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We are selling some products on Amazon that we are selling on our website. We have plenty of reviews on multiple items, and we’d like to import those reviews on our Magento site. I have successfully exported reviews from amazon in .csv and they are in this format:

SKU Customer Nickname Title Review description Rating (please note that exported rating has only one value which is average of all the attributes – shipping, delivery time, product as per description, etc.)

How can I import it to my Magento 1 site?

Magic grip tool Reviews – Uses, Benefits And Buy

Magic Grip Tool The material science unit of "power" is neither pounds nor kilograms, yet Newtons, contracted "N," and the separation this power is connected from the support is communicated in meters (m). Their item is the "Newton-meter" or "mN."

F = Newtons (N)

r = meters (m)

Newtons x meters = Newton-meters (mN)

The idea of torque is something you really utilize all the time, yet have not known about it. Each time you apply…

Magic grip tool Reviews – Uses, Benefits And Buy

Pure Slim Keto : Where to buy Pure Slim Keto?! Diet, Pills Reviews, Price!

Pure Slim Keto Are there foods that you love, that you wish you could eat every day? I am sure your questions about how to lose that stubborn baby belly fat have been answered. They are acidophilus, bifidobactetum, papian, green tes extract, grape seed extract, mangosteen super food extract, ginger root, mangosteen extract, ginger root, and more….

Pure Slim Keto : Where to buy Pure Slim Keto?! Diet, Pills Reviews, Price! Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?
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drugs, other individuals’ professionally prescribed nitro strength reviews

medications, and any kind of tobacco item. nitro strength reviews Drive securely. Engine vehicle crashes are the main source of death in U.S. adolescents. Continuously utilize your safety belt. Abstain from riding in a vehicle loaded with different young people. This can occupy the driver and make a mishap more probable. Never get in a vehicle with a driver who has been drinking. Wear defensive headgear. Wear a cap when you are riding a…

drugs, other individuals' professionally prescribed nitro strength reviews

Some Reviews?..

Hello all,
I began to write a blog
I just hope to improve my English with this way. It is a great practice, I think. On the other hand, I'd like to ask your opinions also. I know there're some problems on my grammer and what about the other things in the blog?
Thank you..