China Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Product Parameter (Specification)
Item Specification
Color Black
Carrier PET Film
Base Film Thickness 4.5±0.1 μm
Ink Thickness 1.5±0.1 μm
Reflection Optical Density ≥1.5 D
Color Density ≥1.8 DB
Electrostatic 0
【Remarks】Any of size of jumbo rolls and small cutting-finished rolls are workable for customized as customers’ requirement.
What is the the advantages to work with a genuine factory?
A.Stable formulation, quality control and the delivery on time are guaranted.
B. OEM is available and ribbon is customized well.
C. Serious ribbons and printing solution recommendation and suggestion is to customers directly from our chief engineer and sales representative.
D. All of quality problems will be settled directly and after-sell service guaranted well.
Please warmly welcome to visit work with us , will let you be happy.
Hot stamping foil/ribbon, coding foil
Hot stamping roller/roll
Hot Stamping Medical Foil
Near-Edge Wax/Resin Ribbon ( Short Name: TTO )China Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Determining Ribbon Location Name

I am somewhat new to Sharepoint and needing some assistance. I am using SP 2013 and I’ve managed to add a new icon to a Ribbon for the Ribbon.ListItem ribbon with no problem and it works beautifully.

However, now I am trying to do the same with a ribbon I am unsure of the name of. The ribbon appears at the top of a record in a list when you click on the record/item to view the details of it. (Viewing the details of an individual record) Image shown here with the area in yellow I am trying to add the new icon to.View Item Details Ribbon

I am on Sharepoint 2013 Foundation, and using Sharepoint Designer to attempt to add the icon, as shown in the screenshot below. (Ignore the ribbon name I have in there, I was attempting to troubleshoot it) Create Custom Action Image Sharepoint Designer

Any help/direction you could lend me would be most appreciated. I have been through all the old posts here related to my ask and have been unable to find a clear answer/direction.

Thank you!

Is the ribbon ability of a transmutation wizard underpowered when compared to other wizard subclass ribbons?

I feel the casting limitations on a transmuter’s minor alchemy make it much less able to be used in typical play, as compared to a conjuration wizard’s minor conjuration, an evocation wizard’s sculpt spells, or even an illusion wizard’s improved minor illusion (which is still pretty bad, but better than 10 minutes cast time).

The text for minor alchemy is as follows:

Starting at 2nd level when you select this school, you can temporarily alter the physical properties of one nonmagical object, changing it from one substance into another. You perform a special alchemical procedure on one object composed entirely of wood, stone (but not a gemstone), iron, copper, or silver, transforming it into a different one of those materials. For each 10 minutes you spend performing the procedure, you can transform up to 1 cubic foot of material. After 1 hour, or until you lose your concentration (as if you were concentrating on a spell), the material reverts to its original substance.

To clarify; I’ve taken ribbon to be the second level feature of the wizard subclasses that aren’t their savantism.

Am I mistaken or is there an imbalance here?

How to edit ribbon button tooltip

There is a custom ribbon button MyButton declared inside feature and deployed on site. Now I need to change it’s tooltip value in some cases:

  • Button enabled: Some text
  • Button disabled and there is value in web property bag: Some text
  • Button disabled and there are no value in web property bag: Other text

First, I’ve tried to get ribbon button object in JavaScript and edit it’s properties after page load. Such API wasn’t found, though. Actually, I can get button object in the way like:

var ribbonPageManager = SP.Ribbon.PageManager.get_instance(); var ribbon = ribbonPageManager.get_ribbon(); var button = ribbon.$  38_1.$  5_0 {     Id: "Ribbon.Documents.New.MyButton",     Alt: "My Button",     Command: "MyButtonAction",     LabelText: "My Button",     Image16by16: "/_layouts/15/mybutton_16.png",     Image32by32: "/_layouts/15/mybutton_32.png",     TemplateAlias: "o1",     ToolTipTitle: "My Button",     ToolTipDescription: "Some text" } 

Second, I’ve tried to create PageComponent but there are no ribbon button properties either.

