What can I ask the PCs to sacrifice to save people (NPCs) from a plague?

DND 5.0 ed

New on 5.0, played the 3.5 edition. Inside my new campagne the PCs are followed by a big plague. They are immune and they have a stone that can save the sick people that, otherwise NPC will die. In some way the plague will follow the PCs so they are, in some way, responsabile of the poeple who get sick. Using the stone they can heal people, but I want they do a moral decision in order to sacrifice some of their life to save people, if they want.

What can I ask the PCs to sacrifice to save people (NPCs) from a plague? The only things that I have in mind is a long curse like -1 to all hit roll for a week or, more strong, heal people will cost some EXP points. (at start only few, but any time they will us ethis power ther spend more exp points)

Do you have better ideas? How can I balance this things?

How does the interaction between Final Sacrifice and Nonlethal Spell work?

Final Sacrifice (https://2e.aonprd.com/Spells.aspx?ID=689) targets one minion, slains it and does damage to everyone close to it.

Nonlethal Spell (https://2e.aonprd.com/Feats.aspx?ID=1835) can make a spell nonlethal, which means it "knock creatures unconscious instead of kill them".

What would happen to my minion if i cast a nonlethal final sacrifice on it? Would it die or not?

Can casters sacrifice memorized spells/available spell slots to avoid detection?

If a spellcaster is trying to avoid being detected as a caster and is caught unprepared (e.g. nondetection is immediately unavailable), is there any way for them to sacrifice memorized spells or available spell slots so that they appear mundane to arcane sight? Note that casting and failing to successfully cast might be seen/noticed, but they would have about 10 minutes standing in line before they are scanned by arcane sight.

I rolled a natural 20 to sacrifice my life to kill the boss. I died, she didn’t. Is that fair?

Okay, so I know it seems like a no-brainer, but to be fair, there is more to it than that. My character was in a dungeon that for some reason gave off magical radiation because it was made of ice with magic, and this radiation made casting spells have dangerous side effects. I cast message, and thus the radiation broke my arms from the hands to the elbows, and made me mute. These results were supposed to last a month and a week in game, respectively. We then got to the boss fight. There were cliffs that we had already established that jumping off meant instant death. I ran up, pushed the boss, a halfling woman, off a cliff, no rope, tackled her off the cliff, ROLLED A NATURAL 20, and the DM said that I died, she didn’t. No saving throws for me, just death. No chances to grab on, but she did? His logic is that I tackled her off the cliff, but couldn’t hold on. Who’s wrong here?

Creating a “Sacrifice Blood” Ability / A Cultist Character 5E [on hold]

TLDR.: I want to play a character/passive ability who/which can “bond” (me) with an enemy, and all damage i do to myself or generally recieve is also transferred to the “bonded” enemy. Help me make it balanced.

So in a soon to be DnD session i want to play a Cultist/Cleric kind of character. But i can’t get this idea out of my head that he worships a “Blood God” ( like Y’golonac from HPLovecraft or Khorne from Warhammer) and constantly wants to sacrifice blood to him. And he does so by attacking an enemy(making the enemy bleed) and then he attacks himself (example:stabs himself with a spear) and all the damage done to him, is also done to the enemy. And im now at that point where i really want to make it work in the DnD session (which is gonna be at the end of this month). But i do know that that “Homebrew abilitys” can get out of hand pretty fast. So i’m asking for help if anyone can balance it out someway.

Also i looked at already existing abilities and the concepts are pretty much already ingame (5E) with “Transfusion” from the Cleric, and “Vampiric touch” from the Warlock. You would “only” need to switch some parts around.

The way i think it would work is as follows:

Cultist(me) rolls to attack an enemy. Enemy takes damage. Rest of group does stuff. Enemy does stuff. Optional:Cultist backs of behind group. Cultist rolls to damage himself. Cultist takes damage. Enemy takes damage.

Balancing this would kind of work when only i can harm myself to damage the enemy. (So no group members can attack me to harm the enemy) Or if maybe also healing had the same effect. Affecting both me and the enemy.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

(note: if you know Naruto Shipuuden then just think of Hidan)

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To Beef up my Summon Spell, do I need Thaumaturgic Circles, or will Human Sacrifice alone suffice?

Specifically, my question’s about the wording of this sentence in LotFP’s Summon Spell (Rules & Magic pg. 134-143).

500 sp worth of materials is required to invest in a circle for every +1 bonus to the caster’s Domination roll, and this is consumed with every casting.

There’s two ways this has been interpreted:

  1. That the circle needs 500 sp per +1 bonus (independent of the sacrifices, so that both can be combined for an additional bonus).
  2. That the circle doesn’t add anything on its own and is required in addition to the sacrifices (so when the sacrifices would add a +1, 500 sp MUST be spent on a circle to capture that bonus).

Which interpretation is correct?