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Yard Care Tolols Amazon Affiliate Review Website| Unique Contents

Selling my Social media Review

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Selling my Social media Review

Speedy Review Of New Online Fax Services From MetroFax

As of late MetroFax, an Internet fax specialist organization out of Seattle, rolled out some significant improvements to their faxing administration plans. All things considered, Metrofax is presently offering a significantly more thorough SOUTH KOREA FAX BROADCAST LIST scope of fax plans which ought to fulfill the most requesting client or client. All the more significantly, these new changes will make it substantially more conservative for the cost judicious entrepreneur to buy and use. 

New MetroFax Plans: 

Fundamental Plan – 500 pages (approaching active) for $7.95 every month or $6.63 every month with the $79.50 yearly rate (Save $15 with the Local Number choice). $8.95 every month or $7.46 every month with the $89.50 yearly rate (Save $18 with the Toll Free Number alternative). 

Worth Plan – 1000 pages (approaching active) for $12.95 every month or $10.80 every month with the $129.50 yearly rate (Save $26 with the Local Number alternative). 14.95 every month or $12.46 every month with the $149.50 yearly rate (Save $30 with the Toll Free Number choice). 

Proficient Plan – 2500 pages (approaching active) for $35.95 every month or $29.96 every month with the $359.50 yearly rate (Save $72 with the Local Number alternative). $40.95 every month or $34.13 every month with the $409.50 yearly rate (Save $82 with the Toll Free Number choice). 

There are a few reasons which make these new fax benefits all the more financially plausible, for the most part MetroFax is currently offering yearly installment plans where the normal client can get what could be compared to two months free in the event that they go with the yearly arrangement. This yearly membership rate can be an insightful decision, particularly for those on a limited financial plan. 

For instance, MetroFax is presently offering another Essential Plan which will give the client 500 pages (approaching active) for $7.95 every month and as low as $6.63 every month on the off chance that you purchase the $79.50 yearly arrangement and you will spare $15 while going with a neighborhood number. On the off chance that you pick the Toll Free number choice, the costs will be $8.95 every month and $7.46 every month with the $89.50 yearly arrangement. Besides, MetroFax is presently additionally offering a Free 30 Day Trial which will permit the likely client to test the administrations for nothing out of pocket. This will offer them a chance to look at the nature of the administration.

Review my short proof that P != NP

This is hobby level work, not my job. Despite my lack of formal training, I wrote this excerpt to share some ideas about P!=NP.

The idea is to pick a problem category in Co-NP, where the correct answer is hard to verify because of circuit complexity, express it as 1-in-k SAT formula, and show there also exists a short certificate, whose length in bits is exactly twice the number of clauses. It might be true or false that all of Co-NP problems have such a short certificate in this form (Co-NP ?= NP), but I show that regardless of that, the short certificate for this problem can be made arbitrarily hard to find, because of the interleaved relationship with NP. Basically, I want to highlight a particular circular dependency between the oracles of NP and Co-NP. The argument to stomp against Co-NP = P is that no TM can hope to attack the problem of searching for the short certificate in subexponential time, because the way I define the problem makes it contain an arbitrary amount of “actual random”. Basically, it is one specific recipe to build a “monster” Co-NP problem from a simple certificate.

Now I have many questions for anyone with more formal training than me:

  • Has this category of problem been expressed with a different name?
  • Is this an obvious dead end or unexplored?

  • How can I express the same ideas but more formally against TM capabilities?

Make Google Search Console ignore missing review and rating

Google Search Console complains that the “review” and “aggregateRating” are missing (optional) on the product scheme

A lot of posts say “Just ignore it, it’s optional”

But we are never ever going to get reviews. As in never.

Is there really no way of turning these warnings so I don’t see the 746 products with these useless warnings, which hide the few products which DO have errors in the descriptions?

I’m tempted to add a 5-star rating and a revivw saying “we like this product” on all products to get rid of the warnings, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea 😉

C Security Code Review

I have an interview where I am expecting to have to review some vulnerable C code and point out the vulnerability(s). I am by no means a C developer, but I do know that the common vulnerabilities are primarily related to how developers manage memory.

I’m aware of Microsofts list of banned functions not to use when writing in C — and yes, these can be quite helpful when doing code review. I was wondering, when reviewing C code, if there are any additional methodologies that are useful to follow or resources to use?

Should I have a FTC Disclosure (affiliates) for products that I don’t review or promote

Regarding the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines for affiliates.

Do they apply when I don’t review or promote/endorse a product? f.e. I have a page that mentions discount offers (affiliate links) for some products without sharing my opinion about them or giving recommendations, ranking, etc, do I have to include an affiliate disclosure in that case?

sorry for my English.

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