What happens if you have one class level and are Ability Ripped?

A level 1 bugbear rogue is targetted by the spell ability rip (Serpent Kingdoms 155). What happens? The bugbear has no supernatural abilities, so it should lose 2 class levels, but it only has 1. It has plenty of HD to lose, but those are only used if it has exactly 0 class levels. I’m looking for as strict a RAW answer as possible, even if that answer is absurd, like “it gains a 20 ft fly speed and turns pink”, or unsatisfying, like “there is absolutely no published guidance, even indirectly, that bears on this issue”.

I got ripped off by hmk20009


I tried to make a transaction with the user by the name of hmk20009 this person has gone out of his way to screw me over on the transaction which involved and owned whmcscom sense. I did take the advice of Sean the owner of digitalpoint to go through each screw I did that. you provided something completely different than what we agreed on and I rejected the East crew as for him to confirm that you received it on his end he's refused to do so and there's also tried to extort me for…

I got ripped off by hmk20009

Sync ripped Podcast files to iOS devices now iTunes won’t do it

I have many files ripped from CDs or on MP3s that I used to sync effortlessly from iTunes to iPhone and iPods that I still use. Apple seems to have destroyed that workflow, so what do I do now? I rarely subscribe online so I don’t want to go down that path. So how do I manually upload/sync these files from my mac and what’s the best iOS app to use for this. I’ve no idea if the new iOS podcast app will sync these sorts of files.