Fast Roaming Protocols (802.11k, 802.11r, 802.11v)

Does Android support the 802.11 specifications that allow fast roaming, i.e. prevent dropouts as you move between access points? If so, on what hardware and in what version?

802.11k assists the device in its search for nearby APs that are available as roaming targets by creating an optimised list of channels. When the signal strength of the current AP weakens, device will scan for target APs from this list.

802.11r authenticates more quickly through Fast Basic Service Set Transition (FT).

802.11v allows the network’s control layer to influence client roaming behaviour by providing it the load information of nearby access points. Device takes this “BSS transition management” information into account when deciding among the possible roam targets.

Apple’s iOS does, as documented here and here.

Some Samsung models do, as documented here.

But I can’t find anything on stock Android (Google Pixel).

Data Roaming Enable missing

I have a Cricket branded LG Lisio that has been unlocked.

It may be called a model C50, given its bluetooth name

I am trying to use it with a new SIM in Europe, and it works as a phone.

But it refuses to do data.

A warning keeps popping up

Attention YOu have lost data connectivity because you have left your home network and data roaming is turned off

Now on normal LG phones, the settings check box for “Data Roaming” is right underneath the “Mobile Data entry”

BUt its not there on this phone. There is nothing between “Mobile Data” and “Access Point Names

I fear Cricket has crippled the data roaming feature in their customied firmware.

Is there a secret menu or some other way to enable data roaming?


More information

This begins to look like purposeful behavior on the part of Cricket’s customization.

With the Cricket SIM in the phone, the ‘Data Roaming’ option exists and cn be checked.

With a non-Cricket SIM the option disappears.

If you install the Cricket SIM, set the option then switch back to the other SIM, the phone looks like it has internet for a bit. The new Service provider even sends a SMS to update the APN. The poof, it crashes again. If one puts Cricket SIM back in, the Data Roaming option reappears in settings, set to OFF

So it really seems like although Cricket wil give you an unlock code, really its not unlocked. They tie features to the presence of a Cricket SIM.

Maybe I’ll mosey to Legal stackexchange is ask if the FCC might have a problem with this behavior in connection with regard to regulations to unlock handsets.

Absent maybe usng after-market firmware, or maybe an app the forces that bit on over and over, I am probably stuck

C++ Monster Roaming Functionality

I have a working monster system that follows players around by moving a certain distance towards the players 2D (X, Y) location.

However, I now want to make it so these monsters roam around at random time intervals for a short distance. Say we have a monster that can travel anywhere from 200-300 cm/sec.

I need to know how to accurately determine the monsters destination location (X, Y). Currently I simply pick a random number between 200-300 and then add those values to the monsters current X & Y value. Although doing this will sometimes exceed the desired distance traveled.

My question is, how can I pick a location on an X, Y grid that is a certain distance away from our current location.

This is the moving code I have right now…

        // Determines if position is changed via addition or subtraction.         const int positive_or_negative = RandomValueInRange_New(0, 1);          // Determines how much to move in each direction         const int x = RandomValueInRange(200, 300);         const int y = RandomValueInRange(200, 300);         if (positive_or_negative == 1)         {            location.Move(x, y);         }         else         {            location.Move(-x, -y);         } 

Windows 10 apps missing with roaming profiles

We use roaming profiles in our environment and am having an issue with Windows 10 deployments and I have narrowed it down to an issue with the fact that its a roaming profile because it does not happen in local profiles so thats why Im posting this in serverfault and not super user.

When a user logs in for the first time on a newly imaged windows 10 PC, they only have 5 windows 10 apps and those are cortana, settings, and a few built in others. Doing a search with the full name of the app will find more like Word and Excel.

When the user logs off the computer and back on, a majority of the apps show up properly and it looks fairly normal except certain apps like calculator and sticky notes are missing entirely. When trying to search for them, you are prompting for stuff on the Microsoft store but we are locked down by STIGs so the store is disabled.

Upon further checking, when the local profile is deleted off the computer and the user logs into it again, everything is completely normal. Calculator, Sticky Notes, Office, everything is as it should be and life can go on. Only 25% of my environment is Windows 10 so we have some work to do but does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it?

I have tried installing the app manually, checking folder redirection for AppData\Local and LocalRow, and a variety of other commands that seem more focused on the issue being related to 1709 but we are on 1803.

can’t remove roaming letter above signal bars

I’ve researched a lot and I can’t find any solutions to this problem. A couple of months ago I traveled by plane, and when I arrived and turned off airplane mode (I have it always turned on) I had this r above the signal bars. I think it’s because I got outside my isp area when I was on the air, but now I’m back in my city and I can’t get rid of it. I’ve trying manually selecting the isp, turning on and off the roaming and the mobile data in the configurations but nothing seems to work. What else could I try?

International roaming, forbidden networks, hidden sim toolkit on one plus 5T

I have used international roaming many times before with my one plus 5T and my native Vodafone India providers roaming plan. But this time I landed in Germany and it did not work.

I’ve been trying to debug and even on manual network selection most of the networks appear as “forbidden”. Same networks used to latch on on earlier trips. My native Vodafone provider confirms that roaming is indeed active on my plan.

I tried to reboot, reinsert the Sim but nothing works.

One of the debug steps suggested involved steps in the Sim toolkit app. This app is somehow visible under apps but I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Ideas? How can I find where it is to use it.

Even in network settings the sin toolkit option does not seem there. Other users seem to have it there. I cleared my cache but no help.

Anything else I can try to fix this?

I am on Android 8.1.0 and oxygen is version 5.1.7

Any tips are very welcome! I’m stuck here in Germany with no connectivity and my providers help desk is pretty useless.

Eg. Would inserting the Sim into another device and then back into this one help? Are there roaming related settings that need to be pushed onto the Sim?

Use Voice to make calls but not data/internet except for wifi in UK on roaming?

I am very new to this . I would like to know wether i can use my Iphone 6 with Pakistani sim to make and receive calls in UK but i would not like to it use any internet/mubile data/ data/backgroudapp data/ ANYTHING except for calls on sim. i would only like to use wifi when it available. Is it possible this way that i use roaming (my sim for making calls) but not use any DATA to save costs.