Can a D&D5e Wizard cast a Ritual Spell as many times as he wants during the day?

I’m a newbie D&D5e Wizard player and was intrigued by the Ritual tag and it’s major benefits for Wizards.

I’d like to ask if a Ritual Spell in my Spellbook can be cast multiple times a day, without the need for a rest, assuming I have plentiful components to cast said spell? … Thanks, Walts

Can a Transmutation Wizard cast ritual transmutation spells to change the active effect of their Stone?

The text for a School of Transmutation wizard’s transmuter’s stone is as follows (PHB p.119):

Each time you cast a transmutation spell of 1st level or higher, you can change the effect of your stone if the stone is on your person.

Does this mean that if a ritual spell such as skywrite (XGE p.165) was cast, the wizard would be able to change what effect their Stone has active?

Is it possible for a sorcerer to write all the ritual spells they know in the ritual book of Ritual Caster Feat when they acquire this feat?

I was reading the D&D beyond about wild magic sorcerer and I was thinking about something when I readed the recommended feats, in particular the Ritual Caster Feat:

Is it possible for a sorcerer to write all the ritual spells they know in the ritual book of Ritual Caster Feat when they acquire this feat? Or do they have to found the written version somewhere?

In the feat description, it look like no, but I feel like it doesn’t make sense, since the sorcerer know the spells.

Can you cast a spell as a ritual while traveling?

As stated in the Players’s Handbook (p. 202),

When you cast a spell with a casting time longer than a single action or reaction, you must spend your action each turn casting the spell, and you must maintain your concentration while you do so […]

Aside of that, no other limitation seems to apply to ritual casting (if your class grants you the ability to do so).

Is it safe, then, to assume that one could travel and cast a spell as a ritual at the same time?

The question came up at the table, as most of us had that (mis)conception of rituals being cast while tracing cabalistic signs on the ground, pouring dusts or other components over it and such…

Can Paladins ritual cast? [closed]

In the D&D5E Player’s Handbook, the Paladin’s description states that they

“learned to draw on divine magic and cast spells as a cleric does.”

The cleric is capable of ritual casting, and thus it would seem as though the paladin should be capable of ritual casting. Paladins pick domains from the same options that clerics get, and only the Paladin’s spellcasting information lists only the differences between the it and the cleric class. According to specific beats general, it would seem that a Paladin should be capable of ritual casting unless it is explicitly mentioned to not be the case.

There is a sage advice where Jeremy Crawford answers a question about whether the ranger can ritual cast, but the answer was that rangers lack the ritual casting class feature. Here’s where we get to the part where I disagree with applying that logic to paladins. According to the class description for rangers,

The ranger harnesses the power of nature to cast spells much as a druid does.

In my interpretation, “much as a druid does” is different than “as a druid” because the “much as” implies there is not complete overlap in the way the two classes practice magic. So why is the general consensus that Paladins can’t ritual cast without taking a feat to do so?

Gaining spells for the feat ritual caster in AL

Simple enough question(I hope), but I couldn’t seem to find a clear answer anywhere.

This is a Adventure League character. I’ve taken the ritual caster feat on my character, chosen my two spells, but can I then only learn additional spells from other players, or can I spend downtime to learn it from an NPC, if so how are the costs? 2 hours and 50 gold pr. lvl, so a 2nd lvl spell would be half a day and 100 gold?