How do I make my players solve riots and rebellions in BESM diplomatically, rather than joining said riots to beat people up?

I would like to incorporate stuff like riots and rebellions and such during my campaign where the PCs will have to play diplomat or risk tension growing, and not have them simple join one side or the other as I prefer diplomacy.

How can I best enable diplomatic solutions in BESM?

Posted Sitemap on Google, They said it wasn’t correct?

I'm using the the Fluid store and Fluid WP themes. When I finished my store and submitted to google, I submitted the url to the sitemap (that was automatically generated in the fluid theme) without putting xml or php on the end.

I tried to resubmit, but google wouldn't allow it. weird. I'm hitting the end of my knowledge rope here.

Anybody know how to fix this?

Thanks, -FN

Is there a program/UI to look at all google sheets that are referencing another said google sheet?

The goal is to be able to map out the google sheet web that we’ve built for operations, where each one pulls data in from another sheet.

I’m trying to find a simple way of mapping out what connects to what sheeet, aso that when we move away from the current system we can model the data similarly.