Pets Niche Products Review Website

I want to sell my Pets Niche Products Review website.

The site:
PetLoversArena is a review products website on Pets Niche.
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PetLoversArena have more then 12,000 Words.
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Pets Niche Products Review Website

Baseball Bats Review Website

I want to sell my baseball bats review website.

The site:

BatsGuide is a review baseball bats products website.
All the 5 articles are UNIQUE and wrote by professional writer include review each product from Amazon.
BatsGuide have almost 20,000 words (19,400).
Homepage have more then 5700 words.
The website created with WordPress CMS, so…

Baseball Bats Review Website

SOC2 Audit review

I am in the process of reviewing a SOC2 audit report. From what I can tell, the audit findings all seem straight forward – almost like check boxes. Is it normal to push back and request additional supporting documentation for certain control areas?

Review of Formal Verification and How to Apply it to Greenfield Project

Last year I looked heavily into Formal Verification, such as automated theorem proving, model checking, type systems, symbolic evaluation, and many others. I probably spent a few weeks or maybe months looking into it. At the time, I felt like I had a decent grasp of how it could be applied, yet still couldn’t put my finger on exactly what first steps would be. Today, I have forgotten a significant portion of this stuff, or more specifically of implementation details. I get all the different branches of Formal Verification at a high theoretical classroom level, but I don’t get how to apply it to writing real software.

The question here is how I can apply formal verification to a project if it were greenfield and free of constraints (yet at the same time, realistic meaning the problems can be solved within a reasonable amount of time). I’m wondering if one could explain relatively briefly how you would apply any/all Formal Verification techniques to gain that mathematical guarantee that your program matches a specification. How do the hardware people do it? How should it be done in software? Basically…

More specifically, nothing comes to mind other than writing unit/integration tests when it comes to making sure I’m building a super complicated program correctly (like an HTTP server). How could I apply model checking, or typechecking, or other things, to my advantage in terms of proofs / guarantees of program correctness (with regards to the specification)?

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Why are you selling this site?
Lost my regular job and need to raise cash. The site has huge potential with someone who can work on it. It gets on avg 1000 unique visitors a day. Adsense ranges from £1-£2 a day, so about $ 2-$ 3. Not enough work and unique content has been done on the site over last few years due to me having a job.

How is it monetized?

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?

Content | Review | Comparison | QA Site

How should UX review the completed web application and prepare a report about it?

How Should a UX guy review the completed app? What are the main credentials and How do you report If something is not working like expected? Do you have some check-list during your review or a template to write a report about the issues with the app? I’m looking for a path/suggestion to follow. Is there any source that can help me to review the app?

Which text is more effective to encourage users to leave review for Android App

I have prepared 2 types of text which used to ask user to leave review in Google Play store for Android app.

It is a dialog, which will pop up, if user has used this app for N times for last M days.

First Text


My name is xxx. I’m the solo developer who develops JStock Android. JStock Android development is difficult and slow. It takes months to build, test and deploy a polished feature. If you like to support my work, please leave me a nice review in the market. Thank you for giving me the extra push to keep moving forward.

Second Text

We love you!

Can we assume that the feeling’s mutual? If you’ve been enjoying our app, we’d really appreciate it if you could leave us a nice review in the market. It’ll really help us grow 🙂

I was wondering, which type of text will yield a better “conversion” result?