$60 Header Image Google Reviews 48hrs

I need an explainer graphic for online review software.
Contest will run for 48 hours after the first submission.

In today's modern world people choose where to eat, shop and stay based on online reviews. It is very rare for a potential customer to just blindly pick a business at random without doing a google background check.

I need a header image that conveys this, just like the image in below.


Simply drawn people looking at…

$ 60 Header Image Google Reviews 48hrs

ieoBIN.com – Welcome all reviews, suggestions

I just established a new website – https://www.ieobin.com/ – to list all hot IEOs for investing. ieoBIN investigates current and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings, then you give full reports for FREE. We also use AI system & big data to review and rate the most effective cryptocurrency projects for investing your funds among thousands of trending and upcoming IEOs.

Currently website has release version 1.5 with features:
+ List all hot IEOs for…

ieoBIN.com – Welcome all reviews, suggestions

Providing US Reviews

Hello friends,

I've been running a group that helps sellers boost their review rate and increase sales, and we have been successfully helping sellers for years now. We would love to reach out to help get products in the hands of buyers who give great reviews and seller feedback. We are always looking for ways to get better and reach out to more sellers who may need our services. If you have any advice on how to reach more sellers, or you’d like to discuss our services further, you can…

Providing US Reviews

Where To Buy Ultra Fast Keto Boost Reviews?

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Google reviews for no physical business

Our company is offering some service online.

We would like to start having Google reviews for the company.

In the Google guidelines it reads: “ Listings on Google My Business can only be created for businesses that either have a physical location that customers can visit, or that travel to visit customers where they are.”

We don't qualify for either.

I'm sure that other online business like us do have google reviews, though.

Am I missing something? Thanks.

Display customer reviews on mobile, technique?

I’m displaying several items on the same mobile page. each of them has its own reviews (about 30).

What is a good technique to display the reviews? for example, have a link/button on each item box that will says “see X reviews”, and then where would the reviews be shown? they need to appear somewhere, maybe a scroll-able modal window, and then have some close button?