google that search for trucks and equipment we offer, such as a year make and model? This might be a little more complex since faceted navigation is being used, just like the big name websites like autotrader and so on. We are not sure what needs to be done SEO wise for our product equipment to show up in google searches.

Adding Facebook Pixel Event results in error

I’m trying to create a Facebook Pixel Event, however I get an error on my site, every time I try to add it. The error states: "Request could not be processed: We could not process your request. Please try again." on the page where I want to add the pixel.

The error appears on my website on the subpage where I want to add the event. It’s a Facebook Event Manager error, as it seems. This is what it looks like on my page (it’s in German though) enter image description here

My website is a WordPress website and I added the Pixel via Google Tag Manager. The pixel itself seems to be working fine.

I googled a lot but didn’t find anything related to this. The Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome plugin shows that the Pixel is correctly installed and working. When I look at the Chrome developer console I see this error however: "Error: Invalid data".

What could be causing this problem? There is literally NO INFORMATION on this kind of error on the web, so I’m really helpless here.

I cleared all caches, tried using other browsers that I never use but that didn’t help either. The weird thing is, it did work only 1 hour ago and now it suddenly stopped working.

PostgreSQL. Consequently select results according with specific filters

I have a table with users.

User (that uses this programm) can select users by applying different filters. A filters must be applying immediatelly to reduce search time in final SELECT and no wasting time.

Currently my code looking like this (Python, not sure that this is working, not tested yet).

The question:

  1. How to applying a filters immediatelly as I get a user input?
  2. How to put/pass all actions related to filtering to DB?
if only_with_photo:     cursor.execute('SELECT tg_user_id FROM suers WHERE photo IS NOT NULL')     users_with_photo = cursor.fetchall() if only_with_country:     cursor.execute('SELECT tg_user_id FROM suers WHERE country IS NOT NULL')     users_with_country = cursor.fetchall() if only_with_city:     cursor.execute('SELECT tg_user_id FROM suers WHERE city IS NOT NULL')     users_with_city = cursor.fetchall()          cursor.execute('SELECT tg_user_id FROM users WHERE tg_user_id IN (users_with_photo) AND tg_user_id                              IN (users_with_country ) AND tg_user_id IN (users_with_city) ) 

Tasks: perform this queries inside psql without using Python or another language?

I tried:

  1. CASE sql = 'SELECT (CASE only_with_photo = 1 THEN (SELECT tg_user_id FROM users WHERE country IS NOT NULL)' --Subrequest returns more that one result
  2. Variables /set only_with_photo := (SELECT tg_user_id FROM users WHERE birthdate IS NOT NULL); --Syntax just now working

If the Feywild Shard magic item’s Wild Magic Surge results in a spell, does that replace the initial triggering spell, or occur in addition to it?

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything (p. 127) includes a magic item called the Feywild shard. The relevant part of its description states:

When you use a Metamagic option on a spell while you are holding or wearing the shard, you can roll on the Wild Magic Surge table in the Player’s Handbook. If the result is a spell, it is too wild to be affected by your Metamagic, and if it normally requires concentration, it doesn’t require concentration in this case; the spell lasts for its full duration.

This part is the one that some in my group don’t agree on:

  • My reading: You cast a spell that is being affected by Metamagic. You then choose to roll on the table. If the resulting effect listed on the table is then also a spell, it is separate from the original spell and has the two listed added conditions (Metamagic can’t be used on it, and it doesn’t require concentration).
  • The others think that if the result of the roll on the Wild Magic Surge table is a spell, it replaces the original spell, and the original Metamagic option you chose doesn’t affect it.

Which interpretation is correct?

Infinite summation giving wierd results

We are searching in our group for closed forms of derivatives of hypergeometric functions. This leads to expressions like

$ \sum\limits_{m=2}^\infty \frac{z^m\Gamma[m-1/2]H_m}{2m^2\sqrt{\pi}\Gamma[m]}$

where $ H_m$ denotes the m-th harmonic number. Now trying to evaluate this in Mathematica 12.0 ( or 12.1.1) using

Sum[(z^m*Gamma[-(1/2) + m]*HarmonicNumber[m])/(2*m^2*Sqrt[Pi]*Gamma[m]), {m, 2, Infinity}]

returns 0. But in this case we actually know a rather complicated closed form expression for this sum in terms of logs and polylogs which are non-vanishing. Moreover, taking the case z=1, Mathematica 12.0 evaluates the sum correctly, i.e.

Sum[Gamma[-(1/2) + m]*HarmonicNumber[m])/(2*m^2*Sqrt[Pi]*Gamma[m]), {m, 2, Infinity}]

returns $ \frac{7 \sqrt{\pi }-\frac{2 \pi ^{5/2}}{3}}{2 \sqrt{\pi }}$ which is correct and non-zero. Thus the result form the original command seams to be wrong. Are we missing something? Is there a way to prevent these wrong evaluations? We would like to use Mathematica to compute some series with a priori unknown closed forms and that behaviour is worrying us.