Ways to heal after casting a spell as an action in the same round


Following this question, I am looking for ways to heal in the same round after casting Beacon of Hope from a Ring of Spell Storing.

I was looking for an abilty like a Divine Channel or an item I could use to heal but didn’t find anything. (and I don’t really know where to search besides Google and the Stackexchange)

Sidenote: I am a level 5 cleric of Qotal but I’m also interested to know how other classes could do.

Can you cast two spells from a Ring of spell storing during the same round using an action and a bonus action?

So I just got acquainted with the existence of Rings of spell storing.

I was wondering: If I had Beacon of Hope and Sanctuary stored in it, could I use the ring to cast both spells on the same turn? Or would it count as 2 actions instead of 1 action and 1 bonus action?

Can a Readied Action be used multiple times in the same round if you have multiple reactions?

A Marilith picks up a Longbow to use in combat. It walks to a tower window overlooking a large battle with many creatures. It takes the Ready Action with a trigger of "when a creature moves or attacks, I will shoot it".
Mariliths can take a reaction on every turn of combat.

Does the Marilith get to shoot every creature on the battlefield before its next turn?

What would be the effects of changing the duration of a round from 6 seconds to 5 seconds?

I’m introducing the following house rule:

A round lasts 5 seconds.

What would be the effects of such a house rule? Would there be any? Would this break the game?

Out of the top of my head, I cannot think of any actions/spells/mechanics that rely on the duration of a round.

Disclaimer: The original question was a bit broader and was closed twice as opinion-based/off-topic.

Why does a round last 6 seconds? [closed]

There are many posts and discussions about what can be achieved during one round, however, to the best of my knowledge there is no explanation as to how/why the number 6 was decided.

The question becomes more interesting considering that all of the RPGs I have played so far also consider each round to last 6 seconds.

I think it’s worth breaking this question into smaller ones:

  1. Who invented the 6-seconds round rule? Is it Gary Gygax?
  2. Why 6 seconds? For example, why not 5 or 7 seconds. In particular, 5 looks nicer and "rounder" to me.
  3. Are there any RPGs in which rounds last shorter or longer? Do they offer any explanation as to why?
  4. Does the game break if you change round duration? Let’s say that I make a house rule that rounds last 5 seconds. What’s going to happen?

p.s.1. I’m not sure which tags are most appropriate here. Please, feel free to suggest any for adding or removing.

p.s.2. I’m taking D&D as the baseline and assuming that all RPGs use the 6-seconds rule, this is why I’ve tagged the post with the dungeons-and-dragons tag.

How does Mythic Haste interact with 1 round spells?

Mythic Haste states:

Affected creatures gain an additional move action each round.

The rules for casting spells state:

A spell that takes 1 round to cast is a full-round action. It comes into effect just before the beginning of your turn in the round after you began casting the spell. You then act normally after the spell is completed.

If I cast a 1 round spell before using my move action, does the spell finish early?

Is there a difference between “one round” and “until the end of your turn” in terms of duration?

I’m mainly concerned about the effects that last “one round” and “until the end of turn” (like Stone Bones ToB p.84 and Inferno Blade ToB p. 54, respectively). My guess is that “until end of turn” effects end after you’ve taken your “standard” actions (one swift action, one move action, one standard action, or whatever the duration equivalent would be, like a full-round action), so the reactions you take on that round are not affected by that effect. On the contrary “one round” effects would be in effect until it’s that PC’s turn again.

However, my DM insists that both effects would last until that PC’s turn comes again, having no distinction, even if it has different wording. So, really, what’s a round and what’s a turn in this case? Are they the same?