How to prevent a scrollbar with momentum scrolling from hiding itself on iOS Safari?

When you add -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; to a scrollable element such as a div for instance, you gain a smoother scrolling experience (native momentum scrolling) but then, you lose the ability to have the scrollbar constantly shown. Because for some obscure reason, Apple decided it’s good UX to hide the scrollbar most of the time.

The problem is that when only 3 items show in your scrollable content and the rest isn’t partially cut, you have no hint telling users that there is a scrollbar and that more items are available.

I would like to know if there is a way to have a scrollable div with momentum scrolling but that never hides itself.

Algunos widgets de WordPress no funcionan correctamente en Safari

El dropdown menú (Widget) de mi sitio web (Vista móvil) no funciona correctamente en Safari, pero sí en Chrome desde el navegador (Vista móvil).

No puedo hacer click sobre éste, como si no funcionara los códigos de Javascript.

Vean la imagen de abajo para ubicar el menú drop-down al final del sitio web en la sección footer.

(En Consola en Chrome aparece errores que no entiendo)

PD: No soy informático y tengo conocimientos básicos de HTML y CSS

Vista desde Safari

Can Someone help me load 32wine prefix to play safe harbor games in wine on any browser besides safari?

Hello I’m trying to find a way to use Firefox or any other windows browser to play on (spades) . is there anyone up for the challenge Ive been at it for a couple weeks now … only think i can get to work is safari, here is what the site has to say about using Linux for the games client .

Ive been using wine tricks q4wine all with no luck I personally would rather stay with Firefox just to keep thing s on the same browser window enjoy a few games in between some work.

Плагин OnePage-Scroll. Не работает модал скрол в Firefox и Safari. Chrome отрабатывает отлично

Делаю проект. Не могу его опубликовать, но суть проблемы выложил в примере.

Это демка плагина постраничной навигации + элемент .test

со стилями

      position: absolute;       top: 0;       overflow-y: scroll;       height: 100%;       z-index: 3;       width: 50%;       background: #fff;

Голову ломаю уже какой день. Вообщем. Скролл внутри этого окна работает в Chrome, но не работает в Firefox и Safari. Дело в плагине. Без него работает. Помогите как хотя бы этот момент продебажить.

Stop Ctrl+v doing page down in mail and safari apps (Mojave)

I have same problem as Using CTRL +V in Mail app on Mac Os X but in Mojave and for more apps.

I have Ctrl+v setup as paste in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts. This works fine in many apps but in the mail and safari apps it does a page down. If I hit Ctrl+v at the bottom of the text window then it works as a paste, meaning I can paste stuff into a text box but only at the bottom. How can I stop it doing this page down?

The solutions in the other questions involved mapping the command key to the Ctrl key using a feature that I can’t see in Mojave. In any case this is not acceptable as I want to be able to use the command key in other situations.

ios Safari – Magento 2.2.2 Responsive Menu Subcategories not Expanding

ios Safari – Magento 2.2.3 Responsive Menu Subcategories not Expanding.


We’re finding an issue that occurs with iphone and tablets using Safari. It as a high occurrence rate:

Steps> 1. Visit webpage 2. Tap on Responsive Menu 3. Responsive Menu Opens 4. Tap on Category (expected result: subcategories expand beneath) 5. Sub categories do not expand

Unable to upload a file to out of box Document library Sharepoint online Classic experience using IPad with safari or chrome browser

I am trying to upload a document to the standard document library (shared documents) on a classic teams SharePoint online site.

I am unable to do so as the upload button is disabled.

When using Sharepoint 2013 classic experience on windows everything is OK

However the upload button is disabled on the iPad in the safari and Chrome browser???

On an iPhone, the upload button is enabled and I can upload a file and it is OK – works as expected

IPad and iPhone are both using ios 12.3.1

If I edit the page > web part properties > change the current view

Change the style from default to Newsletter no lines and save I get the 2010 classic interface and I can upload file via add document on the iPad

Can anybody confirm what I experience