Germany: Family Reunion Visa: Passport valid till Feb 2020

My spouse was recently approved with Germany Blue Card (long term employment visa). It is valid from 1st June 2019. He has not traveled to Germany yet. I have appointment at German Consulate, Mumbai, India in next week. I am applying for family reunion visa. I could not attend interview with my husband due to to issues with appointment dates.

My passport is valid till Feb 2020. I have not renewed my passport due to issues with Visa application interview dates. I read on consulate’s website that passport has to be valid for 1 year.

What I am planning is: – Appear for interview with current passport (valid till Feb 2020) – After interview I get around 2 months to receive approval. During this time I will renew my passport. I will inform interview officer that while submitting passport for stamping (after approval), I will submit new passport.

Please let me know if it would work. Has anyone done this before?

If you require more information, kindly let me know.

Refugee family Reunion (UKVI)

I applied for my children Reunion Application under 352D of immigration rules. Children ages are 8 years,10 years and 14 years. ECO refused applications under 352D(iii). I have been remained in constant contact with my children and also sending them money. I was also in contact with children schools, teachers and carer/guardian(children are living with their grandmother). How can I rebut it in the court? If you have any authority, experience or any material plz share with me. Especially I request qualified professionals.

I hope that can I get family reunion visa for Germany after I’m banned from Slovenia for six months because of expired passport while going to Austria

I am Gaius Chike Nwankwo (a Nigerian) I live in Croatia and my wife a Croatia citizen lives and works in Germany recently I was caught with my expired passport by Slovenia police while going to Austria to renew my passport and they issued me six months banned from Slovenia and now I want to apply for Germany family reunion visa to join my wife in Germany I hope the banned will not affect my family reunion visa?

Would a multi entry schengen visa get cancelled upon applying for family reunion visa?

My wife(non EU) has a 1 year schengen visa issued by the Netherlands. She has used it already twice, once to Netherlands and second time to Denmark/Germany last year. We had got married in Denmark with this visa.

I am a resident of Germany (non EU citizen) and she has already applied for family reunion visa for Germany. The family reunion visa obviously takes a couple of months to process and I was wondering if she is still eligible to reuse the schengen visa to travel to Germany, while the other visa is under process, provided she meets the criteria of a tourist (return ticket, sufficient finance, 90/180 rule).

I am pretty sure, the immigration can already see the family visa under processing and wondering if the schengen visa is somehow cancelled due to the family visa processing? Would she get denied at immigration?

Additional Info: She has stayed around 70 days in total last year. It is already been 6 months since her last visit. Visa is still valid for 5 more months from now. I understand she can still stay another 90 days provided the visa is still valid.