Next, I’ve tried to replace CommandUIDefinition on server side after changing web property bag value. But it duplicated existing ribbon button instead of replacing. My PowerShell snippet:

$  web = Get-SPWeb http://mysite $  xml = New-Object XML; $  xml.Load("C:\CommandUIExtension.xml"); $  action = $  web.UserCustomActions.Add() $  action.Location = "CommandUI.Ribbon" $  action.RegistrationType="ContentType" $  action.RegistrationId="0x0101005FFBD71906344882B67C08F40847968B" $  action.Sequence = 10001 $  action.Title = "Replace My Button Action" $  action.CommandUIExtension = $  xml.OuterXml $  action.Update() 

Where CommandUIExtension.xml contains:

<CommandUIExtension>     <CommandUIDefinitions>         <CommandUIDefinition Location="Ribbon.Documents.New.Controls._children">             <Button Id="Ribbon.Documents.New.MyButton"                  TemplateAlias="o1"                  Command="MyButtonAction"                 LabelText="My Button"                  ToolTipTitle="My Button"                  ToolTipDescription="Other text"                 Image16by16="/_layouts/15/mybutton_16.png"                  Image32by32="/_layouts/15/mybutton_32.png" />         </CommandUIDefinition>     </CommandUIDefinitions>     <CommandUIHandlers>         <CommandUIHandler Command="MyButtonAction" CommandAction="javascript: MyButtonAction();" EnabledScript="javascript: MyButtonActionEnable();"/>     </CommandUIHandlers> </CommandUIExtension> 

The only solution now is to handle DOMSubtreeModified event and to change tooltip text on the go:

$  (document).on('DOMSubtreeModified', function(){     _tooltip = $  ("#Ribbon\.Documents\.New\");     //If tooltip exists and it wasn't modified yet     if (_tooltip.length > 0 && !"modified")) {         if (MyButtonCheck()) {   "modified", true);             _tooltip.find(".ms-cui-tooltip-description").html("Other text");         }     } }); 

Is there any solution to resolve this problem? Thank you.

SharePoint JS Button Ribbon is not reading functions

I am trying to add a new button to the ribbon in my list. The button shows fine but no action is taken, the main idea is this button will update status column that have In Progress Status to Finished and whenever i select a line in a list that contain the status Complete the button will not be clickable anymore.

The problem is the button is not clickable so i think there is a mistake in the code, and maybe the issue from CountDictionary.

Code Pastebin

Console Error:

