Плагин OnePage-Scroll. Не работает модал скрол в Firefox и Safari. Chrome отрабатывает отлично

Делаю проект. Не могу его опубликовать, но суть проблемы выложил в примере.


Это демка плагина постраничной навигации + элемент .test

со стилями

      position: absolute;       top: 0;       overflow-y: scroll;       height: 100%;       z-index: 3;       width: 50%;       background: #fff;

Голову ломаю уже какой день. Вообщем. Скролл внутри этого окна работает в Chrome, но не работает в Firefox и Safari. Дело в плагине. Без него работает. Помогите как хотя бы этот момент продебажить.

Stop Ctrl+v doing page down in mail and safari apps (Mojave)

I have same problem as Using CTRL +V in Mail app on Mac Os X but in Mojave and for more apps.

I have Ctrl+v setup as paste in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts. This works fine in many apps but in the mail and safari apps it does a page down. If I hit Ctrl+v at the bottom of the text window then it works as a paste, meaning I can paste stuff into a text box but only at the bottom. How can I stop it doing this page down?

The solutions in the other questions involved mapping the command key to the Ctrl key using a feature that I can’t see in Mojave. In any case this is not acceptable as I want to be able to use the command key in other situations.

ios Safari – Magento 2.2.2 Responsive Menu Subcategories not Expanding

ios Safari – Magento 2.2.3 Responsive Menu Subcategories not Expanding.


We’re finding an issue that occurs with iphone and tablets using Safari. It as a high occurrence rate:

Steps> 1. Visit webpage 2. Tap on Responsive Menu 3. Responsive Menu Opens 4. Tap on Category (expected result: subcategories expand beneath) 5. Sub categories do not expand

Unable to upload a file to out of box Document library Sharepoint online Classic experience using IPad with safari or chrome browser

I am trying to upload a document to the standard document library (shared documents) on a classic teams SharePoint online site.

I am unable to do so as the upload button is disabled.

When using Sharepoint 2013 classic experience on windows everything is OK

However the upload button is disabled on the iPad in the safari and Chrome browser???

On an iPhone, the upload button is enabled and I can upload a file and it is OK – works as expected

IPad and iPhone are both using ios 12.3.1

If I edit the page > web part properties > change the current view

Change the style from default to Newsletter no lines and save I get the 2010 classic interface and I can upload file via add document on the iPad

Can anybody confirm what I experience

How to completely reset or remove and restore Safari in Mojave

Safari is bugged in my macbook. It’s a macbook air 2019 with mojave 10.14.5

The problem is I can’t delete bookmarks nor save new ones on it because it ask to keep or remove firefox bookmarks, which according to Safari, where imported on january 1st 4001.

safari date error

I’ve pressed every button, but nothing happens

I’ve tried deleting the cache and even restoring to another mac my timemachine backup to see if it’s solved, but no, so before I tried to reinstall from zero, I would like to know if I can do something else.

Cusor won’t react to hyperlinks when using Safari


Normally when hovering the mouse on the hyperlink, the cursor turns into a little hand, and the link will show the CSS hover effect. But a wired Safari bug kept this from happening.

It’s been almost 4 months since I first encounter this issue. Finally I found the potential cause:

  1. In full screen mode;
  2. Click any website from Bookmarks (including Favorites) ;
  3. In the opened website, turn on and off the Bookmark Sidebar once;
  4. From now on, any website that opened from Bookmarks won’t trigger hover effect.

Here’s the screen recording (Imgure).

What I’ve tried to solve this:

  1. Empty cache, clear history, remove all plugins, delete relevant plist file, quit all the other apps, nothing;
  2. Installed latest Safari Technology Preview, repeat step 1, nothing;
  3. Created another admin account, problem still happens there;
  4. Repaired disk permission in Recovery Mode, nothing.

MacBook Pro 15, 2018. Mojave 10.14.5 (18F203). Safari 12.1.1

Help, please.