The right way of doing images manipulation in a serverless app

This question is not specific to images, but this is the current issue im having so im using this as an example.

So basically, I have some kind of a pipeline that some data(in this case, an image), has to go through before It can be used in my app(in this case, a web app).

If we split the pipeline into functions it would look like this: 1. The image is uploaded to a storage(cloud storage). 2. The image is converted into multiple formats and sizes. 3. All of the different sizes and formats are registered in the database in relation to the original file.

My question is, what would be the right way of managing this process, and keeping track of errors, retries, updating the front-end etc.

I think im trying to solve this task with the wrong mindset, and thus im getting a bad solution. But maybe functions is not the right way. Maybe I need to opt out of cloud functions, and use some other serverless solution, like for example “Google’s AppEngine”.

Currently, I have a function with an HTTP endpoint that: 1. Receive the file and stream it into the Cloud storage(I do this because I try to avoid a heavy front end). 2. Save the name of the file in the DB with the temporary name, and status(status is currently waiting for optimization/cropping). 3. The upload into Cloud Storage triggers another function that starts the optimization and cropping of the image. 4. Update the DB with the status and all of the subfile names. 5. delete the original file.

The problem is that between 2 and 3, there is a broken link. I can’t really know what is going on on the client side without multiple requests to the DB to see the status of the image.

So is this the right way? is there any better way? I found some similar problems all over my app development, like for example with data validation, and that made me think that maybe im getting it wrong.

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Right menu links

My company website has main page (header images, our services, testimonials, contacts) and few store pages: all products page, single product page (only catalog, no buying function).

My headeache is what items should I use in menu.

I have two ideas:

  1. Home // Catalog
  2. Only Catalog (instead of Home item use clickable logo)

What can you recommend to do? Is only one item menu good for UX?

What is the right term/theory for prediction of Binary Variables based upon their continuous value?

I am working with a linear programming problem in which we have around 3500 binary variables. Usually IBM’s Cplex takes around 72 hours to get an objective with a gap of around 15-20% with best bound.In the solution, we get around 85-90 binaries which have value of 1 and others are zero. The objective value is around 20 to 30 million. I have created an algorithm in which I am predicting (fixing their values) 35 binaries (with the value of 1) and letting the remaining ones solved through the Cplex. This has reduced the time to get the same objective to around 24 hours (the best bound is slightly compromised). I have tested this approach with the other (same type of problems) and it worked with them also. I call this approach as “Probabilistic Prediction”, but I don’t know what is the standard term for it in mathematics?

Below is the algorithm:

Let y=ContinousObjective(AllBinariesSet); WriteValuesOfTheContinousSolution(); Let count=0;  Let processedbinaries= EmptySet; while (count < 35 ) { Let maxBinary =AllBinariesSet.ExceptWith(processedJourneys).Max();//Having Maximum Value between 0 & 1 (usually lesser than 0.6)             processedJourneys.Add(maxBinary); maxBinary=1; Let z = y; y = ContinousObjective(AllBinariesSet); if (z > y + 50000)                  { //Reset maxBinary maxBinary.LowerBound = 0; maxBinary.UpperBound = 1; y = z; } else { WriteValuesOfTheContinousSolution(); count=count+1; }              } 

According to me, it’s working because the solution matrix is very sparse and there are too many good solutions.