Why does Google Chrome and Clash Royale use 1gb of cache?

I have an android device. I play Clash Royale and surf the web with Google Chrome.

My porblem is that everyday I find that 1gb of storage! Is being used by app cache. So I open setting and go to apps and found out its always Chrome and Clash Royale that both are using 1gb of cache.

I think the cache for Chrome is my article pages and offline pages? I don’t know why Clash Royale uses so much storage.

My questions: Why so much cache is used? Whay are using so much storage? How to stop this from happening?

I’m not occasionally on android stackexchange (this is my first question) so I don’t know which tags to put.

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Server structure for battle royale game

I find it quite hard to get find learning resources on this and hosting is not my strength. My goal is to implement a battle royale mode for a very simple 2D gameplay.

I decided to let each client connect to a dedicated server via Websocket, as IMO you need to have a central server instead of a master client, as BR encourages you to quit the game after you lost and the server controls lots of live things, that shouldn’t be possible to manipulate by a client.

However, I have a question based on observation I need to get confirmed. When playing other games on the market, they literally say that they launch a server when you go into matchmaking. And I was thinking, sometimes due to the insane server load these games have, you can barely log in, but gameplay is still fine. So do these games ACTUALLY launch a new server for a lobby?

I have it set up over AWS and all I have is 1 server doing everything, from main menu login, editing things in main menu and handling the games. But should I actually launch a new AWS instance, with a custom image where my nodeJS code is ready to go, via some AWS API from my main server, that handles the gameplay? Then report the result to the database and shut it down again? Also, should all servers use the same database or the game servers more use a copy of it to guranteed unlaggy access?

Generally the structure should be able to hold anything as these games can either be not so popular, or very very popular.

You would help me very much, also links to interesting learning resources to this would be very interesting.

Requisição da API do Clash Royale com JS puro

Tô tentando fazer uma request da API do Clash Royale (https://developer.clashroyale.com/#/documentation)

Retorna o seguinte erro:

Access to fetch at 'https://api.clashroyale.com/v1/players/%23C8Q2QR08' from origin 'https://deckroyale.now.sh' has been blocked by CORS policy: Request header field auth is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response. 

Sempre retorna um erro do CORS policy, até eu colocar “mode”: “no-cors”, aí retorna vazio com o erro 403.

Alguém tem alguma solução? OBS: Estou usando o fetch do JavaScript