Power levels of RIFTS classes

Someone posted this link to a set of “tiers” for D&D 3.5 classes, and it got me thinking.

I haven’t played RIFTS in forever, and one of the reasons is the wide disparity in class power and flexibility. Does anyone know of a reference for this? Perhaps something that gives a rough ranking of classes in terms of firepower or variety of abilities?

Some one asked “What Game system to convert Rift’s too

Why would anyone wish to convert Palladium’s Rifts to another system? I have found that the Palladium system to be one of my favorite systems next to the original AD&D, West End Games: D6 Star Wars, Shadow Run and Vampire the Masquerade. In the Palladium Rift’s System a player can be just about any Character Class (OCC) or Specialized Race (RCC) that they can think of with the help of the Palladium Rift’s Conversion Guide. Have any of you ever thought of running a Lycanthrope ( Were Being) Rogue that travels the world in a modified Hover Tank? You can do this in Palladium’s Rift’s Game setting. do understand that some player’s find the 2 hour character creation process to be a bit over the top but when that is over and it is time to play all you need is the ability to add the already determined bonuses and subtract the damage received