VSCode “Run”/F2 opens Progress ABL .p in a specific xshell session with program name as command

I’m working on modernizing my company’s development workflow to better an application. Caveat is we do not have access to the source code so I’m getting creative. We must run the code within the compiled application itself. I have an XShell session config saved that opens a program called “_rundev” after the intial shell commands to enter our program. To clarify, “_rundev” is a program my colleague wrote that basically has one field to accept a program name to run against the compiled application. I need F2 within VSCode to open this session, enter the program name, then return to run the program I am developing for testing. This isn’t high priority because I can do this manually currently, I would just like the flow to be sleeker in this way if possible (pressing one key runs the program).

Currently I have this extension (https://github.com/chriscamicas/vscode-abl) installed in VSCode for the Progress ABL syntax and “run” ability within VSCode, so “F2” is already mapped. Should I be asking the man who wrote this extension about how to do the above or should it be easy to figure out in VSCode? VSCode has “tasks.json” that opens external apps so maybe I could that instead, and use a different key? Hoping a VSCode expert can help. If not, I might have to reach out to him.

Thanks in advance, ya’ll.