Can we have multliple routing.yml files in a single module?

I have more than 50 menus which I need to create custom. as per the module structure, we need to create routing.yml in root folder. but i want to do something like this below

   myModule       -  products(folder)               - routing.yml               - src(folder)                 - productController         -  brands(folder)               - routing.yml               - src(folder)                 - brandsController.php           -       - myModule.module 

is it way to do achive something like this.

I just want to make code seperation and avoid to add all routes in routing.yml

Thanks in advance.

Splitting routing.yml in multiple files

I have a my_module.routing.yml file and because of I have multi entity in my module its too big and not pretty.

Is there any way to split it for each entity and include them in one file like symfony, I use below code but it’s not work in drupal 8.

acme_demo_user:   resource: "@acmeDemoBundle/Resources/config/routing/user_routing.yml" 

I also use absolute path for yml file but it’s not work.