Did USCIS resume its biometric service for UK visa?

Service has been suspended since Mar 29th. It looks like all the new applicants are allowed to reserve appointment with USCIS for biometrics (see: Steps after appointment booking from USA for UK visa, vfs global registration confusion?)

Did anyone successfully finish biometric process at USCIS post Mar 29th? Sometimes the website does not get updated, leaving people in the dark.

This information will help the affected people to plan.

Do bitcoind and bitcoin-qt resume blockchain downloading from the same place?

This is a multi-part question.

I downloaded source code of bitcoin core from github and compiled it on my Windows 10. Then I got bitcoind and bitcoin-qt among other commands. I first run bitcoin-qt and choose a directory(D:\bitcoin) for blockchain data storing. However because I need to use bitcoin-cli tool and bitcoin-qt doesn’t expose an RPC service by default, I close bitcoin-qt and start bitcoind.

But then I found that bitcoind didn’t download blockchain from where bitcoin-qt stopped(by run bitcoin-cli -getinfo). How can I make bitcoind download that way? (I use bitcoind -datadir=D:\bitcoin to do that, is it right?)

Another question is where should I put my configure file. In my home directory(C:\Users\MyName) or just in the same data directory(D:\bitcoin)? Does bitcoind and bitcoin-qt use the same configure file?

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How do I pause and resume audio in a different method than from the method it was made in?

I am trying to make a game and attempting to make a “mute” and “unmute” button, but I cant figure out how to make it so when you push the button it stops the same clip that is being played at the beginning of the program. (using different methods of course).

I attempted to make the clip and audio public, but I keep getting an error and I’m not sure why.

**public class** TowerDefense  {     String `filepath` = "MenuTheme.wav";     **private** Clip `clip`; **void** playMusic(String musicLocation)  {     **try**{         File musicPath = **new** File(musicLocation);          **if**(musicPath.exists())         {         AudioInputStream audioInput = AudioSystem.getAudioInputStream(musicPath);         `clip` = AudioSystem.getClip();         `clip`.open(audioInput);         `clip`.start();         `clip`.loop(Clip.`LOOP_CONTINUOUSLY`);         }     }      **catch**(Exception ex)     {         ex.printStackTrace();     } } **void** pauseMusic(String musicLocation2) { **long** clipTimePosition = `clip`.getMicrosecondPosition(); `clip`.stop();     } ============== //this is in a different private method called Options panel.setButtonsActionListener2(**new** ActionListener(){     @Override     **public void** actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){     frame.dispose();         TowerDefense musicObject = new TowerDefense();         musicObject.pauseMusic(`filepath`);     Options();         }     }); 

I was expecting an output of the clip stopping and then you can either make it play again or keep it muted. In this case it just says error when I press the “mute” button.

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How to make hyper-v automatically resume replication?

Lots of times I find that I have to click “Resume Replication” on my Virtual Machines. Supposedly, this is a “by design” thing after a reboot. Well, I have hosts staying up for weeks and then somewhere along the way I find that I have to do this. Nothing was rebooted.

It’s annoying and a little scary and quite frankly, it has made me lose confidence in Hyper-V.

Is there a way to have Windows automatically “Resume Replication” without me needing to remember to login and do it myself?

Is there a Schedule Task I can run? Powershell script? CLI command?

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