Simple, clean, privacy-friendly analytics (SaaS)

Why are you selling this site?
This is what I do most of the time. I usually build starter sites and sell them.

How is it monetized?
Given that this website costs virtually nothing to operate, any revenue made is pure profit. Analyzz is a SaaS platform. Therefore it can be monetization through either subscription or advertisements. At the time, Analyzz has two paid plan for its users. You can either add more plans or edit them through Analyzz's admin panel.

There is an…

Simple, clean, privacy-friendly analytics (SaaS)

What should the schema look like for an API-based SaaS product?

I’m building a developer tool product, which will be accessible solely by APIs. Following are a few features I’ve identified that will be needed:

  1. Issuing/refreshing API keys
  2. Purchasing API credits
  3. Subscriptions for API credits
  4. Monitoring usage of API for each user
  5. Deducting an API credit for each call

What all considerations should I take into account when designing a schema for this? Are there any open examples of schemas for such a product? Is there a term for this?

Note that this would be quite similar to what something like Stripe or any API-based SaaS is doing.

FREE when you use Facebook Ads for Market Validation of Subscription-Based SaaS Technology

FREE when you use Facebook Ads for Market Validation of Subscription-Based SaaS Technology

USE THIS URL (The main url currently has ssl issues):

The domain I posted isn't the real one. If you can't find the URL above highlighted in bold, you shouldn't be buying websites on this site.

This is the product that only paid users have access to:

The landing page…

FREE when you use Facebook Ads for Market Validation of Subscription-Based SaaS Technology

Social Media Content Marketer :: SAAS Product

Why are you selling this site?
I am not able to focus on this website anymore.

How is it monetized?
This website is a SAAS based. Users pay for monthly / yearly subscriptions to use the services.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
2-3 days setup for api setup. Then you can run it on your server.

What challenges are there with running this site?
No challenges at all. If you have good traffic…

Social Media Content Marketer :: SAAS Product

Here’s how my niche SaaS company structured our SEO strategy

I run marketing at a venture-backed SaaS company and wanted to share with you guys some of the ways that we (and many other SaaS companies) go about in order to create a comprehensive/effective SEO strategy.

–Let's fictitiously say that my company offers a CRM for Animal Shelters.–

IMO, the SEO strategy begins with and comes down to the keywords you intend on targeting. And I break these down into two groups. Direct and Indirect.

Direct: Keywords used to search for the specific tools…

Here's how my niche SaaS company structured our SEO strategy

Application and API Penetration Testing – SaaS solutions

I have managed projects where we have a used a third-party to do application penetration testing. Based on what I could gather, it entailed manual testing and did identify some good issues. We also used Zap to prep ourselves before we went to third-party pen testing. So familiar with that too.

I was wondering if there were SaaS solutions for pen testing that meet the following criteria:

1 – Easy to use in that canned policies exist that are meaningful. Example: You have never done any pen testing before on your app, let’s start here… You are requires to meet a specific regulation, try the following policy set …

2 – Have adequate depth and credibility (both subjective) such that the report will be accepted by a Fortune 500 company’s security team or by a SOC2 auditor (I recognize that the auditors really do not care how you did your pen test as long as you did it given that SOC2 does not really call for a pen test)


Dominio dinamico para aplicação saas

Tenho uma aplicação que funcionará como um SAAS onde meu cliente tem um login e pode cadastrar seus produtos. Quero que esse usuario possa cadastrar a URL dele e que essa URL direcione para minha aplicação onde será exibido somente os produtos desse usuario(esses dados foram buscados dinamicamente baseado na URL).

Pesquisei e encontrei algumas termos como DNS, CNAME, etc… mas nada respondeu minha duvida.

Como eu posso fazer isso? eu posso fazer a URL direcionar para uma pasta no servidor? eu poderia direcionar todas as URLs para um mesmo local e ali verificar a URL atual para consultar os dados no banco de dados?

isso é possivel?, se sim qual seria a melhor abordagem? se possivel eu gostaria de usar plataformas como Heroku e AWS.