Does the Hawker’s rigging crew upgrade apply to items that count as more than 1 load?

The Hawker rigging upgrade reads as follows:

Hawker Rigging: One carried item is concealed and has no load. For example, you could carry a load of drugs or a weapon, perfectly concealed, for zero load.

Does this apply to items that require multiple load count to carry? For example armor requires 2 slots of total load. So in this case, could I use the Hawker rigging bonus to wear concealed armor for 0 load?

Rigging Sizes & Complex Orders

I have a player that oftenly asked his Drones to protect someone in autopilot or follow someone then he lost link (because of Noise) to come back to safehouse.

Is this possible ? Is an autosoft is required ?

Also in the Core, they don’t really define the size of some drones. For the Ares Duelist or Shiawase Kanmushi it’s ok but I don’t really know the size of a steel lynx.