What’s the safest tool for running not safe soft – VirtualBox vs Windows Sandbox vs Hyper-V

I’d want to ask what’s the safest environment to run potentially not safe software?

I’m aware that this question may be very tricky, because every of those may have its flaws, but generally speaking which of those 3 sounds like safest option?

Hyper V – Windows 10 as host & guest

Virtualbox – Windows 10 as host & guest

Windows Sandbox?

Secure Windows 10 Home admin’s data behind a password, even when user apps are running

Windows 10 Home’s default account lock system for the admin account is not completely secure because there are multiple free password recovery tools & ways available that can be used by a non-admin to reset/bypass the admin password.

How to secure Windows 10 Home admin’s data & installed programs behind a password, even when programs like Office, Chrome, etc. are opened and running in the background with some documents/pages opened in it?

Would a Wall of Water count as ‘running water’ for purposes of a vampire’s weakness to running water?

The Wall of Water spell doesn’t specify whether the water is moving, only that it is difficult terrain. It is 1′ thick and thus may or may not qualify as a sufficient quantity of water to cause the vampire to be ‘in running water’ if he is restrained while in it.

So the question is, would holding a vampire in the area of a Wall of Water damage the vampire?

What is considered “running water” for the vampire’s weakness?

I like a lot D&D vampires. I even bought curse of Strahd. But something I always wandered is “What is running water ?”

Rivers are running waters, since it is used as an exemple. But how about rain (no answers are given on the related question)? How about a bottle? How about peeing on a vampire? How about puddles?

related question:

Is rain considered Running Water for a Vampire’s weakness?

Can a user hack a server running apache from a website

Is it possible that a user can hack a server running Apache httpd from the website it hosts? Let’s say I have a PHP web application running under Apache with explicit user www-data in the virtual host configuration. If the user hacks the website, he would only have access to modify the PHP code, since he only has the privileges of the www-data user.

Could the attacker leverage this limited access to reach user or system files, effectively taking control of the operating system?

Program language in which every every string generated by its grammar is a nicely running program?

Was wondering if there is a programming language out there such that every string generated by its grammar (the grammar is given as well) is a program that does not crash.

This is so that the set of all possible programs (that don’t crash) on the machine, in that language, is generated by the grammar and the grammar generates exactly those programs.

Running MalwareBytes & Spybot without Defender stepping aside

For years, I had Microsoft Security Essential on Windows 7, and I installed MalwareBytes and Spybot Search & Destroy. I deactivated real time components of the non-native antimalware products. On the odd occassion in which I needed to execute a downloaded file (e.g., to install something), I would update all 3 databases and scan the file.

I just bought a Windows 10 computer because Windows 7 is no longer supported. I want the native Windows Defender to be the main antimalware. Web searching confirms that I should de-activate real time components of non-native antimalware. But it also reveals that Defender steps aside if another antimalware program is detected.

Does that mean it is not sufficient to simply turn off non-native real time components?

How would I make Defender to be the main antimalware, with MalwareBytes and Spybot only for on-demand scans of selected files or file trees?

UAC Security Issue when Running Batch Files

I was having trouble pushing a batch file to a local users machine, when it ran just fine on another person. It turns out I was having the file run as the Current Logged in User.

So the problem is the user is able to run any batch files without being prompted by UAC, they have the highest level of UAC set and they are a local Administrator. Other users with the same level of Access and UAC do get prompted when attempting to run any batch files.

Is there something I am missing here? Any ideas would be great!

Thanks! Eatery of Ramen