How can I let players create and move their own tokens in roll20?

When I run D&D online, I want to delegate players to have control of their tokens.

If one of my players tells me they cast flaming sphere, I want to be able to tell them to go find an image of a flaming sphere and put it on the map as a token.

If one of my players turns into a dire wolf, I want to be able to tell them to replace their token with a dire wolf token with the of their choice.

If one of my players uses summon nature’s ally and summons a bunch of critters, I want to be able to tell them to put the critters on the map.

I believe that using the roll20 console I could do this work for the players, but I want to spend my time doing other things, for example running the next player’s turn while this player generates a moonbeam token.

When I’ve tried to use roll20, I always had to create tokens for my players and then delegate them permission to use the tokens, and I frequently got it wrong and had to redo it.

Is there a way to configure roll20 to let my players create and manipulate tokens of their own?

How can I issue multiple commands from a single query choice in Roll20?

I created a set of macros using the API to generate attributes for characters on Roll20 to refer to their pronouns for use in macros. I currently have it set up with 3 macros, each with 4 lines because I can’t add multiple attributes with a single command.

How can I use a macro to query which set (male, female, or neutral) of pronouns I want to use? I know I should be able to do something like

 ?{Male, Female, or Neutral? | Male,#Pronouns_M | Female,#Pronouns_F | Neutral,#Pronouns_N}  

And that should work, but I’d rather have it where the contents of those sub-macros are in the main one and delete the sub-macros. Problem is, each of the sub macros is 4 lines such as #Pronouns_F

 !setattr --sel --subjective|'she'  !setattr --sel --objective|'her'  !setattr --sel --PossessiveA|'her'  !setattr --sel --PossessiveP|'hers'  

Is this a thing I can do or do I have to settle for the sub macros?

(Roll20) How to make a simple deck of magical cards that will be drawn randomly?

Sorry if the question was asked before, but i didnt find any good awnsers for me.

Im a new DM playing on Roll20 and im making a new Class that fights with magical cards,dice and coins. I need a deck of cards that you can drawn from, where all cards have different effects. But im not sure how to make it very efficient, because some cards in the deck are duplicates. Also, if you draw a card, its gone from the deck. But you should also be able to “reshuffle” the deck to put all cards back into the deck. I thought about making a rollable table on roll 20, but from what i know, you can’t make a setting to get an event only once before having to “reset” the table. Is there a better method than just writing all cards already drawn somewhere, and let the player roll the table until he gets a new card.

Thanks for your advice.

Roll20 reminded me of a similar program; help me identify it? [duplicate]

I was in chat here on the site and saw mention of an online tabletop gaming website called I have checked it out and it looks pretty promising for online play as it works in the browser, has a rolling tool in it, shows a visual of the battle map, character/monster tokens, etc.

It reminded me of a game play video I saw a while back where people were using a very similar program, so similar in fact I thought they were playing on when I was poking around the site. However when I decided to watch some youtube videos of roll20 games it turned out that it was not the program that I remember from that gameplay video I saw months ago.

The only differences is can remember between the two programs is that the one I am failing to re-find on youtube had animated characters that were controlled in real time via the keyboard (wasd or arrow keys, I dont remember exactly what one of the guys said to the new player that asked how to control his character).

Basically, I would like to know some sites or programs that are similar to in their functionality to make sure that if I choose to start running a game on a site like that I can choose the best one for my needs (and also to find that program I can’t find the video of on youtube, tho that isn’t the main focus of my request).

How can I show the effects of illusions in Roll20?

My players are approaching a battle with Fraz-Urb’luu, who will have prepared the battlefield in some manner using an effect like Mirage Arcane and several other illusions and deceptions.

Given that I anticipate some characters having the benefit of True Seeing and others will not, is there a way for me to somehow present both the illusory and real battlefield? Ideally the method is practical to implement, but if I need to learn some technical skills to make this happen, that’s fine as well.

I typically will create my own maps using a combination of the blank background and whatever tokens I can find for free online. For example, my most recent map had the players fighting on Avernus, so I started with a red background, overlaid tokens on the Map layer to create mountains, sketched in linework and hatching for Styx and the portion of the Basalt Citadel that they could interact with.

The overall map was something like 60×75 squares. As we’re playing the game at very high levels, I’m intent on making large scale maps to allow players that have abilities that improve their mobility to enjoy that.

Online D&D Module Purchase: Roll20, D&D Beyond or Both

I want to run Lost Mine of Phandelver online. I’ve looked at and D&D Beyond. Both sites sell the module for the same price.

My understanding is that Roll20 is a “tabletop”, whereas D&D Beyond is more of a digital “compendium.”

  • What are the trade-offs for purchasing an adventure module in Roll20 versus D&D Beyond?

  • Can content be shared / imported between the sites?

  • Would there be a reason to purchase the module on both sites?

  • Is there a common practice for using the two together?

Group music/audio/ambience for Roll20 [closed]

So, I don’t really like Roll20’s audio system and it doesn’t really align with the way I DM. I’m looking for a 3rd party application my group can all download while on the Discord call where I can cycle through music/audio without the use of Roll20. Some sort of an application where I the DM have control over what they hear and can play tracks that I upload(or similar) to the application so that they can hear. I have tried the discord bots(they’re bad) so I’m really wondering if anyone has some miracle working software that would cater to the needs of my party..

What are 2 pros and 2 cons of using Roll20? [closed]

Considering the current health concerns we all face these days, I’m looking into virtual tabletop solutions. I’ve created a Roll20 account and am familiarizing myself with it. However, I’d like to get some input about the platform in general.

I realize this borders on opinion, so I’m only interested in answers from those that have actually used Roll20 more than just in passing.

What are 2 pros and 2 cons of using Roll20?

Audio and video solution with “whisper” support that is not roll20

For our online gaming sessions we use Fantasy Grounds as our virtual table top. We’ve also tried a number of other solutions that work o a certain extent but without fully support all our needs which are as follow:

  1. Voice and video.
  2. Ability to stream my own music from iTunes
  3. Ability to speak (whisper) only to one of the players.
  4. Good audio quality.

So far, we’ve tried:

  1. Discord + Voicemeeter: no whisper, bad music quality. Excellent video and voice.
  2. Ts + Voicemeeter. No whisper, no video. Excellent music and voice quality.
  3. Roll20. Bad experience, only preuploaded music. Normal video and audio and whisper support.
  4. Roll20 + Ts + Voicemeeter. Complicated setup, normal audio and video quality. Meets all requirements.

So far option 4 works but it is far from ideal and I was wondering if there was a better solution.