    Refused to display 'https://MYURL' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'deny'. core.js:1 [Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check GetTenantAppData @ core.js:1 InsertFeatureMenuItems @ core.js:1 BuildMenu @ core.js:1 BuildMenuWithInit @ core.js:1 $  21_0 @ sp.core.js:2 $  1a_0 @ sp.core.js:2 $  1c_0 @ sp.core.js:2 canHandleECBCommand @ sp.core.js:2 canHandleCommand @ sp.ribbon.js:2 canHandleCommand @ sp.ribbon.js:2 callCommandHandlerForEnabled @ cui.js:1 canHandleCommand @ cui.js:1 callCommandHandlerForEnabled @ cui.js:1 isCommandEnabled @ cui.js:1 isRootCommandEnabled @ cui.js:1 $  3x_1 @ cui.js:1 pollForStateAndUpdateInternal @ cui.js:1 $  AK_0 @ cui.js:1 $  4i_0 @ cui.js:1 $  4i_0 @ cui.js:1 $  4i_0 @ cui.js:1 $  4i_0 @ cui.js:1 $  4i_0 @ cui.js:1 $  4i_0 @ cui.js:1 $  4i_0 @ cui.js:1 $  4i_0 @ cui.js:1 pollForStateAndUpdate @ cui.js:1 $  8L_0 @ cui.js:1 $  Cu_1 @ cui.js:1 (anonymous) @ ScriptResource.axd?d=TA1MgOAPt2S0wFM8dFG-wuWKHg2XaPc6-84eJp7FP_67rlJqh_Fy_X-jkn5ziwJMbCkOJ41oX9o_cKAJX0xzg0HbwlWBEFNuArPY86NsLzD6R_SKXL-QjG-le6rEuZZHL1xOiP3frbFnmLL3MqFYYdqlsNUyoNBczQFixGIl_YkLIm7HCn1_2zKXUNLUgAZm0&t=ffffffffa580202a:5 onDataReturned @ cui.js:1 (anonymous) @ ScriptResource.axd?d=TA1MgOAPt2S0wFM8dFG-wuWKHg2XaPc6-84eJp7FP_67rlJqh_Fy_X-jkn5ziwJMbCkOJ41oX9o_cKAJX0xzg0HbwlWBEFNuArPY86NsLzD6R_SKXL-QjG-le6rEuZZHL1xOiP3frbFnmLL3MqFYYdqlsNUyoNBczQFixGIl_YkLIm7HCn1_2zKXUNLUgAZm0&t=ffffffffa580202a:5 (anonymous) @ ScriptResource.axd?d=TA1MgOAPt2S0wFM8dFG-wuWKHg2XaPc6-84eJp7FP_67rlJqh_Fy_X-jkn5ziwJMbCkOJ41oX9o_cKAJX0xzg0HbwlWBEFNuArPY86NsLzD6R_SKXL-QjG-le6rEuZZHL1xOiP3frbFnmLL3MqFYYdqlsNUyoNBczQFixGIl_YkLIm7HCn1_2zKXUNLUgAZm0&t=ffffffffa580202a:5 completed @ ScriptResource.axd?d=TA1MgOAPt2S0wFM8dFG-wuWKHg2XaPc6-84eJp7FP_67rlJqh_Fy_X-jkn5ziwJMbCkOJ41oX9o_cKAJX0xzg0HbwlWBEFNuArPY86NsLzD6R_SKXL-QjG-le6rEuZZHL1xOiP3frbFnmLL3MqFYYdqlsNUyoNBczQFixGIl_YkLIm7HCn1_2zKXUNLUgAZm0&t=ffffffffa580202a:5 _onReadyStateChange @ ScriptResource.axd?d=TA1MgOAPt2S0wFM8dFG-wuWKHg2XaPc6-84eJp7FP_67rlJqh_Fy_X-jkn5ziwJMbCkOJ41oX9o_cKAJX0xzg0HbwlWBEFNuArPY86NsLzD6R_SKXL-QjG-le6rEuZZHL1xOiP3frbFnmLL3MqFYYdqlsNUyoNBczQFixGIl_YkLIm7HCn1_2zKXUNLUgAZm0&t=ffffffffa580202a:5 XMLHttpRequest.send (async) executeRequest @ ScriptResource.axd?d=TA1MgOAPt2S0wFM8dFG-wuWKHg2XaPc6-84eJp7FP_67rlJqh_Fy_X-jkn5ziwJMbCkOJ41oX9o_cKAJX0xzg0HbwlWBEFNuArPY86NsLzD6R_SKXL-QjG-le6rEuZZHL1xOiP3frbFnmLL3MqFYYdqlsNUyoNBczQFixGIl_YkLIm7HCn1_2zKXUNLUgAZm0&t=ffffffffa580202a:5 executeRequest @ ScriptResource.axd?d=TA1MgOAPt2S0wFM8dFG-wuWKHg2XaPc6-84eJp7FP_67rlJqh_Fy_X-jkn5ziwJMbCkOJ41oX9o_cKAJX0xzg0HbwlWBEFNuArPY86NsLzD6R_SKXL-QjG-le6rEuZZHL1xOiP3frbFnmLL3MqFYYdqlsNUyoNBczQFixGIl_YkLIm7HCn1_2zKXUNLUgAZm0&t=ffffffffa580202a:5 invoke @ ScriptResource.axd?d=TA1MgOAPt2S0wFM8dFG-wuWKHg2XaPc6-84eJp7FP_67rlJqh_Fy_X-jkn5ziwJMbCkOJ41oX9o_cKAJX0xzg0HbwlWBEFNuArPY86NsLzD6R_SKXL-QjG-le6rEuZZHL1xOiP3frbFnmLL3MqFYYdqlsNUyoNBczQFixGIl_YkLIm7HCn1_2zKXUNLUgAZm0&t=ffffffffa580202a:5 runQuery @ cui.js:1 $  Bc_1 @ cui.js:1 (anonymous) @ ScriptResource.axd?d=TA1MgOAPt2S0wFM8dFG-wuWKHg2XaPc6-84eJp7FP_67rlJqh_Fy_X-jkn5ziwJMbCkOJ41oX9o_cKAJX0xzg0HbwlWBEFNuArPY86NsLzD6R_SKXL-QjG-le6rEuZZHL1xOiP3frbFnmLL3MqFYYdqlsNUyoNBczQFixGIl_YkLIm7HCn1_2zKXUNLUgAZm0&t=ffffffffa580202a:5 doDelayedInit @ cui.js:1 set_selected @ cui.js:1 $  Ae_2 @ cui.js:1 $  AI_2 @ cui.js:1 (anonymous) @ ScriptResource.axd?d=TA1MgOAPt2S0wFM8dFG-wuWKHg2XaPc6-84eJp7FP_67rlJqh_Fy_X-jkn5ziwJMbCkOJ41oX9o_cKAJX0xzg0HbwlWBEFNuArPY86NsLzD6R_SKXL-QjG-le6rEuZZHL1xOiP3frbFnmLL3MqFYYdqlsNUyoNBczQFixGIl_YkLIm7HCn1_2zKXUNLUgAZm0&t=ffffffffa580202a:5 b @ ScriptResource.axd?d=TA1MgOAPt2S0wFM8dFG-wuWKHg2XaPc6-84eJp7FP_67rlJqh_Fy_X-jkn5ziwJMbCkOJ41oX9o_cKAJX0xzg0HbwlWBEFNuArPY86NsLzD6R_SKXL-QjG-le6rEuZZHL1xOiP3frbFnmLL3MqFYYdqlsNUyoNBczQFixGIl_YkLIm7HCn1_2zKXUNLUgAZm0&t=ffffffffa580202a:5 Show 5 more frames VM1354:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: EnableFinishedButton is not defined     at eval (eval at $  39_1 (sp.ribbon.js:2), <anonymous>:1:12)     at SP.Ribbon.CommandUIExtensionPageComponent.$  39_1 (sp.ribbon.js:2)     at SP.Ribbon.CommandUIExtensionPageComponent.canHandleCommand (sp.ribbon.js:2)     at CUI.Page.CommandDispatcher.callCommandHandlerForEnabled (cui.js:1)     at CUI.Page.CommandDispatcher.isCommandEnabled (cui.js:1)     at SP.Ribbon.PageManager.isRootCommandEnabled (cui.js:1)     at CUI.Ribbon.$  3x_1 (cui.js:1)     at CUI.Controls.Button.pollForStateAndUpdateInternal (cui.js:1)     at CUI.Controls.Button.$  AK_0 (cui.js:1)     at CUI.ControlComponent.$  4i_0 (cui.js:1) 

Any idea how could i fix it ?

Thank you !

Add new button to ribbon

I want to add a new button to the ribbon called “Closed”, this button will update the column to “closed” in my “Status” Column inside my list. Also all the lines that got “Closed” status the button will be not clickable anymore.

How could i add a button to the ribbon and customize my actions?

Thank you!

Why does the Edit button have a different url then the Edit properties ribbon?

I have a JavaScript that relies on the contentTypeId when editing a folder or a document. The problem is when I click on the Edit properties ribbon:


Everything is all well and good The url:


as it manages to get the contentTypeId that I wanted.

However when pressing the Edit button from the view:

enter image description here

The URL won’t contain contentTypeId and I cannot understand why.

Is there any explanation on why this is happening?